Top 777 Songs: 330 – 321

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Shoot The Messenger

Equally Cursed And BlessedTaken From: Catatonia – Equally Cursed And Blessed (1999)

“Allow me one extravagance before they come and ban me”

I love the style of this song – it has a sleazy, drunken kinda element to it, plus the musical saw gives it an added eeriness too. It’ll also always have a fond place in my heart for giving me the title of my Catatonia website (New Bonhomie). Alas that site went offline a few years back. I still have intentions to create a new and better version of it, though have had those intentions for quite a while… Hopefully some day I’ll manage to create the new New Bonhomie.



Super Furry Animals
Northern Lites

GuerrillaTaken From: Super Furry Animals – Guerrilla (1999)

“You’re turning every modern theory on its head”

Guerrilla was the first SFAs album that I got and this was an instant favourite on it. Very instant and catchy and just great.



Brett Anderson
The Exiles

Black RainbowsTaken From: Brett Anderson – Black Rainbows (2011)

“There’s endless majesty within the chances that they take”

After having been fairly ambivalent towards the previous couple of Brett solo albums, Black Rainbows was such a pleasant surprise and a great precursor to Bloodsports. This song was my favourite on the album – plus it’s the highest charting Brett solo track in this countdown. I just love the style of it.



Jarvis Cocker
Fat Children

JarvisTaken From: Jarvis Cocker – Jarvis (2006)

“The police force was elsewhere, putting bullets in some guy’s head for no particular reason”

So good. Classic Jarvis. Who else could so successfully pull off a song about being killed by fat kids? I love the lyric ‘they wobbled menacingly’ – just 3 words but it’s so evocative. I also love the bit where there’s the pause and then the ‘ahhhhh’s kick in. Ahhhhh. This performance on Newsnight (of all things) is ace:



Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews
Baby, It’s Cold Outside

ReloadTaken From: Tom Jones – Reload (1999)

“Maybe just a half a drink more”

Last time I just said the following:

Ah this song always makes me happy. I also love the fact it often gets played at Christmas time, even though it’s not specifically a Christmas song.

I’d still go with that. I also feel like I should mention the disturbing rapey overtones to this song (“Say, what’s in this drink?!?”). I love the way that Tom and Cerys played with that in the video though – having Cerys seeming all innocent in the beginning then having the switch to her being the more dominant one and locking Tom in the cage (I almost wrote ‘girl power’ then and felt a bit like Daisy in Spaced). Alas I discovered this past Christmas that the Baby, It’s Cold Outside promo video isn’t on YouTube any more, though you can still watch it here (hoorah!). I always loved that it opens with the same cliff edge that’s used in the Ballad Of Tom Jones video (as both Space and Tom Jones were with Gut Records at the time). Anyway, that song’s still to come… (does that count as a spoiler? That’s surely just to be expected). For now enjoy the aceness of the TFI Friday performance of BICO (bloody freezing innit?):



The Boy Least Likely To
I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes

The Best Party EverTaken From: The Boy Least Likely To – The Best Party Ever (2005)

“How did I get to be such a mess so soon in my life?”

The song that got me into The Boy Least Likely To (and still one of my favourites). I feel like Jof’s a bit of a kindred spirit. It’s surely one of the jauntiest songs about anxiety and paranoia you’re ever likely to hear. I’m getting quite excited to see them at Wales Goes Pop next month. I should really get round to actually buying my ticket.



Far Far Away

Carried AwayTaken From: Ooberman – Carried Away (2006)

“Just like always I love you. At least I do today. As for tomorrow, I don’t know. Confused as I ever am.”

Just a really wonderful song. The music… Sophie’s vocal… I’m slightly lacking in words, but I’m going to blame the fact that it’s late on a Thursday and I’m drinking wine… ‘Here comes trouble’… 😉



Jill Sobule
Empty Glass

Prozak and the PlatypusTaken From: Jill Sobule – Prozak And The Platypus (soundtrack) (2008)

“Empty shelf, empty room, just a big empty hole”

Initially released on the soundtrack to Prozak And The Platypus, this song’s also on Jill’s album ‘California Years’. I tried to use the California Years version on the Mixcloud mix, but for some reason it was playing in a slightly glitchy way through my DJ software, so I ended up having to re-start the mix (which was a tad annoying) and had to use a demo version of the song that Jill made available through her website prior to the versions being released on Prozak… and California Years. In some ways I’m pleased about that though as that’s the version of the song that I initially fell in love with. It’s got a rawness to it that I really love.



Bar Italia

Different ClassTaken From: Pulp – Different Class (1995)

“It’s ok, it’s just your mind”

I wonder how many Pulp songs have been favourites of mine at various points in time… This one was a favourite for quite a while after I got Different Class. It’s a great closing track and incredibly evocative (as are most Pulp songs I guess…) – I can’t listen to it and not picture a greasy spoon cafe and feel slightly hungover… I mean that as a compliment. I think.



Cerys Matthews
Blue Light Alarm

Never Said GoodbyeTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (2006)

“Talk too much, too easily, but there’s always more to say”

The first time I listened to Never Said Goodbye, I actually wrote down my thoughts on it as I was listening to it, in a stream-of-consciousness kinda way. I also seem to remember sending it to Cerys (which she seemed to enjoy, thankfully). I want to say that I compared this song to Ooberman… I’m going to see if I can find what I wrote (I’ll surely have saved it somewhere)… Aha! Found it! In lieu of thinking up something vaguely sensible to say about this song now, enjoy the ramblings of 2006-era Chantal, as she heard this song for the very first time:

This song’s like being in a magical forest or something! A magical forest with some kind of hidden threat! Oooh, ooh wow – I love that bit that just came in! Ok, that doesn’t really work as a comment if you can’t hear what I’m hearing right now, but trust me, that was good! This song makes me think of Ooberman – which is never a bad thing. It has that magic and big orchestration and explosions of sound!

You all feel much more enlightened, right? 😉 This is the only version of it I can find on YouTube – the camera’s a bit wobbly, but it still sounds beautiful:

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

330. Smash Mouth – All Star

329. Semisonic – This Will Be My Year

328. The Tears – Refugees

325. Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less And Less

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