Top 777 Songs: 350 – 341

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Simon Love
**** (Is A Dirty Word)

It Seemed Like A Good Idea...Taken From: Simon Love – It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (2015)

“Love is a dirty word. It’s true, no matter what you’ve heard.”

The part that really makes this song for me is the impressive chain of swearing followed by the music suddenly getting louder. It’s so good! Great live as well. So here’s a live recording of it:




This Is Where I StandTaken From: Easyworld – This Is Where I Stand (2002)

“And you know, when you’re just hanging on, that’s enough”

Last time I said this about it:

I first heard this song when I saw them support The Bluetones. It was my favourite of the tracks they did during that set and it’s stayed a favourite song of theirs generally.

As you can see, it’s dropped down a bit in my favourites since then, as I feel like it was more of-it’s-time than a lot of other Easyworld songs that feel a bit more timeless, but I do still love it. In a word association kind of way, if I hear ‘Easyworld’ I probably do think of Bleach first. Plus I love the video – it’s really simple but still memorable and just feels perfect for the song.



The Voluntary Butler Scheme
Hot Air Balloon Heart

At Breakfast, Dinner, TeaTaken From: The Voluntary Butler Scheme – At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea (2009)

“I’ve been dreaming of you too regularly”

Is this the first entry for The Voluntary Butler Scheme? Wow. I guess all my favourite tracks of his charted quite high. I’ve got my ex to thank for introducing me to The Voluntary Butler Scheme aka Rob Jones. Of all the music he introduced me to, I think I’m most grateful for this one. I probably became a bigger fan than he was. This album in particular I just love. I wish Rob would gig more as The Voluntary Butler Scheme though – I saw him twice in 2009 (one of those being the gig at Buffalo Bar where I bought this album) but haven’t had the opportunity since. He seems to do more production work and session musician type work these days. In fact he recorded and played on Simon Love’s album! He’s done lots of work with Sweet Baboo as well – including my favourite album of his, ‘Ships’. Anyway, this particular song is just really wonderful. Enjoy:




Life's Too ShortTaken From: Melys – Life’s Too Short (2005)

“You’ve got to know how it feels to be a girl”

I mentioned last time that there was still another song to come from Life’s Too Short – you didn’t have to wait long for it! I feel a bit bad that this has slipped so much in the chart as I’ve actually been rediscovering my love of it recently, so would probably rank it higher again now, but hey. I think it’s since I saw them perform it at Sŵn Festival – I was reminded of just how good it is. I’ve always loved the lyrics to this song – it’s about not being interested in really macho guys and instead asking a man to get in touch with his feminine side and put some eyeliner on. And awwww, here’s John Peel introducing it on the radio:



The New Pornographers
Myriad Harbour

ChallengersTaken From: The New Pornographers – Challengers (2007)

“All I ever wanted help with was you”

My favourite song by The New Pornographers. It was one that I downloaded randomly when I was checking out their music and I just fell in love with it. I think I slightly overplayed it at one point, so I don’t listen to it too often now, but it’s so good. One of those songs where I don’t see how anyone could fail to enjoy it.



Manic Street Preachers
No Surface All Feeling

Everything Must GoTaken From: Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go (1996)

“No not blood just liquid from you”

Last time I oh so eloquently described this as ‘One of my faves on Everything Must Go.’ That’s it – that’s all I said! Though frustratingly I can’t think of much more to say about it this time. It’s just a really good song. I really like the guitar intro – is that a slightly more interesting thing to say? Meh, just listen to it and enjoy it yourself 😛



The Divine Comedy
Through A Long & Sleepless Night

CasanovaTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Casanova (1996)

“The casualties of casual sex”

This has only snuck up as a favourite in the past 10 years – I want to say that it was round about 2008/2009 that I properly started to appreciate just how good it is. Doing this chart again has also helped me realise that Casanova is still definitely my favourite album by The Divine Comedy. As much as I love some of the later ones, this has sooo many of my favourites on it. Anyway, this song’s quite a difficult one to describe, but there are so many great bits in it – the lyrics are brilliant and it’s pretty much impossible to choose a favourite – though a contender has to be ‘you deserve to be horse-whipped, but I’ve no horse, that joke’s so shit’, ha ha. The music’s also really diverse and changes styles all over the place – you get the slow and hypnotic part of ‘bored of normality, why not go daft…’ then it builds up to the brilliant moment of ‘then again you could try just to live your own life in the way that you find most amusing’ and the scream of ‘I don’t really care!’ Ahhhhh, so good!!!



Murry The Hump

Songs Of IgnoranceTaken From: Murry The Hump – Songs Of Ignorance (2001)

“I would screw ya, I would screw you up”

Last time I mentioned how this was one of the last songs that I got to hear from the album, as it was one that I didn’t hear until I actually bought the album on CD (whereas I’d already downloaded most of the songs from it on MP3!). I’d kinda forgotten that, though knew it was one that took a little while to become a favourite. Pleased it’s continued to climb though – I do still listen to it quite a lot.



Bulimic Beats

Equally Cursed And BlessedTaken From: Catatonia – Equally Cursed And Blessed (1999)

“I treat him as I would he unto me”

One of my instant favourites on this album. I don’t really know why I so rarely listen to it these days as I previously loved it so much. This is what I wrote about it last time:

This song makes me want to cry. This song probably *has* made me cry in fact. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Especially if you play it really loud and put your head quite close to the speakers so that the orchestra kinda rolls over you.

The orchestration and vocals are incredibly beautiful. One of my favourite performances of it is the one from TFI Friday, which I’m hoping might be on YouTube… Yay it is (thanks Jamie!):



Cathy Davey
Cold Man’s Nightmare

Something IlkTaken From: Cathy Davey – Something Ilk (2004)

“It hurts sometimes to have you so alive kicking inside”

The last time all I said about this song was ‘More people need to check Cathy out, they really do. She’s brilliant!’ Still true, granted. I love this album – it’s still probably my favourite of Cathy’s, even though I know she wasn’t that happy with it and it was more the album that her record company wanted. I particularly love the prominence of the drums on it, which are played by Cathy herself. This song’s a good example of that.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

347. Mansun – Lemonade Secret Drinker

346. Pulp – F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E.

344. Leona Naess – I Tried To Rock But You Only Roll

342. Space – Charlie M

341. Alanis Morissette – Joining You

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