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Chantal Patton started her life the same way that many people do; by emerging from a womb. The womb in question was located in Queen Elizabeth hospital, Gateshead, England. Being a Geordie, she developed an early love of alcohol, bare legs and Newcastle United (see right).

At the age of 5 she moved down south to the metropolitan dreamland that is Hemel Hempstead. Her parents and younger sister joined her too, as was only polite. Here she attended school, made friends, invented playground games about Hibernating Hedgehogs and enjoyed the glorious fashion trends of the 1980s, such as crimped hair, shoulder pads and bermuda shorts (see below)!

Young Chantal with crimped hair      Chantal and her sister in bermuda shorts

Young Chantal with bare legs      Young Chantal with NUFC scarf

At secondary school, Chantal achieved a number of great things. These included coming last in a school-wide sponsored walk, getting locked in the PE changing rooms and managing to burn chocolate and melt a plastic bowl in a microwave during a Home Economics class. She also managed to gain 10 GCSEs (A-C grades), take part in 3 school productions (performances of 'The Wizard Of Oz' and 'Our Day Out', as well as 'Dance Aid'), play in the school Orchestra and Concert Band (as well as a brief Flute Band and a very brief stint in the Choir), gain grade 4 flute and grade 2 piano, plus pass numerous dancing exams in Ballet, Tap, Stage, Modern and Freestyle. But it's mostly the plastic bowl melting that's impressive!

After staying on in the Sixth Form and gaining A-Levels in English Literature, Maths and Sociology, Chantal went to the University of Leeds to study Computing. After 3 years in the northern city, Chantal left with a BSc (hons) in Computing (see right), as well as a music collection that had more than quadrupled in size - a sign of a student loan well used!

Chantal then moved to Stourport-on-Severn with her father and started looking for work. During this time she listened to a lot of Suede, dyed her hair 'plum' and posed moodily around the house (see below, left).

Moody Chantal Smiley Chantal

Chantal graduating University

After doing some voluntary work at the Citizens Advice Bureau, Chantal nabbed herself an admin job at the University of Worcester, which enabled her to move into a flat in the city; living on her own for the first time. The music collection continued to grow at a rapid pace; credit card debts were run up and she continued to pose about, but looked less moody (see left).

After 4 years at the University of Worcester, Chantal moved to Cardiff, where she had wanted to live for a long time, having gained an affinity with Wales at the age of 9 or 10. She continued to work within University administration, this time at UWIC.

Although she greatly enjoyed her time in Cardiff, she also had a desire to see the world, so in 2010 she jetted off to New Zealand on a year's working holiday visa (more details of which can be found in the travel section). The next three years were filled with a mixture of temporary office work and travel. After New Zealand, she spent 6 months in London where she went a bit mad and spent time flirting with statues of Churchill (see right). Then in May 2012 she headed out to Canada, on another 1 year working holiday visa.

Most of 2013 was then spent on an epic travel adventure. Far too epic to include here - you'll have to visit her travel blog to read all about it.

She returned to the UK at the end of 2013 and returned to Cardiff in March 2014. She is looking forward to staying in one place for a while and spending more time on her writing.

Chantal flirting with Churchill

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