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Music's always been a particular passion of mine and I felt that it deserved its own section on my website. Mostly it's a place to share my various charts and general ramblings, though you should also keep an eye on my blog for any new musical musings.

Before delving in to my charts and witterings, you might want to know a bit about my music taste. The easiest way to get an overview of the stuff I like is to visit my last.fm profile. As you might quickly gather, I'm a big fan of a lot of Britpop-era (and slightly post-Britpop era) bands. I'm also a sucker for female vocalists, particularly the more interesting ones, and I love a lot of Welsh bands. It's probably not surprising then that my favourite band are/were Catatonia. Although, prior to that, my favourite band was Queen, who are still up in my top 5 favourite bands.

The 'A-Z Music' section is an archive of something that I did a few years ago where I attempted to listen to all of my CDs alphabetically and blog about them. I sadly didn't manage to finish it, but it's something I'd like to complete at some point, especially as I've had a lot of complementary feedback about it.

I'm hoping to expand this section at some point, to include some Spotify playlists and such like, but for now you can check out my various charts and my A-Z blog posts:

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And if you're not in the mood for reading stuff, here are some pictures! A few of my favourite gig photos, some photos of me with various musical heroes, plus some snaps of my music collection:

  • CDsMy CD collection as of early 2008.
  • CerysCerys Matthews - taken at The Point, Cardiff, 2006
  • Mark MorrissMe and Mark Morriss (The Bluetones) at Cardiff Barfly, 2008.
  • SuedeMy Suede collection circa 2007.
  • Emmy The GreatEmmy The Great at Green Man Festival 2009.
  • CerysMe and Cerys Matthews at The Stables, Milton Keynes, 2003.
  • Mark RobertsMe and Mark Roberts (Catatonia, Y Cyrff etc.) at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, 2004.
  • Aled RichardsMe, my friend Matthew and Aled Richards (Catatonia) at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, 2004.
  • Paul JonesMe and Paul Jones (Catatonia, Y Cyrff etc.) at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, 2004.
  • Owen PowellMe and Owen Powell (Catatonia), completing my collection of photos with members of Catatonia, at The Big Weekend, Cardiff, 2006.
  • TicketsMy collection of gig tickets circa 2009.
  • OsianOsian Gwynedd (Sibrydion) at Green Man Festival, 2009.
  • CerysMe and Cerys Matthews at Bethesda Rugby Club, 2005.
  • CatatoniaMy Catatonia collection circa 2007.
  • Adam GreenMe, my friend Dave and Adam Green at Union Chapel, London, 2003.
  • CerysCerys Matthews, Solus, Cardiff, 2008.
  • OobermanMy Ooberman collection circa 2007.
  • Tommy ScottMe, my friend Dave and Tommy Scott (Space) at Liverpool Unity Theatre, 2002.
  • CerysMe and Cerys Matthews at Solus, Cardiff, 2008.
  • SpaceMy Space collection circa 2007.
  • Gruff RhysMe and Gruff Rhys at Rough Trade East, London, 2011 (shame it's a bit blurry).
  • Cerys (again)Me and Cerys Matthews at St George's, Bristol, 2009.
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