Top 777 Songs: 360 – 351

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Jarvis Cocker
Girls Like It Too

Further Complications / Girls...Taken From: Jarvis Cocker – Further Complications / Girls Like It Too (single) (2009)

“Her name is Karen. Now that’s the only word you want to say.”

I was unaware of this song for a while as it isn’t on the album. Although it was a double A side with Further Complications, that knowledge initially passed me by. It wasn’t until I heard it on the radio one day, by chance, that I became aware of its existence. I think that surprise element of suddenly discovering a new (to me) Jarvis song helped with it becoming a fast and firm favourite. I have no idea what’s up with the choice of background image for the below video, but ignore that and enjoy the song. Or just put the Mixcloud mix on actually, as the sound quality’s pretty bad on the video…



You Wannit Deep

Life's Too ShortTaken From: Melys – Life’s Too Short (2005)

“There’s a little piece of me that wants you”

I’m not surprised this charted higher last time as it wasn’t long after the album had been released. This is what I said about it back then:

I think this must be my favourite track on their most recent album (Life’s Too Short). Yes it’s very catchy and it’s one of their rockiest tracks – the opening riff being very similar to Smoke On The Water.

I still pretty much agree with that, though there’s one song on the album that I prefer to this one now – you’ll have to wait and see what it is. Shame it’s still their most recent album though – can we have a new one please?? Pretty pretty please?? No YouTube video to share, alas.




CatchTaken From: Catch – Catch (1998)

“They made me pay a hundred pounds for a diet coke, or they would call my mother”

And so we reach the first song that was previously in the top 20. Not only that but it was top 10. Top 5 even!! I rarely listen to it now, which is why it’s dropped down so much, though it’s a song I still love and will always be a defining Chantal song. I guess I related to it quite a bit in certain ways. It’s always fun when a song mentions being a certain age and you’re of the exact same age at the time you first hear it. Although it now feels a long time since I was ‘only seventeen’, that’s when I discovered and fell in love with this song. I also still agree with everything I said about it last time:

Maybe not an obvious choice to a lot of people, but I really love this song! The lyrics, the change in tempo…everything. Pretty much as soon as I heard it for the first time I became rather obsessed with Catch. I bought both formats of the CD single and also fell in love with the b-sides. I then bought both CDs of Dive In when that was released. I played them endlessly and kept waiting for the album release that didn’t come. I’m v pleased to finally have a copy of it now though. But yes, during my years of living at home, there were only 3 bands that I played so obsessively I made my sister really hate them! *lol* One was Queen, one was Catatonia and the other was Catch! For a band that had only released 2 singles, that’s a pretty impressive feat! Also, whenever I hear this song now, I’m reminded of when I was going to do a dance to it as part of a show we were working on at dancing. I think I may have even started the dance, but the show didn’t happen in the end. But yeah, how odd would that have been?! He he.

For the video, I was expecting to embed the promo video (which I actually uploaded to YouTube a few years back) but just discovered that someone’s uploaded the TOTP performance! I’m therefore sharing that instead as I’m slightly in love with it. Also amused by the changing of ‘piss’ to ‘spit’.



The Beatles
Happiness Is A Warm Gun

The BeatlesTaken From: The Beatles – The Beatles (1968)

“She’s not a girl who misses much”

Is it slightly strange that most of my favourite Beatles songs are ones that have become favourites due to them being used in my favourite scenes in the film Across The Universe? It probably is, though I’m cool with that. I just love the visuals used. It’s also quite handy in terms of posting videos on here, as original versions of Beatles songs on YouTube aren’t really a thing you can easily find. This one features Salma Hayek as multiple nurses, should such a thing be of interest to you:



Closed For Business

Closed For BusinessTaken From: Mansun – Closed For Business EP (1997)

“Hope was the one thing I sold”

Brilliant song – I’m pleased it’s climbed higher. No specific memories or anecdotes associated with it, it’s here purely on the strength of how good a song it is.



Super Furry Animals
Fire In My Heart

GuerrillaTaken From: Super Furry Animals – Guerrilla (1999)

“You’ve got needles and pins and the seven deadly sins”

A really wonderful, beautiful song. Plus the video is so damn cute – the bit when the alien smiles!!



Godley & Creme

History Mix...Taken From: Godley & Creme – The History Mix Volume 1 (1985)

“You cheat. You lie. You make me want to cry.”

One of the songs that remind me of childhood. It’s so good. You can’t easily forget the video either – even if it seems a lot less impressive now than it did back in the ’80s!!



Lily Of The Valley

Sheer Heart AttackTaken From: Queen – Sheer Heart Attack (1974)

“Cast me from your spell and let me go”

I mentioned this song briefly when Nevermore charted, as I tend to group them together – both being really short songs that almost act as more of a bridge than a song on their own. This is also why the transition into this song on the Mixcloud mix isn’t brilliant – you get a bit of the end of Flick Of The Wrist at the start of the track – it’s not just my ropey DJing skills!! It’s a wonderful song though – kinda magical. It wouldn’t be out of place on an album like Queen II, though I really like that it’s on Sheer Heart Attack – it’s such an incredibly varied album – part of the reason why it’s almost definitely, probably my favourite Queen album.



Jens Lekman
I Know What Love Isn’t

I Know What Love Isn'tTaken From: Jens Lekman – I Know What Love Isn’t (2012)

“A relationship that doesn’t lie about its intentions and shit”

I love the lyrics to this, though that always seems like stating the obvious when it’s a Jens song! Summing it up to its basic elements it’s about asking a lesbian friend to marry you for the citizenship! But with a lot more charm and imagery and interesting turns of phrase than that might suggest. Plus a really catchy chorus.



Evelyn Evelyn
A Campaign Of Shock And Awe

Evelyn EvelynTaken From: Evelyn Evelyn – Evelyn Evelyn (2010)

“Smile for the camera, Evelyn”

Ah, the first Evelyn Evelyn track in my chart. This was my 2nd favourite album of 2010 and so you can read a bit more about my general love for it here. My favourite tracks on the album haven’t changed since I wrote that in 2010. I love the whole circus feel of this track. It’s theatrical and creepy – yay!

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

359. The Divine Comedy – Gin Soaked Boy

358. Weezer – Hash Pipe

357. The Bluetones – Emily’s Pine

356. Semisonic – Closing Time

355. The Ordinary Boys – Seaside

354. Pulp – Last Day Of The Miners Strike

353. Jill Sobule – Supermodel

352. Space – Spooky Bitch

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