Top 777 Songs: 220 – 211

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Martha Wainwright
Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole

Martha WainwrightTaken From: Martha Wainwright – Martha Wainwright (2005)

“I will not pretend, I will not put on a smile. I will not say I’m all right for you.”

I’m pretty sure this was the first Martha Wainwright song I heard – it’s definitely always been my favourite. I discovered it via LiveJournal, like quite a few songs on this chart. I also really like the use of it in the show Big Little Lies, which I watched the entirety of last weekend! Definitely recommended if you haven’t seen it. As is this song if you haven’t heard it.



Wide Open Space

Attack Of The Grey LanternTaken From: Mansun – Attack Of The Grey Lantern (1997)

“I’m all alone and staring into space”

Probably the Mansun song that most non-Mansun-fans would recognise. I remember seeing the weird vampirey video on TV quite a few times, long before I properly got into Mansun. Last time I said this about it:

I think my favourite memory of Wide Open Space is when it was played at the Suede-fan get-together before the Astoria gig. What was the name of that club? The Ghetto, or something like that?!

Awww, nice to be reminded of that. Although I’m now craving a Suede gig… Anyway, here’s the aforementioned vampirey video:



The Hot Puppies

Blue HandsTaken From: The Hot Puppies – Blue Hands (2008)

“I never said I’d take you there. I choose my words with care. I only said that I would take you somewhere.”

An instant favourite on this album. How were The Hot Puppies not better known? It’s so good!! I miss them.



Barenaked Ladies
One Week

StuntTaken From: Barenaked Ladies – Stunt (1998)

“Watching X-Files with no lights on, we’re dans la maison, I hope the smoking man’s in this one”

The song that introduced me to the Barenaked Ladies. A sneaky X-Files lyric in there wasn’t exactly going to hurt was it? Although it’s also just a great song. I got Stunt not long afterwards and loved it – it’s still my favourite BNLs album. I don’t think I’ve watched the promo video since about 1998 though – it’s kinda funny watching it again now – it’s a lot cheesier and way more technicolour than I’d remembered! Ah, the ’90s.



Thunder Before Friday

Waiting For The Sonic BoomTaken From: Ooberon – Waiting For The Sonic Boom (2007)

“It was so hot, who could sleep?”

My favourite Ooberon song. It’s about the unusually hot British summer of 2006, which I remember well and have fond memories of (the ridiculous heat aside!). It’s not on YouTube, but you can listen to it (and buy it) on Bandcamp here. I wonder if we’ll ever get a 2nd Ooberon album… hint, hint, Stevis and Andy 😉




Hawksley Workman
Smoke Baby

Lover/FighterTaken From: Hawksley Workman – Lover/Fighter (2003)

“Cocaine in Montreal and back out on a plane, baby”

This is one of those songs that snuck up on me unexpectedly. I didn’t initially take to it, as it wasn’t obviously my kind of song – partly because of the rap part in it, I guess – but at some point it just kinda clicked and I fell in love with it. It’s now one of my most listened to Hawksley songs. From looking at the stats, I’m assuming it was 2007 that I fell in love with it! I’d not realised it was that long ago, to be honest. 10 years ago! Woah… Here’s a great live version of it, which doesn’t actually have the rap section, though does include a brief rendition of Wicked Game, which is a decent trade.



Shorley Wall

The Magic TreehouseTaken From: Ooberman – The Magic Treehouse (1999)

“If life is an open book, she’d rather read the pictures for a while

Initially released on the Shorley Wall EP (obviously), though the album version’s my preferred version – probably because I had that first. I’m going to repeat what I said about it last time, as it’s still accurate:

I’m sure some people will be surprised this isn’t higher as it does seem to be a lot of peoples’ fave Ooberman song. It’s never been mine though I must admit. Not that I don’t love it, as I do, obviously, but there are other songs I prefer. It is very beautiful though and I love the poetry part from Sophia.



David Bowie
Magic Dance

LabyrinthTaken From: David Bowie – Labyrinth Soundtrack (1986)

“You remind me of the babe…”

This possibly ended up slightly higher than I meant for it to, but at the same time it does make you think of David Bowie dancing around in tight trousers with lots of puppets and throwing a baby around, so what’s not to love? Labyrinth has been a favourite film of mine since I was fairly young and this has always been my favourite song on it. I’m only surprised that I didn’t include it in the chart last time.



Barenaked Ladies

StuntTaken From: Barenaked Ladies – Stunt (1998)

“And would you please ignore that you found me on the floor, trying on your camisole.”

I think I covered my love for this song pretty well last time around:

My instant fave on Stunt I have to say! Probably not surprising considering it’s an upbeat bouncy song about alcohol! You can’t go wrong.



Some Half Baked Ideal Called Wonderful

Way Beyond BlueTaken From: Catatonia – Way Beyond Blue (1996)

“Moved him in to share the bed. Turns out he’s sharing her instead.”

First off – how great is that song title? I tend to just take it for granted and not really think about it, but it’s kinda awesome. As you can possibly tell from the chart placings, it’s one of those songs that I’ve just gained more and more affection for over the years. Last time I shared the below anecdote, which I’d kinda forgotten about, but made me smile to re-read:

This song always reminds me of the first time I played Way Beyond Blue to my Dad and who was my Step-Mum at the time. We were in the car travelling to Norfolk (where they lived) and when this song came on my Dad was like ‘ooh what’s this one called? I really like it’. I said ‘Some Half Baked Ideal Called Wonderful’ and unsurprisingly he kinda went ‘what?!’, so I said ‘or Mickey for short’, to which he said ‘Mickey? Ah, cool’. Hee 😀 Not sure why that sticks in my head but it does. And it is indeed a fab song.

Here’s the BBC acoustic version from Volume 17, which is also fittingly wonderful:

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

218. Abba – Dancing Queen

217. Ooberman – Open The Hatch

214. Catatonia – Apple Core (Full Length Version)

213. Queen – Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

212. Catatonia – Shore Leave

211. Eric Carmen – All By Myself

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