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If you would like to contact me, you can send e-mails to .

Now, as mentioned on the home page, here is the dancing foetus with maracas!

For the full effect, click play!

For those curious as to why exactly I created a dancing foetus with maracas (not that these things necessarily require explanation), let me take you back to an evening in 2009...

I was watching the film '4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days', along with my boyfriend at the time; Jamie. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a Romanian film about illegal abortion, so nice and romantic! Anyway, as you can probably imagine, it's quite a bleak and emotive film, so imagine our surprise when the closing credits suddenly erupted with this jingly jangly, inappropriately-cheerful music. It wasn't the Mexican Hat Dance (the music I've used above), but it was close enough! Jamie joked that there should be some kind of image of a foetus dancing with maracas. I said how I was going to make one. He quite likely assumed that I was also joking, but he was off somewhere that coming weekend, so I found myself at home, alone, with my computer and the notion of a dancing Mexican foetus in my head - how could I not create the above abomination? It's what everyone would have done in that situation, no? No?! Oh.

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