Top 777 Songs: 320 – 311

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InnuendoTaken From: Queen – Innuendo (1991)

“You can be anything you want to be. Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be.”

I tend to forget just how good this song is. It’s a perfect opening track, so I’m pleased it’s happened to fall at the start of this batch of 10 songs so that it’s the opening track on the mix. My thoughts about it last time were interesting:

Amazing epic type song. I love all the changes in style etc. I guess it’s not surprising that since my Queen obsession I’ve gotten into bands like Suede and Mansun as some of their songs have the same epic scope and power.

I’m not sure I’d now specifically think of mentioning Suede and Mansun in a comparison to Queen, though I get where I was coming from with it. I do like me an epic song. Six as an album definitely has some similarities with an album like Innuendo.



Feeling Good

Origin Of SymmetryTaken From: Muse – Origin Of Symmetry (2001)

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, for me”

Last time I mentioned how I first heard them perform this live on Jools Holland. I’d totally forgotten about that but am now having megaphone flashbacks. I also mentioned last time that I didn’t initially realise it was a cover! Wow, I’d forgotten that too. Anyway, it’s a great song and I still really love this version. I’d also forgotten that my MP3 copy cuts off really suddenly at the end though – it only occurred to me as I was doing the mix for this post. Hopefully it’s not toooo obvious and the next song comes in relatively smoothly! Anyway, as I mentioned the performance on Jools, it seems only right that that’s the video I share here:



Hope You Cry Yourself To Sleep

Rumours And CursesTaken From: Melys – Rumours And Curses (1998)

“I’ve had my problems too, but I don’t take them out on you”

I know I put this chart together myself, just a year or so ago, but I’m still quite surprised that this is as high up as it is. Not that it’s not a great song – it’s just not always one that I think of as an absolute favourite (which is probably why it didn’t chart at all last time). I was clearly in a bitter, post-breakup kinda mood and felt a particular connection to this song at the time I did the chart positions! Ha ha. A lot of Melys songs are pretty biting and bitter (which is partly why I love them so) and this one’s definitely up there. Maybe not quite on the scale of Acid Queen, but not far off it. Sadly there’s no YouTube video to share, but all the more reason to listen to the Mixcloud mix 😉



Y Cyrff
Mewn Plu

Mae Ddoe Yn DdoeTaken From: Y Cyrff – Mae Ddoe Yn Ddoe… (compilation) (1992)

My favourite Y Cyrff song. It’s one that took a while to grow on me, which is why it didn’t chart last time, though I love the style of it – it has quite a dark feel to it. Annoyingly I thought that I’d seen a video for it on YouTube at some point, but it’s either gone or I’m getting confused – I think I might have been thinking of the Pethau Achlysurol video actually. There are a lot of old Y Cyrff videos up on YouTube now though, which is brilliant – I’m very grateful to all the people who’ve uploaded them. This one from 1985 with a really young Mark and Paul is my favourite thing of today. You’ll have to listen to the Mixcloud mix for Mewn Plu though.




Take It Easy Chicken

Two EPTaken From: Mansun – Two EP (1996)

“Star is scrawled on my wall”

I think I pretty much covered this last time as it still evokes the same memory:

I really got into this song not that long before I saw Mansun live. I hadn’t really listened to it much before then, but as it was leading up to the gig I checked out the setlists they’d been doing and saw they’d been playing this song, so decided I should get more familiar with it! So in the few days before the gig I learnt the lyrics and started to really love it. It turned out to be the last song they did at the gig and the one where I had to move outside of the mosh pit for fear of getting crushed to death! He he.



The Tears
Apollo 13

Here Come The TearsTaken From: The Tears – Here Come The Tears (2005)

“In eyeliner you wrote me a note that I’ll never read at all”

I think I mentioned previously how all of the songs by The Tears were particularly high in the chart last time as the album hadn’t been out long and I was slightly obsessed with it. So although this song’s dropped a lot, it’s just that it’s found a more natural position amongst my other favourite songs now. I even acknowledged this when I did the countdown last time:

I wouldn’t put this quite so high now, but it is a brilliant song. It was my instant fave both at the first Tears gig and then also when the album was released. There are now other songs on the album I like even more than this one, but they’ll probably fluctuate over time.

I was definitely right about the fluctuation – there’s one Tears song still to come that didn’t even chart last time! Apollo 13’s still brilliant though and was great live. Still a bit gutted The Tears weren’t around for a bit longer or that I at least got to see them live more than once – I was meant to see them at Somerset House but couldn’t make the rescheduled date, sadly. Still pleased I made it to their first gig at Oxford Zodiac though. Anyway, enjoy this live performance of Apollo 13:



The Divine Comedy
Something For The Weekend

CasanovaTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Casanova (1996)

“There ain’t nothing in the woodshed. Except maybe some wood.”

It’s another song from Casanova! I swear I haven’t included the entire album. Not quite anyway. How can you not love this song? The first Divine Comedy CD I bought was A Secret History, so all of the songs from that (including this one) take me back to that period of time where my love for The Divine Comedy started to develop and grow.



Big Leaves

Pwy Sy'n Galw?Taken From: Big Leaves – Pwy Sy’n Galw? (2000)

Last time I said this about it:

Just a brilliant song. Great tune and fun to sing along to regardless of language understanding (or lack thereof). My favourite song on ‘Pwy Sy’n Galw?’.

It’s not actually my favourite on the album any more (I’ve ranked 2 others higher), though it is still great fun to sing along to! The ‘cofia gau y drws…’ bit particularly.



Little Birdy
Tonight’s The Night

BigBigLoveTaken From: Little Birdy – BigBigLove (2004)

“I try so hard to make it up to you”

Definitely one of the songs that made me fall in love with Little Birdy – it’s so good. This whole album’s great, in fact – if you only ever get one Little Birdy album it should really be this one. Though you’ll surely then enjoy it so much that you’ll need all the others too!! At least that was my experience.



Doing All Right

QueenTaken From: Queen – Queen (1973)

“Yesterday my life was in ruin. Now today, I know what I’m doing.”

How did this not make it in last time?! Madness. I really like that this group of 10 songs is bookended by two brilliant Queen tracks. Like a lot of my favourite Queen songs it does that thing of suddenly shifting style part way through the song. More than once even. Love that.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

319. Easyworld – CelebrityKiller

318. Cathy Davey – Clean And Neat

315. Amy Wadge – Scream

314. Suede – Savoir Faire

312. Mansun – The Apartment

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