Top 777 Songs: 370 – 361

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You’re Too Beautiful

The Lost TapesTaken From: Ooberman – The Lost Tapes: Rare Recordings 1991-2007 (2007)

“The years that I wasted on you, just letting me down”

A beautiful song indeed. Before it made it on to The Lost Tapes, I had it as a free download, though I’m sure it was under a different band name. I thought it was under Symphonika (which then became an instrumental project of Dan Pop’s) but if it was, I’ve deleted the MP3 for some reason, which doesn’t seem like something I’d do… I’m sure there was also talk of it being on the first Magic Theatre album, though it didn’t end up fitting in to that and so was only released on this rarities collection. It’s bugging me that I can’t find my original MP3 of it though – I didn’t imagine it being available under a different name, did I?? I’m now scrolling back through pages of the Oobtube (which I hadn’t realised was still online, so that’s a nice surprise)… Nope, can’t find it. I didn’t make this up, did I?? I’m asking Ooberfans on Facebook… Wait, I’ve found it!! Good ol’ – I scrobbled it as Symphonika (like I thought I had) – I must have just deleted the MP3 at some point after I had it tagged as Ooberman instead. Way to confuse yourself in the future Chan. Anyway, my doubting of my own memory aside, enjoy a wonderful song that’s somewhat of a hidden gem.



Manic Street Preachers
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

This Is My Truth...Taken From: Manic Street Preachers – This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours (1998)

“Holes in your head today, but I’m a pacifist”

I remember the excitement of this going to number one – it was during the period when I was first getting into the Manics. I rarely listen to it these days, though I did listen to it recently and found it quite scarily relevant in current climes.



Comes As No Surprise

Little KixTaken From: Mansun – Little Kix (2000)

“Died alone a junkie”

I like how I described this last time – it was brief but accurate:

Whenever I hear this song I imagine everything moving in slow motion. Is that just me? Love it.



The Moldy Peaches
Anyone Else But You

The Moldy PeachesTaken From: The Moldy Peaches – The Moldy Peaches (2001)

“You’re a part time lover and a full time friend”

Such a great, quirky, non-traditional love song by Kimya Dawson and Adam Green. It’s sweet and romantic but also mentions video game cheats and includes the word ‘turd’. It’s probably now best known for being in the film Juno, which I should really get on DVD at some point.



Cerys Matthews
Arlington Way

Don't Look DownTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Don’t Look Down (2009)

“I won’t make the same mistakes again”

I listen to this song a lot – I love the whole style of it – it’s a great opening track to this album. It’s also been the ringtone on my phone for quite a few years now – even if I mostly have it on silent these days, as seems to be a general trend. Not sure if I miss hearing people’s random ringtones or not. I definitely don’t miss Crazy Frog. Anyway – slightly off-topic – this song’s like the opposite of Crazy Frog! And so much more.



Super Furry Animals
Hermann Loves Pauline

RadiatorTaken From: Super Furry Animals – Radiator (1997)

“Why do you do what they tell you?”

This song was definitely one of my highlights when I saw them live at the end of last year – it’s just great! As you can see from the very similar chart placing, it’s stayed a consistent favourite over the years. The ‘french bread’ lyric always pleases me too.



Murry The Hump
Booze And Cigarettes

Songs Of IgnoranceTaken From: Murry The Hump – Songs Of Ignorance (2001)

“Booze and cigarettes go together like hair on a soap on a rope forever”

Last time I mentioned how I’d included most of the songs from Songs Of Ignorance in the chart. This time around I’ve probably got a higher percentage of b-sides and slightly less album tracks, but still, I just checked and there’s a total of 12 Murry The Hump songs in this chart (many of which are still to come). For a band that only released one album, that’s a pretty high percentage of their overall output. Their songs were just consistently great! Like this one, for example.



Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra
Do It With A Rockstar

Theatre Is EvilTaken From: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – Theatre Is Evil (2012)

“Do you wanna get drunk and stay the night?”

One of the songs that was made available to Kickstarter funders before the album was released. Those songs quickly became and stayed amongst my favourites on the album. This song in particular kept getting stuck in my head when I first heard it and I kept feeling the urge to play it again and again.



McAlmont & Butler

McAlmont & ButlerTaken From: McAlmont & Butler – The Sound Of McAlmont & Butler (1995)

“I feel well enough to tell you what you can do with what you’ve got to offer”

I didn’t really get into McAlmont & Butler until around the time of their second album. Although I did then get hold of ‘Yes’, I didn’t properly appreciate it for quite a long time, which is why this is a new entry. That appreciation’s still growing now – I’ve actually developed even more of a love for it in the past few weeks, so would probably rank it even higher now if I was doing the chart again (which I won’t be, don’t worry!!). This new found appreciation has partly come from looking up the lyrics, as I couldn’t make out a lot of them and so didn’t totally get what the song’s about. Discovering that the song’s about having moved on from a relationship and being able to say ‘yes I’m so much better now without you’ has just made me fall in love with it on a whole new level.



Hello Saferide
The Quiz

Would You Let Me Play...Taken From: Hello Saferide – Would You Let Me Play This EP 10 Times A Day? EP (2006)

“Do you get racist or sexist when you’ve had a few? Is it fine if I make more money than you?”

I think I came across this song (and Hello Saferide in general) via LiveJournal somehow. I fell in love with this song and it’s still my favourite of theirs. The lyrics are just wonderful – it’s all about quizzing someone prior to dating them, in order to try and minimise the risk of heartbreak. I’ve put it on a large number of mix CDs over the years in order to share the awesomeness.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

370. Cerys Matthews – If You’re Looking For Love

369. Space – Zombies

367. Catatonia – Karaoke Queen

363. Shawn Mullins – Lullaby

361. Meredith Brooks – Bitch

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