Top 777 Songs: 620 – 611

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Murry The Hump
Kebab Or Shag

Don't Slip UpTaken From: Murry The Hump – Don’t Slip Up (single) (2001)

“Kebab or shag? Shag or kebab?”

Ah, the first Murry The Hump song on the chart. I think I discovered Murry The Hump via Welsh Bands Weekly. I bought the Cracking Up and Don’t Slip Up singles when they were released and then eventually bought the album Songs Of Ignorance, which became and has remained one of my favourite albums. I’m gutted I never got to see them live. Anyway, this song’s a b-side to Don’t Slip Up. It’s not a song I took to instantly at all, but it’s grown on me more and more over the years. I think maybe my music tastes have just shifted a bit more in its direction, so I can appreciate it more. It’s a good, fun, raucous song about that age old dilemma – kebab or shag? Here’s the live version from the Colouring Book EP:



Neutral Milk Hotel
Holland, 1945

In The Aeroplane Over The SeaTaken From: Neutral Milk Hotel – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (1998)

“The earth looks better from a star. That’s right above from where you are.”

Neutral Milk Hotel were a band I had a few songs by but had never really listened to that much. However, this was the favourite album of my ex, so I became much more familiar with it during our time together, for which I’m really grateful. He also bought me it on CD for my 29th birthday. When we split up I found it really difficult to listen to Neutral Milk Hotel songs for a while, though I’m pleased I’ve moved beyond that now. I really like the energy in this song – it feels slightly chaotic, but I like that. I guess it’s kind of fitting for the subject matter.



The Hot Toddies
Wet Dream

Smell The MittenTaken From: The Hot Toddies – Smell The Mitten (2007)

“I think I read in a magazine how science proved that the universe is someone’s erotic dream”

I’m sure I mentioned already that Jamie introduced me to The Hot Toddies. This was the specific song he’d play all the time and yep it’s become and stayed my favourite of theirs.



Depeche Mode
Personal Jesus

ViolatorTaken From: Depeche Mode – Violator (1990)

“Lift up the receiver. I’ll make you a believer.”

I really love the Johnny Cash cover too, but decided to go for the original. It’s just a really good song – I don’t have anything more to say about it than that.



Murry The Hump
Pussy Willow

Colouring BookTaken From: Murry The Hump – Colouring Book EP (1999)

“Wouldn’t you like to stay and see my stamp collection?”

You wait ages for a Murry The Hump song and then 2 show up at once 😉 As far as I’m aware, there was only a live version released of this song. I have got a couple of studio versions of it from an early demo (which I acquired MP3s of from someone via I think), but the live version’s still my favourite. I find it really difficult to choose between this and Kebab Or Shag – hence them ending up so close together. No YouTube vid, sadly, so stick on the widget.



Crashing Ellipticals

Carried AwayTaken From: Ooberman – Carried Away (2006)

“Come together we gravitate, then we instantly separate.” 

This album was quite a treat, as it was released after the band had originally split up. You can kinda tell that it was slightly pieced together, rather than having been deliberately conceived as an album, but it still works well and there are some great songs on it. This was my instant favourite on the album and I listened to it loads when it was released. tells me I scrobbled it 24 times in 2006, though that won’t include all the listens on my MP3 player – plus I had it as my ringtone for quite a while too (“you only call when you want me!”). It’s another song that’s suffered from over listening, so is lower in the chart than it maybe should be.



Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
Murder Ballad

Spanish Dance TroupeTaken From: Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Spanish Dance Troupe (1999)

“Took the dagger from his side. Drove through the hearts of them that lied.”

I’m going to be lazy and just quote what I said last time:

It took me a little while to fully appreciate this song as the real brilliance of it is in the lyrics. It’s definitely one of my favourite songs on Spanish Dance Troupe now though.



The Ark
Let Your Body Decide

We Are The ArkTaken From: The Ark – We Are The Ark (2000)

“Am I straight or gay?”

The Ark being The Ark. Love them.



Simple Kid
Breakups Breakdowns

SK1Taken From: Simple Kid – SK1 (2003)

“So we got road rage, hit the stage in camouflage, all dressed up like Jimmy Page”

I’m really surprised this song didn’t make it in last time. I guess I just didn’t consider it a favourite at that point, though definitely liked it a lot. Both of Simple Kid’s albums are brilliant, but SK1’s my favourite. I miss Simple Kid. I know he randomly released The Road in 2012, but would love to hear more from him. No YouTube video sadly – his videos often seem to get taken down from there 🙁




I’m Leaving

Walk In The ParkTaken From: Lodger – Walk In The Park (1998)

“‘You say I’m crude’ ‘I say we’re through'”

I got this song on a mix CD made for me by my friend Andrew. A mix CD titled ‘Pirate Rand’s CD For Birthday Chantal’. Hee hee. I’m assuming it was my 25th birthday, as that’s when we first met up in person. Anyway, I’m very grateful as it’s a great song. I then went on to download some random songs by Lodger, though was slightly confused by some of them sounding very different in style. It wasn’t until a few years later that I discovered some were by the British band Lodger (who released this song) and others were by a Finnish band called Lodger! Ha ha. Both are good, just in slightly different ways. I’ve since gotten this album on CD – I’m fairly sure I got it from Music and Video Exchange in Camden (RIP again).

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

620. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – If Fingers Were Xylophones

619. Andreas Johnson – Glorious

617. Pulp – Lipgloss (really don’t know why I didn’t shortlist this – I guess I wasn’t in a Lipgloss kinda mood when I went through the Pulp songs)

616. Sherbet Antlers – Hikikomorai

615. Space – Only Half An Angel

614. Placebo – Pure Morning

612. Schmoof – Chocolate Boyfriend

611. Alanis Morissette – Front Row

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One Response to Top 777 Songs: 620 – 611

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    620. Murry The Hump – Kebab Or Shag: I first heard Murry The Hump when they performed live as part of a concert to celebrate Radio Wales moving to an FM frequency, so it must have been late 1998 or early 1999. For the most part it was established acts (from memory Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones were featured), but the opening act were MTH and I was blown away by how good they were. I think this was before they had even released Green Green Grass of Home, but shortly thereafter Adam Walton started playing them regularly (this was back when Adam was in five days a week) and I fell in love with them. I first heard this song as the live version on the Colouring Book EP, but I also really like the studio version too.

    619. Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945: Remember how a few updates ago I mentioned the Rusty Likes Music site I used to visit regularly? Well one of his top tier bands were Neutral Milk Hotel, however for some reason I never thought to check them out for years and years. Eventually at some point I heard In The Aeroplane Over The Sea and was blown away by how good it is. It fully deserves all the praise it has had heaped upon it (although I don’t recall it getting much press when it was initially released, it seems to have been a real word of mouth grower) and this is as good a song as any from it.

    618. The Hot Toddies – Wet Dream: This is another song I know from your inclusion of it on a mix CD. It’s another band I’d not heard of beforehand, but this song is just really good fun to listen to. I should really go in search of more of their stuff.

    617. Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus: Personal Jesus is a bit of a classic really, isn’t it? It’s great fun to sing along to, and has a really catchy eighties electronica sound. I also like the Johnny Cash version too, which completely changes how it sounds (in much the same way his version of Hurt does) and makes it seem really emotional. The hallmark of a good song I suppose, in that it can be performed in so many different ways.

    616. Murry The Hump – Pussy Willow: Whilst we’ve had several good albums from (the) KEYS, it’s a real shame that we only got the one from Murry The Hump. I have the MP3s you mentioned, so am familiar with the studio versions of this song, however I’d agree that the live version from Colouring Book is the best version. I actually think it’s good that two MTH songs have fallen in this batch, as it gives a good example of how different they can sound from song to song.

    615. Ooberman – Crashing Ellipticals: The song from which my username on here was taken! Obviously that means I like the song a lot. I can’t even really explain why I do, it’s just a really lovely song. I can listen to it repeatedly without ever getting bored of it.

    614. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Murder Ballad: Although I really like both singles released from it, Spanish Dance Troupe took a little while to grow on me (maybe because I’d enjoyed Barafundle and Gorky 5 so much), but over the years it definitely has, and this track is one of the highlights from the album.

    613. The Ark – Let Your Body Decide: I’ve really enjoyed the previous Ark tracks you’ve posted, wonderful camp fun, so I’m looking forward to hearing another here. Yes, this is another fun tune. I’m not sure I like it quite as much as the previous ones that you’ve posted, but it’s still very enjoyable.

    612. Simple Kid – Breakup Breakdowns: I first became aware of Simple Kid back when he was a member of the Young Offenders back in the late nineties, and they released two excellent singles, That’s Why We Lose Control and Pink & Blue, and I was always a little sad that their album Once Upon A Time In The Nineties never saw the light of day (to my knowledge it’s never appeared after the fact online either) so I was delighted a few years later when the singer from that band resurfaced as Simple Kid with the I Am Rock single. I think SK1 is my favourite album of his two too, and this is an excellent song from it. I love all the elements of other songs in there, especially Carrot Rope by Pavement.

    611. Lodger – I’m Leaving: I always liked Pearl Lowe’s voice on the handful of singles Powder released, and I quite liked Supergrass at the time, so I was interested to hear output from Lodger when I read about them. I don’t think I’d ever heard anything by Delicatessen, so that was an unknown factor for me back in the late nineties. Anyway, I remember Steve Lamacq playing this a lot on the Evening Session when it was released as a single, and I immediately really liked it. The other songs on the album are decent enough, but this is by far the stand out for me. It reminds me a bit of the Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood type songs for some reason.

    Of the ones that fell out: Sad that If Fingers Were Xylophones fell out, and Glorious is a pretty catchy tune. Really sad about Lipgloss though, funnily enough we were discussing lip gloss at work a couple of days ago (as you do!), and it obviously made me think of this song, so later that afternoon I played it and then had to listen to a couple of other tracks from His N Hers too. Pure Morning is a good song too.

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