Top 777 Songs: 580 – 571

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Jill Sobule
Under The Disco Ball

Underdog VictoriousTaken From: Jill Sobule – Underdog Victorious (2004)

“Johnny’s mom kept quiet about her son’s sin. Afraid that Dad would beat the holy shit out of him.”

Prior to this song getting a proper release, it was made available for free download on Jill’s website, so it’s one of the earliest songs of hers I got hold of and fell in love with. Below is an ace live performance of it. Though as a side note, if you’re a fan of Jill’s (and/or Amanda Palmer, Garfunkel and Oates etc. etc.) you should check out her current crowdfunding project here – you can get yourself a copy of an album with a rather awesome sounding line-up.



Regina Spektor
You’ve Got Time

You've Got TimeTaken From: Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time (single) (2013)

“Taking steps is easy. Standing still is hard.”

Any fans of Orange Is The New Black will already be familiar with this song. And if you’re not familiar with Orange Is The New Black, where have you been? I personally became familiar with the show whilst travelling in 2013. We couchsurfed with a guy in Seoul who was watching episodes of it one evening. It looked really interesting so we joined him and were very quickly hooked. Discovering a new awesome TV show is always exciting anyway, but when it also has a theme song by Regina Spektor?? Huge added bonus. This song was initially released in 2013, though it was then also released on vinyl for Record Store Day in 2014. It’s one of the records I bought after queuing outside Spillers for hours. And yes, the vinyl itself is orange. Had to be, right?




Head MusicTaken From: Suede – Head Music (1999)

“Looking at the lovers under covers. Come in and let’s be friends.”

I guess this has only become a favourite Suede song in more recent years, although Head Music was actually my favourite Suede album for quite a while in the early 2000s – partly because it was the first one I actually got. It’s a good mixture of instant songs and growers – this being one of the growers. I feel like it gets overlooked as an album quite a bit – it’s really interesting and there are some great songs on it. This particular song’s always reminded me a bit of West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys. Not because they’re musically that similar (although they do have a similar kind of dark vibe) – it’s mostly the ‘suburban girls… suburban boys…’ element to the lyrics. I obviously mean that as a compliment though as West End Girls already made it into this chart.



Super Furry Animals
Ymaelodi A’r Ymylon

MwngTaken From: Super Furry Animals – Mwng (2000)

I’m quite surprised this didn’t make it in last time as I’ve always loved Mwng as an album and this has always been one of my favourites on it. It translates as ‘banished to the periphery’, or if you ask Google translate ‘join the edges’, which I suppose is just a less eloquent and poetic way of putting it! Regardless of translation it’s a really captivating song. Here’s a live performance on Jools:



Lou Reed
Walk On The Wild Side

TransformerTaken From: Lou Reed – Transformer (1972)

“But she never lost her head even when she was giving head”

Another Lou Reed classic – it’s just great!



Cerys Matthews
An Occasional Song

Hands Across The WaterTaken From: Various Artists – Hands Across The Water (compilation) (2005)

“And when from the wilderness completely I’ve gone, I hope I’ll sing more than the occasional song.” 

This compilation CD was released in 2005 to raise money for the victims of the tsunami. It’s an old Welsh folk song – Ambell i Gan – which Cerys sings bilingually. I just love it – the whole style of it, instrumentation, Cerys’ voice (of course) – it’s just great.




Dawn Kinnard
Clear The Way

The Courtesy FallTaken From: Dawn Kinnard – The Courtesy Fall (2008)

“It’s just a slap on the wrist”

Dawn’s an artist I discovered via MySpace and particularly via Cerys in some way shape or form as they know each other. In fact I once spotted Dawn in the audience at one of Cerys’ gigs, I think in Pontypridd. Anyway, she’s got a great voice and this is a brilliant song. The album version (which I put on the Mixcloud mix) features Ed Harcourt, though Dawn did also record a version with Cerys that I’ve got on a promo CD and which is also great. Here’s Dawn and Cerys performing it live:



Charmless Man

The Great EscapeTaken From: Blur – The Great Escape (1995)

“He knows his Claret from his Beaujolais”

Fun, catchy… of course it’s one of my favourite Blur songs. Proper Britpop innit?



Stop Buying Things

Less Than ZeroTaken From: Splendid – Less Than Zero (single) (1999)

“Someday I’ll stop buying things like I’ll stop missing you”

Yay, another Angie Hart band. Plus a band that appeared in Buffy – they had some awesome bands on that show. I discovered some awesome bands through that show – quite likely including Splendid actually. This song’s a b-side that I must have just downloaded randomly but which I totally love. There’s also a version of it on Angie Hart’s 2007 solo album Grounded Bird, though this version’s still my favourite. It’s emotional and wonderful. Here’s Angie performing it live:



Stay In The Sun

Get InTaken From: Kenickie – Get In (1998)

“A moving target is easier to miss”

I feel like Kenickie’s 2nd album doesn’t get enough love – there are some brilliant songs on it. This one’s just so much fun – I’ve actually put the radio edit on the mix though as I had the single before the album so it’s the version I’ve listened to most over the years.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

580. Sherbet Antlers – Let Yourself Go (though it was shortlisted)

579. Catatonia – Stone By Stone

577. Melys – Thought You Would Never Go

576. Suede – Jubilee

575. The Undertones – Teenage Kicks

573. Bree Sharp – Guttermouth

572. Mull Historical Society – It Takes More


Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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One Response to Top 777 Songs: 580 – 571

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    580. Jill Sobule – Under The Disco Ball: Ah, this is the Jill Sobule song you put on a mix CD for me. I’ve subsequently really enjoyed the other songs of hers that you posted on here, so I’m looking forward to hearing this again now, and being able to place it in the context of the other tracks I’ve since heard. Well, it’s great basically isn’t it?! This has made much more of an impression on me than it did the first time, really, really enjoyed hearing it again.

    579. Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time: This is another Regina Spektor song that I don’t know, so interested to hear it. Yes, I’ve never seen Orange Is The New Black, shocking, right?! This is fab though isn’t it? Perhaps a bit more straight forward than some of her other stuff, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I liked this one a lot.

    578. Suede – Asbestos: Not massively familiar with this one to be honest. I’m liking it though, a bit of a streak of good songs at the moment! Obviously, you think they’re good or you wouldn’t have included them, but you know what I mean… Interesting that you say it is a grower, I was actually thinking it was quite instant. I guess good is good regardless.

    577. Super Furry Animals – Ymaelodi A’r Ymylon: I think Mwng is one of the Super Furries best albums, and this is one of the best songs from it. Rather lovely really. Although my Welsh isn’t really up to understanding all the lyrics, so I guess it could actually be really sinister!

    576. Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side: Probably his most well know song (maybe second to Perfect Day?), and with good reason, it’s one of those tracks that can instantly hook you the first time you hear it.

    575. Cerys Matthews – An Occasional Song: Another Cerys solo song, that as is traditional I haven’t heard before! Ooh, this is rather nice isn’t it? I’ve been impressed, by how varied her solo tracks have been that you’ve posted her. This one reminds me of something from a cartoon or something for some reason.

    574. Dawn Kinnard – Clear The Way: This is another song I know through your inclusion of it on a mix CD, and it’s another one I haven’t heard in a while, so happy to have the chance to revisit it now. It’s actually a very good track, I think her and Ed Harcourt’s voices work well together.

    573. Blur – Charmless Man: Probably my favourite song on The Great Escape, you can’t help but sing along to the jaunty “Na, na, na, na, na, na, naa” part!

    572. Splendid – Stop Buying Things: Ooh, although I like Frente!, I’ve never actually heard anything by Splendid before, so this should be interesting. Yes, this is really nice, not massively different to Frente! I suppose, not that that’s a bad thing. I liked this a lot.

    571. Kenickie – Stay In The Sun: I completely agree with you about the second Kenickie album. Although the first is my favourite, the second one does often get unfairly over looked. It’s chock full of great tunes like this, just happy, fun and summery!

    Of the ones that fell out: Teenage Kicks is obviously inextricably linked with John Peel, so I’ll always have a soft spot for it because of that, but it’s a great song in its own right. Bit of a shame it didn’t make it this time. I like the MHS one too.

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