Top 777 Songs: 80 – 71

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SixTaken From: Mansun – Six (1998)

“Have you ever told a lie to hide a lie? Shame on you, you’ve compromised again.”

Why was this so low last time?! I guess I have listened to it more and more in recent years. Brilliant song.



We Had Our Chances

So GoodTaken From: Melys – So Good (single) (2002)

“All those happy memories we never made.”

I have a slight preference for the b-side version, though do also love the version that’s a secret track on Casting Pearls. It’s a short punch of emotion. Love it. Have a listen via the Mixcloud player.



The Magic Theatre
Out There

London TownTaken From: The Magic Theatre – London Town (2010)

“Got friends in love with being in love, but I’m still on my own. It’s not for want of offers, just that no-one feels like home.”

You know those wonderful rare occasions when a song just encapsulates your thoughts and feelings so perfectly that it’s almost spooky? Like they’ve read your mind? That’s very much this song for me. It’s also my favourite Magic Theatre song for that reason. I remember once trying to write a poem to express the same sentiments, back when I was at school, but struggling to find the right words and not managing to finish it, so I’m pleased (though slightly frustrated in my own failings) that The Magic Theatre have captured it so perfectly. Seriously, if you ever wonder why I’m generally single, just listen to this song. I can’t express enough love for Dan and Sophie for bringing it into my life.



Cerys Matthews
Only A Fool

CockahoopTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Cockahoop (2003)

“I need you, like I need salt in my water, salt in my wounds”

This was my favourite Cerys song when I last did this chart, though she’d only released the one album by that point, so there wasn’t as much competition! It’s still my favourite song on Cockahoop. I’ve identified with it more in recent years too, though whether or not that’s a good thing is a separate issue… I enjoy the video too – it takes me back to that first solo tour in 2003 – especially the Union Chapel gig for some reason. I was backstage afterwards, with my friend Dave, who wanted to schmooze with everyone, so kept disappearing and leaving me on my own, but it did mean that Teel came and chatted to me instead, so it was all good. Plus we got a cool photo with Adam Green, and a really awkward one with Bucky Baxter, who I don’t think really wanted to be talking to Dave, ha ha. Fun times.




A New MorningTaken From: Suede – A New Morning (2002)

“Obsessions, it’s like sex. It’s simple and complex.”

The only song from A New Morning to chart. Last time I said this about it:

Oh man I love this song! Strangely it wasn’t one I’d listened to a lot on A New Morning since its release (although it hadn’t been out for long anyway), but when I got to go to the video shoot for it, I of course made sure I learnt the lyrics! I listened to it repeatedly on the train and then of course I got to listen to it lots during the day, but I didn’t get tired of it at all – in fact I just kept getting more obsessed with it (fittingly!). It was also during and after that video shoot that I became somewhat obsessed with Brett! I liked him already but it definitely moved into the Obsession category then. Mmmmmm Brett. Plus I can identify with the whole idea of obsession anyway. Plus it’s just a brilliant song! I’m slightly surprised it’s not even higher, but hey 71’s pretty good.

I’d totally forgotten that my love of Brett didn’t properly develop until then. I can verify that it is still going strong! Below is the video that I was at the videoshoot for. You can’t pick me out, sadly, though I was right at the front (albeit stage left, not central). I don’t think they used any of my quotes either (though can’t actually remember what I wrote on the questionnaire thing, so they might have used a word or two). Great day though.



The Hot Puppies
How Come You Don’t Hold Me No More?

Under The Crooked MoonTaken From: The Hot Puppies – Under The Crooked Moon (2006)

“What can I say, to stem the decay? Or even just to hear my name?”

My favourite Hot Puppies song. I love the emotion of it, plus have found it very relatable at times too, sadly.



Kate Bush
Running Up That Hill

Hounds Of LoveTaken From: Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love (1985)

“Unaware I’m tearing you asunder

Just a brilliant song. I’m also fond of the cover versions by The Honeymoon and Placebo, but you can’t beat a bit of the Bush (as it were).



Cerys Matthews
What Kind Of Man?

Never Said GoodbyeTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (2006)

“If you take my heart, don’t break it. It’s been broken once before.”

Another Cerys song that I considered a favourite for quite a while, which is pretty impressive for a song that’s just over a minute long. I just love it – plus in the same way that Only A Fool takes me back to the 2003 tour, this song takes me back to the 2006 tour, which was one of my favourite ever summers, no question. This song also reminds me of someone I had a crush on at the time, which was the first time I’d had a crush on anyone for a good few years (I’d started to worry I’d lost the ability), so kinda meant a lot to me. I also made a video to this song, using footage from The Sims 2, because… ok, I don’t know why. Why not, I guess?!? I was pretty pleased with my sim versions of Cerys, Mason and Teel, plus how well some bits synced to the music. Enjoy the strange fruits of my labours below. The other sims featured are mostly based on friends of mine, though there are a few TV characters too (and some other musicians) – I’d hope Mulder and Scully are fairly recognisable at least. I still play The Sims 2 occasionally, though Mulder and Scully are all grey and ageing now (sad times) – I’m sure I could use that as some kind of metaphor for something, but I won’t.



The Divine Comedy
National Express

Fin De SiecleTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Fin De Siècle (1998)

“She’ll provide you with drinks and theatrical winks for a sky-high fee”

The song that properly got me into The Divine Comedy, plus a song that I most closely associate with my friend Matthew, as it’s his favourite song of all time. I have fond memories of dancing to it at his wedding. He’ll probably be disappointed that it’s dropped in the chart, though it’s still a very strong placing – it’s hard to separate a lot of the top 100, to be honest. It’s also another song that I originally misheard – I thought that the ‘mini-skirts were in style’ line was ‘men in skirts were in style’. The actual line makes more sense, though I still kinda prefer mine.



When You Put Leonard Cohen On

Rumours And CursesTaken From: Melys – Rumours And Curses (1998)

“I’m sorry that I’ve been so goddamn dependent. Panic and fear, I’m a moth without light.”

This was my favourite Melys song for years – including when I last did this chart. I listen to it a lot less often now, but I still love its simple beauty. Plus it’s on YouTube! Yay!

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

None – they’re all still in.

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