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I've always enjoyed travelling, but over the past few years it's become such a significant part of my life that it warrants its own section on this website. In 2010 I went to New Zealand to live and work for a year. The work was then followed by a trip to Australia, extensive travelling around New Zealand and then a trip down the West coast of North America, before heading back to the UK. I lived and worked in London for 6 months, just to save up some money, then went and made use of another 1 year working holiday visa in Canada. At the end of that year I set off on an 8 month trip across the globe - starting in North America and ending in Asia. It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, experience.

I kept a travel blog during my time in New Zealand (albeit not as frequently updated as it should have been), which you can find here (although it seems like you now need to be a registered user of tumblr, which is a little annoying):
Spirit of Adventure

I also kept a blog during my 8 month trip in 2013, which I managed to update a lot more regularly and extensively than the New Zealand one. You can find it here:
Travel Patton

Below you can find a few of my favourite travel photos, as well as a map of the countries I've visited so far.

  • Milford SoundNew Zealand, 2011
  • SantiagoChile, 2013
  • National ParkNew Zealand, 2011
  • Montmorency FallsCanada, 2013
  • MariehamnFinland, 2009
  • Lake TekapoNew Zealand, 2011
  • Sungsot CaveVietnam, 2013
  • BrusselsBelgium, 2009
  • DettifossIceland, 2013
  • SeoulSouth Korea, 2013
  • Lake TekapoNew Zealand, 2011
  • PersepolisIran, 2013
  • Peyto LakeCanada, 2013
  • Gorkhi Terelj National ParkMongolia, 2013
  • New YorkUSA, 2013
  • New PlymouthNew Zealand, 2011
  • Angkor WatCambodia, 2013
  • BaliIndonesia, 2013
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