Top 777 Songs: 70 – 61

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Arabian Derby

Paper Scissors StoneTaken From: Catatonia – Paper Scissors Stone (2001)

“You can count us in again.”

It’s quite bittersweet to listen to this song, as it’s all about the band gearing themselves up to keep going and throwing their hat back in the ring, but of course they split up not long afterwards. It’s a song that’s always made me a bit teary and emotional. I also liked that on a couple of occasions, it came up on shuffle when I was walking past the racecourse in Worcester (back when that was my route to and from work), which seemed fitting. I also happened to be in Worcester when the split was announced (prior to that – back when my Dad and Step-Mum had just recently moved there and I was visiting during the Uni summer holiday), so this song very much makes me think of Worcester and that whole period of time, which is also quite bittersweet, to be honest.



The Divine Comedy
Bang Goes The Knighthood

Bang Goes The KnighthoodTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Bang Goes The Knighthood (2010)

“The fear is making me ill. But then fear is part of the thrill.”

I like that this has charted at number 69 – it seems quite apt. It’s a wonderful song about the underbelly of the upper classes. Picture Tory MPs being whipped by dominatrices (yes, I just had to google the plural of dominatrix!). Just brilliant. By far my favourite song on this album, though it’s also a great album.



Shangri La

Campfire ClassicsTaken From: Sibrydion – Campfire Classics (2009)

“So let’s raise a glass, iechyd da, you shine as bright as the northern star.”

My favourite Sibrydion song. I don’t listen to it as much as I did when it first came out, but that’s because I listened to it a lot back then. It’s so fun and catchy and just makes me happy. I miss Sibrydion. The only YouTube video for it is one that was uploaded in the Netherlands and is unavailable to the UK, so have a listen via the Mixcloud player, or you can find it on Bandcamp here.



Do You Believe In Me?

You've Got A Lot To Answer For CD1Taken From: Catatonia – You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For (single) (1996)

“Drink puts the angel on my shoulder to sleep”

As I said about it last time:

Most Catfans would rank this song fairly highly. A brilliant example of the quality of Catatonia b-sides. Always brilliant live as well… Heartbreaking, but brilliant.



Don’t Stop Me Now

JazzTaken From: Queen – Jazz (1978)

“I’m a sex machine ready to reload, like an atom bomb about to oh oh oh oh oh explode.”

Similar to the Sibrydion song in terms of irresistible catchy fun. Last time I said this:

I’ve listened to this song quite a bit lately. It reminds me of one of the Tetley Bops we had at uni (which were just like school discos at our Halls of Residence), as they played this song. Ah, I love school disco type affairs where you get a great mixture of new pop songs, classic songs of varying genres and anything generally cheesy and camp! 😀 Token indie songs are appreciated too, but in those kinda environments I rather enjoy the cheese! Not that I’m calling this song cheesy as I wouldn’t say it is at all. It’s just fab! 😀

Ha ha, I’d forgotten that the disco things at Tetley Hall were called Tetley Bops. Love it. The closest I get to school disco things now are the occasional wedding reception, which I do tend to enjoy for that same reason (though am less appreciative of the ‘new pop songs’ now, as am generally quite oblivious as to what’s in the charts).



Being A Girl

SixTaken From: Mansun – Six (1998)

“Tax on cigarettes, treats my cancer. These things elevate me above animals.”

Last time I specified the single version (‘part one’), as I like how it’s short and snappy, but this time I’m not specifying – I love both versions equally, just in different ways. It’s the album version that I’ve included on the Mixcloud mix though. I’ve always thought of the album version as ‘part two’, plus have the MP3 labelled like that, but I once referred to it like that, in a conversation with my ex, and he was like ‘what?! It’s not called that’. Looking on the back of the album, he’s totally right, but it still annoys me that he’s right. It’s under ‘part two’ of the album, plus the single version’s called ‘part one’, so it logically makes sense to me that the full-length version is ‘part two’, but technically it isn’t, alas. It’ll always be part two to me though. And I’m not changing the tagging on my MP3 now. Ooh, I wonder if other people on have scrobbled it as ‘part two’… Yes! Two other people have! Those are my kinda people. Anyway, below’s the video for part one, which features a young Danny Dyer!! Ha ha, I’d forgotten that.



Something Changed

Different ClassTaken From: Pulp – Different Class (1995)

“Where would I be now if we’d never met? Would I be singing this song to someone else instead?

I’m amazed this didn’t chart higher last time. I’ve only recently been re-appreciating it, as I associated it quite closely with my last relationship, so found it difficult to listen to when we split up. It’s such a brilliant song though – I remember once mentioning it as a potential future wedding song, as it’s perfect for that – romantic without being sappy.



Cathy Davey

The NamelessTaken From: Cathy Davey – The Nameless (2010)

“Leave your keys out in the door as you leave. So next in line can creep beside me easily.”

My favourite Cathy Davey song. It was initially a bit of a grower, but I just love it. The lyrics, her vocals, the music… all just brilliant.




BlurTaken From: Blur – Blur (1997)

“I just slip away and I am gone”

I’ve always liked this song, but it’s only become a full-on favourite in the past few years, for some reason. It’s my favourite Blur song now – I love it. You can kinda feel it flowing through your veins, fittingly, as you’re listening to it.



Difrycheulyd [Snail Ambition]

HookedTaken From: Catatonia – Hooked (single) (1994)

“Mae cysgod wrth y drws”

Pretty much what I said about it last time (except I don’t think I have the tapes any more):

I first heard this song on a cassette that was sent to me by a very kind catfan whose name I can’t actually remember now! I think it might have been Jeff. Anyway, he sent me 2 cassettes infact with all the early b-sides etc on, so that I could hear them before I got the chance to buy the whole back catalogue 🙂 I’ve still got them somewhere. Anyway, the first time I heard this song I was just like ‘what on earth was that?!’ It was one of the strangest songs I’d ever heard! Not in a bad way, though it didn’t especially grab me either. However, I kept listening to it, as played the tapes a lot, and found that it grew on me. Not only that but it actually became one of my favourite songs! Especially once I’d learnt the lyrics and could sing along. 🙂

As you can see, my love for it has just continued to grow! I’m not sure how many people would consider this one of their top 10 favourite Catatonia songs, but it’s one of mine! I mean, it’s got Mark singing random bits in French!! I love it. The video for it’s great too, though annoyingly the copy on YouTube is missing the first verse! Meh. I might re-upload it myself, as I should have a digital version saved somewhere… aha, yep, that’s better:

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

70. tobyslater – Consumption

62. Garbage – Cup Of Coffee (though it was shortlisted)

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