Top 777 Songs: 30 – 21

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Big Leaves

Pwy Sy'n Galw?Taken From: Big Leaves – Pwy Sy’n Galw? (2000)

My favourite Big Leaves song – it’s just so beautiful. Last time I described it as ‘kinda hypnotic’. It translates as either ‘muse’ or ‘meditate’, so I guess the hypnotic feel is quite appropriate.



We Are The Pigs

Dog Man StarTaken From: Suede – Dog Man Star (1994)

“Let the nuclear wind blow away my sins”

It’s another song from Dog Man Star, but of course. I love the feel of this song – there’s a wonderful darkness to it, whilst also managing to be a catchy single. The creepy singing children at the end give it a Lord Of The Flies kinda feel, though I also very much enjoy the 1984-esque Big Brother’s watching type video:



The Bluetones

Expecting To FlyTaken From: The Bluetones – Expecting To Fly (1996)

“When I am sad and weary, when all my hope is gone, I walk around my house and think of you with nothing on”

Another song where I misheard one of the lyrics for years. I thought it was ‘there’s no harm to come out with a certain little smile’, when it’s actually ‘there’s no heart you can’t melt with a certain little smile’. I think it was at a Mark Morriss solo gig that I realised he was singing something different to me, so then went home and googled the lyrics. I still have to actively think about the right lyric in order to avoid singing the wrong one. Anyway, it’s an ace song and one that I’m always happy to hear.



The Divine Comedy
To Die A Virgin

Victory For The Comic MuseTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Victory For The Comic Muse (2006)

“I can feel your heart beating and your breathing increasing. Your folks are out for the evening. I really hope I’m not dreaming.”

By far my favourite song on this album. I fell in love with it pretty instantly. I remember having it as the profile song on my MySpace page for ages (awwww MySpace). I also enjoy how the bird flu lyric instantly dates it to 2006.



The Bluetones
Never Going Nowhere

LuxembourgTaken From: The Bluetones – Luxembourg (2003)

“Your once charming foibles now drive me up the wall”

I found it really difficult to choose a favourite between this and Bluetonic. This won out, I think largely because it evokes more of an emotional reaction – that’s generally a deciding factor for me. It’s another very relatable post-breakup song. And yes, it’s intentionally a double negative – I remember Mark referencing this before they played it at a Birmingham gig I went to around the time of Luxembourg’s release.



The Divine Comedy
Our Mutual Friend

Absent FriendsTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Absent Friends (2004)

“We sank down to the floor and we sang a song that I can’t sing anymore. And then we kissed and fell unconscious.”

In the same way that I struggled to choose between the two Bluetones songs, I also struggled to choose between this and To Die A Virgin. Again this one probably won out because it’s the more emotional song. I’m amazed it charted so low last time though – what was that about? I guess it must have been a bit of a grower. I also love that the demo version (and the live version) includes ‘the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore’, but that it was changed to ‘a song that I can’t sing anymore’ for the album release. For some reason, I always think of the performance of this on Jonathan Ross’ show – maybe that was the point at which I properly fell in love with it. Anyway, I feel like that’s the video I need to share:



Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
Sweet Johnny

Gorky 5Taken From: Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Gorky 5 (1998)

“Why don’t I get my daddy’s car and knock those fuckers down ’cause they’ve gone too far

This has been my favourite Gorky’s song for a long time. I’ve even currently got a poster of it in my living room above the TV. I made sure it was in the background of a photo I tweeted to Euros Childs, of me with a colander on my head. I ended up coming 9th in his colander countdown. Modern life’s weird innit? Anyway, this song’s ace, even if it’s potentially an acquired taste (as evidenced one time my ex played it during a DJ set and most of his friends were like ‘wtf is this?’). The video’s brilliant too, as it’s done by Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish and parodies other music videos, but using toys (of course). I think the Bittersweet Symphony bit is my favourite. If you were a fan of the Adam & Joe Show and haven’t seen this before, enjoy!:



Barenaked Ladies
In The Car

StuntTaken From: Barenaked Ladies – Stunt (1998)

“Once I had this dream where I slept with her Mom. Unless I’ve got this wrong, a secret all along. Unless she hears this song…”

I feel like this has been my favourite Barenaked Ladies song for quite a long time, yet it didn’t chart at all last time. How is that? Had I overlistened to it at that point, or did it not join my favourites until later? Not really sure. Anyway, I love it. Mostly for the lyrics I suppose. Plus it amuses me that I get slightly embarrassed at singing along to the ‘mutual masturbation’ line, even when I’m on my own!



Blossoms Falling

The Magic TreehouseTaken From: Ooberman – The Magic Treehouse (1999)

“I should say I love you. I want to, I want to.”

Last time I said this about it:

My 2nd favourite Ooberman song and my favourite from The Magic Treehouse. It’s the song I tend to use to introduce people to Ooberman. I haven’t met a single person I’ve played this to who hasn’t really liked it! I love the acoustic version of it too.

It’s only my 3rd favourite Ooberman song now, though it’s still my favourite on The Magic Treehouse. It’s mega-catchy and poppy, but the ‘I should say I love you…’ bit will also always stab me in the heart. In a good way. The video’s quite cheesy but I kinda love it regardless.



Cerys Matthews
Smash The Glass

Don't Look DownTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Don’t Look Down (2009)

“Love’s a four-letter word, best left unsaid and unheard, and it will never let you down.”

My favourite Cerys solo song. It’s made it up into the top 10 of my most listened to songs on, which is particularly impressive considering it wasn’t released until 2009 (though I must have had a copy slightly sooner as scrobbled it twice in 2008!). I partly love it for being so upbeat and catchy, but what really makes it for me, and the reason why it’s my favourite, is the start of the 2nd verse. The part that starts ‘why can’t I believe it when you tell me that you love me?’. I kinda wish that I didn’t relate to it as much as I do, but it’s meant so much to me over the past 8 years – particularly during the 2013-2015 period of time, as evidenced by my listening habits. I feel like it’s part of me. All the love to Cerys for writing it and making it part of my life. I can’t find a decent online version to share, but you can find it on the Mixcloud mix, or ideally you should treat yourself to a signed copy of the album from Cerys’ online shop here. Unless you have it already, of course, which I’d imagine a decent proportion of my friends do! I’m mostly just preaching to the converted, right? Like I need to tell you how awesome Smash The Glass is… pff. Stating the obvious, Chan.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

None – they’re all still in.

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