Top 777 Songs: 310 – 301

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The Ark
Tired Of Being An Object?

In Lust We TrustTaken From: The Ark – In Lust We Trust (2002)

“She doesn’t want your shield, maybe she’s the one who’s free”

Ahh, I feel like we haven’t had a song by The Ark for a while. Their music just makes me happy. And want to dance. I guess those things are kinda related – it’s surely hard to dance when you’re miserable… Anyway… The recent furore surrounding Emma Watson’s breasts made me think about this song (there’s an unexpected sentence) as it explores that whole idea around whether being an attractive and sexual woman equates to some kind of negative, anti-feminist objectification. It’s also just damn catchy.



The Beatles
In My Life

Rubber SoulTaken From: The Beatles – Rubber Soul (1965)

“I know I’ll often stop and think about them”

I really struggled as to whether to go for this version or the Johnny Cash cover, as I really love both. I went for The Beatles, though to balance it out a bit, here’s Johnny Cash’s version:



The Free French

It's Not Me, It's YouTaken From: The Free French – It’s Not Me, It’s You (2003)

“And then you said that maybe you’d like to have my baby. Of course you meant it metaphorically.”

So much of my love for this song is in the lyrics. It’s pleasingly sarcastic and bitter. This is seemingly how I like a lot of my music. Alas there’s no video to share, but you can hear it on the Mixcloud mix of course.



The Magic Theatre
Cathedrals Of The Mind

The Long Way HomeTaken From: The Magic Theatre – The Long Way Home (2013)

“What clever and what tragic apes are we”

An instant favourite on this album – it’s so good! The music, the lyrics… It makes you feel quite proud of humanity, which is definitely a feeling to cling on to. Yes we do a lot of bad things and can be a bit misguided, but there’s also beautiful buildings, music and books! Plus we’re fairly insignificant when you look at the universe and all of existence, so, er, yay!??!



Try Not To Think

This Is Where I StandTaken From: Easyworld – This Is Where I Stand (2002)

“She writes his name in steam upon the shower screen, with her left hand”

Last time I said this:

I love the intro for this song. I love the rest of it too, but the intro especially is just cool.

Interesting. I really wouldn’t have thought to specifically mention the intro now but maybe I’ve just gotten so used to it that I don’t even think about it – I just hear it as the intro to Try Not To Think. I guess it is pretty cool. The bit I enjoy more now though is where the chorus kicks in for the first time. Yeahhhhh!



Bree Sharp
Everything Feels Wrong

More B.S.Taken From: Bree Sharp – More B.S. (2002)

“How could you let me go, after it took so long to find me?”

This wasn’t a song that particularly stood out to me on the album, initially, which is why it didn’t chart last time. It’s grown on me a lot over the years though and is definitely one of the Bree songs I listen to most now. In fact I just checked and it’s currently joint 2nd in terms of my most played Bree songs (along with Morning In A Bar). It’s also another one that I developed a particular extra fondness for when being in a post-breakup state. It’s also got a rather sexy video, should such things be of interest to you…



Metal Mickey

SuedeTaken From: Suede – Suede (1993)

“She sells heart, she sells meat”

Last time I just said this:

Another one that was brilliant live as everyone would just go mental!

The past tense briefly threw me, then I remembered it was during the hiatus period. So so pleased they’re back together and I’ve gotten to see them live again – plus their live shows have been better than ever in recent years. I hope they do more soon… Anyway, yes, Metal Mickey’s still awesome, particularly live. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a suitable live performance on YouTube… Yeah, this’ll do it:



I Can Only Disappoint U

Little KixTaken From: Mansun – Little Kix (2000)

“Tonight it feels so good feeling cheap”

Last time I said this:

As already mentioned, I got into Mansun pretty late on. That was probably a good thing for the band though as I do tend to jinx bands as soon as I become a fan! Electric Man was the song that got me into Mansun, though this is the song that really confirmed they were great.

Awww, yes, the period of time when I felt like I was a band jinx as they all seemed to break up within a period of a few years. Catatonia, Mansun, Suede, Pulp, Big Leaves, Gorky’s, Easyworld, Space… That wasn’t a fun period of time. Thankfully some have since gotten back together (hoorah), but still… Mansun aren’t one of the bands that have reunited but it’s been great to finally get some solo material from Paul Draper. Speaking of whom – he looks particularly good in this video… (just saying)…



Cerys Matthews

Never Said GoodbyeTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (2006)

“I’m not leaving, I’ve got no place to go”

I’m going to find what I wrote about this when I first heard it (partly out of curiosity and partly as a lazy way of having something to write about it now! Why should Present Chantal do work that Past Chantal already did?! 😉 ):

Ooh blimey! This is totally different again. It has a dancey kinda beat – funky, but in a different way to Seed Song. I feel like I’m dancing in a darkened club now. Woah, I think that needs some more listens!

Ha ha, maybe not the most descriptive of descriptions, but not inaccurate. Never Said Goodbye is an awesome album. Here’s an acoustic version of it, which has a very different feel to the album version (which is on the Mixcloud mix), but is great in its own way: Link to it as embedding is disabled.




The Bluetones
The Happy Lobotomy

Serenity NowTaken From: The Bluetones – Serenity Now EP (2005)

“Can’t pretend that I will miss it that much. But it was handy for the crosswords and such.”

I wish they’d play this song live (I was going to add ‘more often’ but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually heard it live… Potentially once when the EP was released, but not even sure about that). It’s so good! I prefer it to Serenity Now (and to all of the songs on the self-titled album, actually). Can I start some kind of campaign to get them to add it to setlists? Ha ha ha, I just searched for a video on YouTube and a live performance comes up!! Not for a gig I was at, granted, though proof they did at least play it live. Plus I just checked my gig list and I saw them at Birmingham Academy the previous night, where it’s quite likely they also played it, but still… bring it back, boys!

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

309. Tal Bachman – She’s So High

308. Pleasure – From The Country To The City (feat. Ed Harcourt) (though it was shortlisted)

307. Ooberman – Running Girl

305. Placebo – Every You Every Me

304. Remy Zero – Prophecy

302. Cerys Matthews – Chardonnay

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