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Here you can find a selection of my poetry from over the years. Despite having written a lot more than I have made available here, these are the only ones that I still feel happy enough with to make public. I rarely write poetry now, but I wrote a lot between about 1999 and 2004, some of which I'm still quite pleased with, but a lot of which were either embarrassing or overly-angsty, or quite often both!

The poems are listed in reverse chronological order and I've given a bit of background spiel. As the poems are in PDF format, you will need Adobe Reader, which you can download for free from the Adobe website if you don't have it already.

Shopping Superhero (2014)
A rare humorous (hopefully) poem about gendered children's toys.

Penguins love poetry

Sticky (04 September 2012)
A brief poem written on a post-it note when bored at the office job one day.

Walk Through A Mind-Field (25 November 2004)
Written for the 2004 staff poetry competition at the University of Worcester, which I won for the 2nd year running. The competition was run as part of Mental Health Awerness Week and the poetry therefore needed to have a mental health theme. I think the particular theme of this year's competition was 'stress'.

Night Fall (23 February 2004)
I can't remember what inspired this poem. Mostly I'm still really pleased with it, but I'm unsure about the last line - the "post-modern Sleeping Beauty" part doesn't scan that well. I considered re-writing it before posting it here, but decided that it would be wrong to change it now - it was what I wanted it to be at the time I wrote it and should be appreciated as a snapshot of my writing in early 2004.

Unequally Cursed (19 November 2003)
There was a period of about 3 or 4 years when most of my favourite bands seemed to split up. I started to think I was some kind of curse to bands and this poem is about that feeling. A little angsty perhaps, but not overly so. Judging by the date I wrote it, I think it must have been the breaking up of Suede that specifically inspired it, although the title was inspired by the Catatonia album 'Equally Cursed And Blessed'.

The Illusory Void (2003)
My winning poem from the 2003 staff poetry competition at the University of Worcester, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

To Be (18 September 2003)
Speaks for itself really. A short and simple poem.

Dream To Sleep (July 2003)
I have no memory of what inspired this poem, but there's something about the feel and flow of it that I like. I'm not that keen on the "hamsters breed and the witches dance" line, but I'm assuming there was some cryptic significance to it at the time I wrote it. It's possible that it was referencing recent dreams I'd had, as that would fit with what the poem seems to be conveying.

Godlike (2002)
Pretty angsty, but I like it still. I'd had a falling out with a friend and this was a decidedly exagerrated and overly-dramatic expression of my feelings at the time. But hey, if you can't use poetic licence in poetry, when can you?

Pain Caused By Silence (2002)
Written during the same period as Godlike. About that awkward situation when a friend likes you as more than a friend but you don't reciprocate the feelings.

Imagined Bliss (2001 possibly)
I've had to try and guess when I might have written this, as I don't clearly remember it. A lot of my poems tend to be about other people, whether real or imaginary, but this is a rare personal one about my idealised vision of love.

Liberation (02 October 2001)
A rare poem of mine in that it's encouraging and comforting, rather than bitter and twisted! Nice and simple too - I wasn't trying to be overly clever or pretentious, which I was also prone to do.

Ten Son (1998/1999)
I can't remember when exactly I wrote this, but I know it was during my A-Levels. Without a doubt it's the most flowery and pretentious thing I've ever written, but I felt it needed to be included here as it's the poem that sparked my interest in writing poetry. It came to be because of an A-Level English Literature lesson where we read and examined a sonnet, although I sadly can't remember what the sonnet was. At the end of the lesson, our teacher told us she was going to be setting us a homework task of writing our own sonnets. I was quite excited by this notion, so although she'd not actually set us the task yet, I spent my next spare period in the library writing what became 'Ten Son' ('Ten Son' being an anagram of 'sonnet'). I was incredibly proud of it and eagerly anticipated her setting of the homework task, which alas never actually happened! However, as I was so pleased with my creation, I did enter it in a couple of poetry competitions; one of which it won a runners-up prize in. It was also published in a couple of poetry anthologies.

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