Top 777 Songs: 640 – 631

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Frida Hyvönen

Silence Is WildTaken From: Frida Hyvönen – Silence Is Wild (2008)

“The way you hate me is better than love and I’m head over heels”

I developed a love for this song while I was living in London in 2011-2012. I feel like it encapsulates the love/hate relationship it’s very easy to have with the city. During those six months I basically decided that I love London a lot more when I only see it occasionally and don’t have to live in it!



Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water

The Blue TreesTaken From: Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – The Blue Trees (mini album) (2000)

“Now you know I’m where I belong”

My instant favourite on this mini album. Another song that’s suffered a bit from over-listening in the past though. This is what I said about it last time:

Oh I really love this song. It’s obviously facing some tough competition though if I’ve only placed it at number 335! I first heard it on a radio session late at night when in the car with my Dad and then-Step-Mum. I can’t remember where we were coming back from but I was v pleased at being able to catch the Gorky’s session. It was before The Blue Trees was released and this song stuck in my head and I couldn’t wait to get it on CD. It’s still by far my fave song on The Blue Trees and one of my fave Gorky’s songs generally.

It still reminds me of that car journey. Although I just discovered it’s actually a cover! I’ve been completely unaware of that for 16 years. Huh. Not that it matters, though I do always feel a little guilty when my favourite song on an album is one that wasn’t actually written by the band. Oh well. There are also a lot of other great songs on the album, I have to say, though I think this is the only one to make it in to the chart.



Ed Harcourt
Born In The ’70s

StrangersTaken From: Ed Harcourt – Strangers (2004)

“My parents named me Ed. I tried my hardest to smile.”

It’s nice to see a song that’s climbed in the chart. This was the only Ed song to make it in last time, so was obviously my favourite of his. There is another song of his that I prefer now (so is still to come), but I still love this one too. I’m gonna pull out the old ‘it’s catchy!’ explanation again, as it is.



Jeffrey Lewis
Don’t Be Upset

City & Eastern SongsTaken From: Jeffrey & Jack Lewis – City & Eastern Songs (2005)

“Don’t be upset, it’s only an octopus. Don’t bother it and I’m sure it won’t bother us.”

I already had a random selection of Jeffrey Lewis songs before I met my ex, but he was a much bigger fan and put this song on one of the mix CDs he gave me early on. I really like the conversational kinda style to a lot of Jeff’s lyrics. It’s a style you’ll probably either take to or you won’t really. You’ve got to listen to the lyrics with his songs though, as that’s generally where the brilliance of them lies. It’s kinda like musical poetry. I really like the bit in this song where he starts saying something his girlfriend said to him, then quickly stops and says ‘actually what she really said was…’.



Bree Sharp
Dirty Magazine

More B.S.Taken From: Bree Sharp – More B.S. (2002)

“Everybody’s got their vices”

Another song that’s climbed slightly – yay! Also, can we take a moment of appreciation for that album title? Ok, good. I’ve always liked the Western type feel of this song. Plus, as I said about it last time, ‘just from the title you know it’s going to be great!’ It’s quite a short and sweet song. Well, as sweet as a song can be when it’s about living in a dirty magazine 😉



The New Pornographers
The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism

Mass RomanticTaken From: The New Pornographers – Mass Romantic (2000)

“I say my ever loosening grip on the commonest courtesies slipped” 

From the title you’d possibly think that this might be quite a dark, introspective, downbeat kind of a song. Though maybe not so much if you’re already familiar with The New Pornographers! It’s actually incredibly catchy and fun. If you’re not familiar with The New Pornographers, this is a fairly representative song of what their music’s like. Always good if you fancy a bit of a boogie.



For You

ConsumptionTaken From: tobyslater – Consumption (single) (2002)

“I’m such a fool for you”

If I haven’t already mentioned this, Toby Slater was the lead singer of Catch (who I’ve definitely already mentioned). He recorded a decent number of solo songs in the early 2000s – mostly making them available for download through his website. As far as I’m aware, the only physical release was this single. I listened to his music a lot throughout the ’00s. I don’t listen to it so much now, hence the drop in chart position, but it was all great and well worth checking out. With this particular song you can make quite obvious Radiohead comparisons, though that’s definitely not a bad thing. It’s really emotional. I like this video for it too (unsurprisingly as it’s me who uploaded it to YouTube!):



The Pierces
Boy In A Rock And Roll Band

Thirteen Tales...Taken From: The Pierces – Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge (2007)

“I forget I’m a lady. I’ve had too much wine.”

I listened to The Pierces a lot around the time this album came out (and for a few years after that). If I’d done one of these charts around that time, there’d be a decent number of songs from this album that would have charted fairly highly. However, I don’t listen to them much now at all, so they’ve kinda missed out. The only song that I do still listen to a decent amount is this one. Why this one? Aside from it being a catchy tune and having some great vocals on it, I guess I’m a sucker for songs about fancying people in bands. Particularly ones that also mention drinking too much wine! Not that I could possibly relate to either of those things… 😉



Rhonda Harris
Think Of Me Naked

Rhonda HarrisTaken From: Rhonda Harris – Rhonda Harris (1995)

“Do you ever think of me naked? Do you resent that I mention it?”

I’m starting to realise how many songs I like that mention nakedness in the title… Huh. Anyway… Even though Rhonda Harris sounds like it should be a female solo artist, it’s actually a Danish band with a male lead singer. But of course! I have no memory of how I discovered their music, so it’s just as well my memory was better back in 2005:

Hee, I love this song. I found out about Rhonda Harris by reading a review of their album The Trouble With Rhonda Harris. It sounded like my kinda album so I wrote the details down and kept an eye out for it. Annoyingly it was really difficult to find, as was any information about the band. I managed to download a few songs of theirs though, including this one which actually isn’t on that album. It’s really chilled out and just incredibly cool. Quite a while after downloading those few songs, I randomly found a promo of the album in MVE in Camden (I love that shop!!) for about £4! So of course I bought that! The album’s great but it’s still frustrating not being able to find out more info about the band, like a website or something! If anyone knows if they’re still about making music let me know!

Awww, RIP Camden’s Music and Video Exchange. I found some gems there over the years. Since writing that post in 2005, I’ve gotten hold of their debut album on CD, plus I’ve downloaded their 2003 album on MP3. However, Danish Wikipedia tells me I’ve also got some more recent albums to locate. Ooooh.

No YouTube video available in the UK alas. Stick on the Mixcloud mix.



Kunta Kinte

Tough LoveTaken From: Tough Love – Tough Love EP (2008)

“Your stomach’s turning over but you need to eat”

Toby Slater again – this time in a band that started out being called Kunta Kinte but then changed their name to Tough Love. It was only released under the Tough Love name, though my favourite version’s still the unreleased Kunta Kinte one (which is the version I’ve included on the Mixcloud mix). Both are great though and not really hugely different. The same as Toby’s solo songs, I listened to these songs slightly obsessively at the time they were released (and for a decent amount afterwards), but don’t listen to them so much now. The only exception to that being this song. I feel like it really successfully encapsulates the feeling of stress in a musical form. Albeit in a way that’s much more enjoyable than the actual feeling! The version in this video’s a slightly sped up version of the original Kunta Kinte one. Cool video too.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

640. Ooberman – Goodbye Gadfly

639. Pulp – Bad Cover Version

638. Gay Dad – Joy!

637. Catch – The Better Me

636. Frente! – Let The Sun Shine In

635. Bif Naked – Tango Shoes

634. The Ark – One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young (though it was shortlisted)

632. Mansun – Decisions, Decisions

631. The Bluetones – You’re No Fun Anymore

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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3 Responses to Top 777 Songs: 640 – 631

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    640. Frida Hyvönen – London!: I’ve enjoyed the previous songs of hers that you’ve posted, so I’m looking forward to hearing another one now. Oh wow, I’m already struck by this. There’s something incredibly moving about the few of her songs of hers I’ve heard, a sadness, a sort of longing in the lyrics. I like too how this starts quite starkly from an instrumental point of few and then builds, then quietens down again. I think this is my favourite of Frida’s songs that I’ve heard so far, it really moved me.

    639. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water: I didn’t hear about Gorky’s through one of the more traditional routes, John Peel, or the NME or whatever, I actually heard about them for the first time back in the mid-nineties, from my French teacher at school. She had actually gone to school with them, and knowing that my friend David and I were fans of music she recommended them to us. I’m thankful that she did, as they were a fabulous band. I properly became a fan of theirs around the time of Barafundle, and subsequently always took an interest in their career. I am aware that this is a cover, although I don’t believe I’ve ever heard the original before, but it (this version at least) is such a fabulous song. Actually, it’s interesting that it was first written and performed by someone else, as it’s very much in the quintessential Gorky’s style, catchy folky type stuff. They really were a very special band, who didn’t sound like any of their contemporaries.

    638. Ed Harcourt – Born In The ‘70s: I think the first time I heard Ed Harcourt (solo at least, I had heard a couple of Snug tracks back in the late nineties) was on Mark and Lard’s old afternoon show on Radio 1, they played Something In My Eye as one of their free choices, and I was immediately struck by it. I liked the almost nursery rhyme like quality, “Spider has eight legs you know” and so on. I then remember they made Apple Of My Eye their record of the week a few months later, and I liked that even more. After that I kept an eye out for his releases (at least for a while, I have to admit I’ve not kept totally up to date with his more recent output) and this track was one that always stood out to me. Oddly, it always reminded me a little of Laid by James for some reason, not that that’s a bad thing (at least not as far as I’m concerned).

    637. Jeffrey Lewis – Don’t Be Upset: Unusually, I can tell you exact date that I first became aware of Jeffrey Lewis’s music. It was Boxing Day, December 26th 2002, and I was listening to John Peel’s Festive Fifty for that year, which unusually was being broadcast all in one show. John would never announce the name or artist of the song before playing it in the chart, and a song came on that I absolutely loved. I waited patiently until the end of it and then made a mental note of who it was by as I needed to hear more. The song was The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song by Jeff, and shortly after I purchased everything that was available by him, which at the time was only The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane And Other Favourites, and the Back When I Was 4 single. It was a little while after before I saw him live for the first time, September 2004 I think, but I subsequently seen him live more times than any other artist, with the exception of Misty’s Big Adventure (who were actually the support act of that first Jeffrey Lewis gig). Anyhow, Don’t Be Upset is a wonderful example of his song writing, you’re absolutely right about the story telling nature of his songs. There’s no doubt in my mind that these things actually happen to him, there’s never any boasting in Jeff’s songs. I’m so pleased that he’s gradually gained in popularity, including in the States, as back in the early 2000s he was very much just known over here despite being from the US. Really happy to see one of his songs make the chart.

    636. Bree Sharp – Dirty Magazine: Bree Sharp is another singer I class as a Chantal artist. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anything by this particular Chantal artist though, so I’m interested to rectify that now. Hey, this is great! Very much liking the country elements, kind of country but without the over polished Nashville nature of recent more mainstream acts of that genre. I’d like to hear more by her I think.

    635. The New Pornographers – The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism: I was aware of Neko Case’s solo career before I became aware of the New Pornographers, specifically when Twist The Knife was voted number 1 in John Peel’s Festive Fifty in the year 2000. I loved that song, and whilst I listened to her subsequent material, nothing has ever quite hit the heights of that particular song for me. That’s not to say I haven’t thought her later stuff was good, I have, just that that song is still my favourite of hers. The New Pornographers are a very different beast to her solo material though, stuff like this is impossible not to like I think, it’s just so damn catchy. I’m actually drinking a beer whilst I write this, not quite sure what that says about me!

    634. tobyslater – For You: I actually own the Consumption single, and whilst the title track is a good tune in its own right, this is my favourite track on it I think. I agree that there are definite parallels to Radiohead, but then I’m a fan of theirs so that’s not an issue for me.

    633. The Pierces – Boy In A Rock And Roll Band: This is new to me, although the band name is vaguely familiar, not sure exactly why though. So this is already a lot of fun, I like the almost jazz feel in places. The singer has a good voice too. It’s very catchy isn’t it, I’m tapping my fingers as I type this. Well, just before I typed it I was tapping them, as obviously I was using my fingers to press the keys when I was typing.

    632. Rhonda Harris – Think Of Me Naked: I think I’m only aware of Rhonda Harris after reading about them in your A-Z. I’ve never heard anything by them before though, so this is another first listen. Hmm, this is different to what I was expecting, it’s rather laid back. I do like it though. Actually I like it a lot, I can’t really explain what it is about it I particularly like, I just do.

    631. Kunta Kinte – Stress: I actually own the Tough Love EP too! Stress is by far my favourite track on it, I love the (for want of a better term) tribal elements to it, and it’s one I play quite often. I’ve never heard the Kunta Kinte version before though, so am quite intrigued to do so now. Yeah, I have to say it sounds almost identical to the Tough Love version, at least to my ears. This is such a great song though, it has to be turned up loud, and it actually is great song to play when stressed, release alt hat pent up energy whilst singing along!

    Of the ones that fell out: Sad to see that Goodbye Gadfly didn’t make it, and Bad Cover Version too for that matter. That’s one of my favourite later era Pulp songs, and it has one of my favourite ever music videos. I’m actually a bit of a fan of Gay Dad too (I even liked their second album, that no one took any notice of), and Joy! is a great track.

    Another great selection of songs. I think I may have rambled on today even more than I usually do, so apologies for that!

  2. Crashing Elliptical says:

    Ha! Well, that’s a bit embarrassing! I’m obviously getting old. Re-reading the old post, I do now remember it now, and I liked that track too, which is the main thing I guess!

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