Top 777 Songs: 290 – 281

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Falling Down

Carried AwayTaken From: Ooberman – Carried Away (2006)

“There must be someone out there but I see nobody here. Just bottles of beer.”

I first got this song on the ‘Hey Petrunko Plus…’ CD, which is a compilation that was done for Japanese release. Initially I just assumed it was the Hey Petrunko album with a few bonus songs on the end – probably b-sides – so I didn’t rush to buy it. However, at some point I actually looked at the tracklisting and discovered I was wrong. It’s got most of the Hey Petrunko songs on it, albeit in a totally different order, plus a selection of previous singles and b-sides, a different version of Heavy Duty (though I didn’t realise that until I bought it) and this song that I’d never heard of before. I ordered it rather quickly – yes, just to have one new song. Thankfully it’s a great one that quickly became a favourite. It later got included on the Carried Away album, so you don’t need to seek out a random Japanese compilation in order to hear it. Plus it’s on YouTube, like.



The Divine Comedy
Songs Of Love

CasanovaTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Casanova (1996)

“Fate doesn’t hang on a wrong or right choice”

Yet another song from Casanova! This is one of those songs that lots of people will know, even if they don’t think they know it. Unless they’ve never seen Father Ted… But who are those people?? It’s more than just the theme to Father Ted though – it’s a wonderful song in its own right.



The Bluetones
Autophilia or ‘How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Car’

Science & NatureTaken From: The Bluetones – Science & Nature (2000)

“But if she’s rocking don’t come knocking for a while”

I don’t know why this didn’t make it in last time – maybe I’d overplayed it at that point. It’s great fun and I love the end part of the video with the flying car. I also loved the TOTP performance where Mark forgets to change ‘shitty’ to ‘crappy’ on the first verse and they have to use some kind of odd sound effect to mask what he’s said, ha ha. That video’s on YouTube here. The promo vid’s below:



The Boy Least Likely To
Every Goliath Has Its David

The Law Of The PlaygroundTaken From: The Boy Least Likely To – The Law Of The Playground (2009)

“There is nothing courageous about anything I do”

My favourite song by The Boy Least Likely To. I hope they play it tomorrow… It’s the only song I have that makes me want to pretend I’m doing Kung Fu during the chorus (I don’t have Kung Fu Fighting in my collection, before you ask!). The video’s really fun too, plus features some rather awesome looking cupcakes that are making me slightly hungry…



Cerys Matthews
The Good In Goodbye

CockahoopTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Cockahoop (2003)

“I’ll walk right down to hell before I fall in love with you”

Another song that I gained a new-found appreciation of when I broke up with my ex. The line quoted above is particularly satisfying to sing along to. I also once made a t-shirt quoting the ‘I woke up in the morning stripped of everything’ lyric, though followed it with ‘…but this t-shirt’. Ho ho ho. I want to say it was either Rob or Jamie (not my ex) who gave me the idea for that – thanks to whoever it was. I wore it to Sesiwn Fawr in 2004, though have long since grown out of it. Not sure if I’ve still got it somewhere or not. It might well be in my very large pile of band t-shirts I’ve grown out of but don’t want to get rid of. Anyway…



Super Furry Animals
It’s Not The End Of The World?

Rings Around The WorldTaken From: Super Furry Animals – Rings Around The World (2001)

“Turn all the hate in the world into a mockingbird. Make it fly away.”

I really hope it’s not the end of the world. With some of the global politics at the moment, I don’t feel entirely confident about our future. But, er, lets keep things light eh Chan… This is a really wonderful, beautiful song, which was surprisingly low down last time. I really love the video for it too – it suits the feel of it really well.



The Beatles
I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

Abbey RoadTaken From: The Beatles – Abbey Road (1969)

“I want you so bad, it’s driving me mad”

Another song that I’ve gained a love of via the film Across The Universe. I found it the most memorable sequence in the film – I love how it’s choreographed and links to the song. I can’t listen to the song now without picturing the Statue of Liberty. It’s also weirdly got elements that are similar to the video above for ‘It’s Not The End Of The World?’ – I’d not really made that link before – odd. Anyway, if you’re remotely a fan of musical theatre, treat yourself to the video below. You can also listen to The Beatles via the Mixcloud mix.



Stay Together

Stay TogetherTaken From: Suede – Stay Together (single) (1994)

“There’s a time bomb in the high rise. There’s a blue suburban dream.”

Last time I said this:

The first time I actually heard this song was when I got Lost In TV! As it’s not on any of the albums and I was fairly late getting into Suede, I just hadn’t been aware of it before then. The first time I heard it though I was just in awe. Such an amazing song. The full-length version’s my favourite, though the single edit’s great too.

Pleased the band seem to have gotten over some of their hatred for it now and have even played it live in recent years. The video below is the single edit, though you can hear the full-length version on the Mixcloud mix.



Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra
The Bed Song

Theatre Is EvilTaken From: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – Theatre Is Evil (2012)

“If we have sex they can hear us through the floor. But we don’t do that anymore.”

One of those songs that is very much in the lyrics, though the piano’s beautiful too. It tells a really heartbreaking story. The last line always hits me – it’s really moving. I’d not actually seen the video before but I just watched it and it made me cry. So advance warning on that!



Belle And Sebastian
Step Into My Office, Baby

Dear Catastrophe WaitressTaken From: Belle And Sebastian – Dear Catastrophe Waitress (2003)

“She gave me some dictation, but my strength is in administration”

My favourite Belle And Sebastian song. Not enough songs mention administration… But I might only think that because I’m an administrator. It’s not like it’s the sexiest job to write a song about. Although this is a fairly sexy song… Hmmm…

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

290. Space – The English Language

289. Stereophonics – The Bartender And The Thief

288. Queen – Is This The World We Created?

287. Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad

285. Mansun – Electric Man

284. Catch – Bitten By You

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