Top 777 Songs: 777 – 771

You can listen to all of these songs as a mix here.



Jill Sobule & John Doe
Shaky Hands

A Day At The PassTaken From: Jill Sobule & John Doe – A Day At The Pass (2011)

“No I’ve not been drinking, I’ve just got shaky hands”

This song title’s quite self-explanatory really. It’s a catchy little number about someone with shaky hands. It was my instant favourite from this album (and has remained so). I don’t think it’s giving away too much to say that there are other Jill songs in this chart (as she’s one of my favourite artists), though this is the only one of her collaborations with John Doe. I can’t find it on YouTube or anything, so if you want to check it out you’ll just have to listen to my Mixcloud mix. Or it might be on Spotify or something I guess… But I’d rather you listened to my Mixcloud mix of course. There’s only the 7 songs on it and they’re mostly pretty short. Have I persuaded you yet? Do it…



Cease And Desist

Beatific VisionsTaken From: Brakes – The Beatific Visions (2006)

“God came down and said ‘I’m fucking bored'”

This is the only Brakes song to make it in to the list. My predominant Brakes listening period was in the gap between doing these charts, so they’ve missed out a little in that sense. Although they do technically feature in one of the other tracks that’s still to come. Anyway, this is the track that’s seemingly stuck with me the most. I did shortlist ‘Porcupine Or Pineapple’, but I listened to that song a bit too much in the past, so it didn’t quite make it in. This is a pretty short, punchy kinda song about God coming down to earth, drinking some whisky and playing cards (as I’m sure he’d be inclined to do).



Sparkle Motion

This Is The Beginning...Taken From: Bigott – This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship (2010)

“Do you have any idea how super cool you are?”

I’m pretty sure I discovered this song (and Bigott in general) when I was challenged to put together a playlist of songs inspired by the countries I was due to visit in 2013. I ended up searching for new bands and artists from some of those countries (due to limited options in my existing music collection) and this was my favourite discovery. Bigott is Spanish (in case you wondered which country he was representing). I was probably drawn to this song title because of the Donnie Darko connection. It has that cool laid-back European vibe to it. You can almost see him on a vespa or something (not to stereotype much).

I’d not actually watched this video for it before, but it’s kinda perfect



The Raveonettes
Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)

In And Out Of ControlTaken From: The Raveonettes – In And Out Of Control (2009)

“You never forget. Those fuckers stay in your head.”

Should a song about rape be quite so catchy? Well, more specifically it’s a song about how rapist should be destroyed (as is evident from the title), so I think that justifies the catchiness. The video’s a tad unsettling in places though – I’ve not seen it before. Though some of the comments on it are worse (ugh). I feel like I should put a trigger warning on it or something… Although it’s a catchy song, if you think you’ve got a chance of being offended/upset by it in some way, just don’t listen to it eh? It is very catchy though. My ex played it a lot back in 2009, hence it then getting stuck in my head and actually becoming one of my favourite songs. It’s the only song by The Raveonettes that’s made it in.



Keith John Adams
Inconsequential Thought

PipTaken From: Keith John Adams – Pip (2005)

“I love every article I can find in every particle of your mind”

Being released in 2005, this just missed out on the chart last time. It was one of those songs that I’d always put on mix CDs for quite a few years, as I just loved it. I still do love it, just not quite as much as I used to, hence the low ranking. I feel like I discovered Keith John Adams via Rhodri Marsden (of The Free French) in some way, though I’m not 100% sure on that (though I know they’re ex-bandmates from Zuno Men). This is the only song of Keith’s to make it in to the chart, but he’s definitely worth checking out if you’re not familiar with him. I couldn’t find a video on YouTube but you can listen to this song on Bandcamp instead.



Say Hi To Your Mom

Numbers & MumblesTaken From: Say Hi To Your Mom – Numbers & Mumbles (2004)

“It took a lot of super stuff to get you here”

They later changed their name to just ‘Say Hi’, but this is definitely my favourite song of theirs. I have no memory of how I discovered it or them, but feel like it was possibly via LiveJournal in some way. I’m not even sure I can describe why I like it so much – there’s just something about it. Something about someone singing ‘you’re super’ whilst sounding somewhat sinister. It’s a grower, for sure.



All Girl Summer Fun Band
Dear Mr & Mrs Troublemaker

2Taken From: All Girl Summer Fun Band – 2 (2003)

“I want to marry your son”

I feel like their band name sums them up pretty well. Again this is my favourite song of theirs and therefore the only one to make it in to the chart. I love the opening section with the typewriter noise. People in future generations probably won’t even realise that’s what it is… Strange thought. Can’t think of anything else to really say about this, though that might partly be because it’s suddenly after 8pm somehow and I haven’t had any dinner yet. I’d forgotten just how time consuming these things can be (though a large amount of time was spent trying to sort the formatting in WordPress, so hopefully subsequent posts won’t be quite so onerous!)

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

777. Julee Cruise – The Nightingale (I did shortlist it, but it didn’t quite make it in this time)

775. Frente! – Girl

774. Josh Rouse – Miracle

773. Fur Patrol – Spinning A Line

772. Kasey Chambers – Not Pretty Enough

771. Y Cyrff – Euog

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs as a mix here.

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2 Responses to Top 777 Songs: 777 – 771

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I thought I’d take a listen to the Mixcloud mix and I kind of started making a few notes, so apologies but:
    777. Jill Sobule & John Doe – Shaky Hands: I know Jill Sobule through you! In fact you put Under The Disco Ball on a mix CD for me once. I’ve never heard of John Doe though, I do like that it’s pretty much the most anonymous name you could choose to give yourself though. Anyway, I’ve never heard this song before but on first listen it’s pretty good. I like her voice, it’s a bit bluesy, some mean guitar work too! “If you need to thread a needle, you’d better not ask me”, great line.

    776. Brakes – Cease And Desist: I know of Brakes – they’re linked to British Sea Power and the Electric Soft Parade, right? – but I think the only song of theirs I’ve actually heard previously is Sometimes Always, which I think I must have downloaded at some point due to it featuring the Pipettes. I like this a lot actually, a bit more raucous than I was expecting, but that’s no bad thing.

    775. Bigott – Sparkle Motion: This one (both song and artist) is completely new to me. Ha! This is great, he sounds a bit like Lou Reed with a Spanish accent. It’s super catchy, could definitely listen to it on repeat a few times.

    774. The Raveonettes – Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed): Wow, controversial song title! The Raveonettes are another one who I think I’ve only ever previously heard the one song by, I can’t for the life of me remember the title of it though, it was very 60s sounding and my housemate was very fond of it, anyway I liked it well enough. As for this song, I quite like it, I think it’s a bit of a grower and that after a few listens I may like it more and more. Could also see the chorus getting stuck in my head. Maybe not one to sing to myself walking around Tesco though!

    773. Keith John Adams – Inconsequential Thoughts: I’ve actually heard this one before! This is one I know through you and your inclusion of it on a mix CD. I had previously heard (and loved) Stay In With Me by the Zuno Men though, so wasn’t completely new to Mr Adams. Listening to it again, it’s still great. I like the sentiment of the song, that the inconsequential stuff can be interesting too.

    772. Say Hi To Your Mum – Super: This act is new to me, although I love the name – shame they shortened it. I like the synthesisery bits, but the song didn’t really grab me if I’m honest.

    771. All Girl Summer Fun Band – Dear Mr & Mrs Troublemaker: I’ve heard of the artist, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything by them before. I see what you mean about the name being a good fit though, a bit like a Phil Spector 60s girl group, but with heavier guitars. I like this a lot actually, it straddles that Ramones, Helen Love etc bubblegum/punk crossover well.

    Of the ones that fell off of the chart from last time, I do love The Nightingale, in fact I really like Julee Cruise in general, so much so I remember buying the Twin Peaks soundtrack back in the day because I liked it so much. I’ve always had a fondness for the Kasey Chambers song too, I think I first heard it randomly on the Launch internet radio thingy (if you remember that?!) back in the early 2000s. I like Frente! too although The Girl isn’t one I listen to particularly often, Accidentally Kelly Street is definitely my favourite of theirs.

    Good choices so far!

    Would you say your taste has changed quite significantly in the last ten years then, based on the number of songs that have dropped out?

    • Chantal Chantal says:

      Thanks Jodie! Apologies definitely unnecessary. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the songs, although you’ve set yourself quite a dangerous precedent now!! 😉

      And yes I do remember Launchcast!! In fact that’s potentially where I first heard Kasey Chambers as well.

      I wouldn’t say my tastes have changed hugely in the last 10 years. Although a lot of songs have dropped out of my favourites, they’re mostly ones I still like and will still listen to, just not as much as I used to. Although there are a few that were in the original chart that made me say ‘Really? I included that?!’. I think my tastes have subtly changed and developed over the 10 years, rather than there being any kind of dramatic change. I was definitely influenced by my ex’s tastes whilst we were together – both in good ways and bad ways! But that’s one of the great things about music – the way it literally soundtracks your life.

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