Top 777 Songs: 200 – 191

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Manic Street Preachers
Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky

Everything Must GoTaken From: Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go (1996)

“Once you roared now you just grunt lame”

Last time I said this:

I’m amazed this isn’t higher too, as it’s actually my favourite Manics song. Beautiful. The memory I most associate with it is when I was playing it in my bedroom in Hemel, after not having had the album that long, and my Mum heard it and remarked that she really liked it. :-).

It’s still my favourite Manics song and it still always makes me think of how my Mum once said she liked it. I’m not so surprised it’s dropped down in the chart now though as I don’t really listen to the Manics that much these days.



Slow Club
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream

Yeah SoTaken From: Slow Club – Yeah So (2009)

“I’ll ask you to stop picking faults ’cause you’ll miss me when I’m gone”

Such a good song – the lyrics, the harmonies… the way it’s musically quite stripped back for most of the song, then suddenly kicks in unexpectedly, then ends just as unexpectedly fairly soon after… so good.



Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra
The Killing Type

Theatre Is EvilTaken From: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – Theatre Is Evil (2012)

“I’d kill to move your face an inch”

One of the songs that was made available to the Kickstarter backers prior to the whole album being made available. Those songs were generally the ones that quickly became and remained my favourites. A lot of my love for this song is in the lyrics, though I also love how it musically jumps around as well.



Sweet Baboo
If I Died…

ShipsTaken From: Sweet Baboo – Ships (2013)

“And Daniel Johnston has written hundreds of great tunes, and I’ve got six.”

This song was initially on ‘I’m A Dancer / Songs About Sleepin” under the title ‘If I Died Would You Remember That You Loved Me’, but the version on ‘Ships’ just took it to a whole new level of aceness. It’s really catchy and the lyrics are great – 2 of my favourite things in a song!



Los Campesinos!
My Year In Lists

Hold On Now...Taken From: Los Campesinos! – Hold On Now, Youngster… (2008)

“Decorating envelopes for foreplay. Damn extended metaphors, I get carried away.”

I love a short song that just comes and punches you in the face and then runs away. That’s something that’s only ever good in a metaphorical way, obviously… Plus it starts with the lyric ‘You said ‘send me stationery to make me horny”. Gotta love that. Plus I’m also a fan of ‘I cherish with fondness the day (before) I met you’. Hee.



Everyone Knows

Try Not To ThinkTaken From: Easyworld – Try Not To Think (single) (2002)

“They all smoke crack in the teachers’ lounge and then they beg you not to”

Last time I said this about it:

I remember Kate telling me about this song and how much she loved it before I actually got to hear it. It probably predisposed me towards liking it but I reckon I’d probably have loved it anyway. It makes me want to leap around.

It also always makes me think of the TV show ‘Teachers’ as I remember them using it in an episode and I got quite excited – I mean, it’s a b-side! Although I’ve recently been re-watching Teachers via ‘All 4’ and I haven’t yet gotten to that episode. I hope I didn’t totally imagine it, or that they haven’t had to change some of the songs used. I remember being slightly gutted with the VHS version of series 1 of Cold Feet as they’d replaced the use of Mulder And Scully in the series finale, which I’d loved when I’d seen it on TV. This is probably quite a niche personal gripe…



What Are You Not Telling Me?

BloodsportsTaken From: Suede – Bloodsports (2013)

“The mysteries of love are not for us. It’s the little things that are tearing us up.

On the day that this album became available online (potentially prior to it being officially released – I can’t remember), I got home from work to find that Jamie had already downloaded it (as he got home from work earlier than me). This was when we were living in Toronto. Anyway, he made me aware that he’d already downloaded it by playing one of the songs from it. He then asked me to pick 3 (I think) track numbers at random and he’d then play those songs for me. As Suede are one of my favourite bands and this was the first new album they’d released in 11 years, it was obviously a big thing for me, so ideally I’d rather have decided for myself how to first listen to the songs and the album (which would have been in order and on my own), but I didn’t want to spoil his fun and so I chose 3 track numbers. I can’t remember which the other 2 tracks were now, but I know that this was definitely one of them and it was the one that really stood out. Quite fittingly for the situation and the well-intentioned-but-controlling manner that I was getting to hear the songs in, it’s all about the breakdown of a relationship. This whole album basically soundtracked the end of our relationship, for me, but this song particularly feels personal. The ‘an occasional touch, an occasional word’ part still makes me well up.



Frida Hyvönen

To The SoulTaken From: Frida Hyvönen – To The Soul (2012)

“I never thought that I would marry. What’s gotten into me lately?”

I love the narrative of this song, plus the conversational way that the lyrics are sung. With the beautiful and epic accompanying music, it’s my favourite song on this album.



Super Furry Animals
Slow Life

Phantom PowerTaken From: Super Furry Animals – Phantom Power (2003)

“I see television. Pretty pictures of starvation.”

Not sure why this didn’t chart last time – especially as Phantom Power is my favourite SFAs album. Also, weirdly, for some reason I used to think that the lyrics in it were ‘rocks are still life’, rather than ‘slow life’. I was aware that the song was called Slow Life, so thought it was odd that the lyrics were ‘still life’, but still thought that’s what they sounded like. Listening to it in more recent years, it’s very clearly ‘slow life’ in the lyrics, so I’m not sure what was wrong with my ears. Especially as I had it on CD, with a lyrics booklet!! Maybe I was just listening to too much Suede at the time (not that that’s possible) and was automatically hearing ‘still life’ everywhere. Anyway… misheard lyrics aside, it’s a brilliant song and a great closing track to the album. Plus a great one live.




Paper Scissors StoneTaken From: Catatonia – Paper Scissors Stone (2001)

“I log on for company. My ISP comforts me.”

This song is basically the late ’90s and early ’00s for me – that peak period of time when my internet homes, internet friends and internet identity were like my lifeline. It’s the ‘temporary’ Catatonia message board (CatBoard), it’s RPGs about weddings and festivals, it’s angst, it’s song lyrics, it’s angsty song lyrics, it’s fanfic, it’s pseudonyms and avatars, it’s obsession and devotion, it’s late-teens and early-twenties and trying to find your place in the world.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

200. Gemma Hayes – Let A Good Thing Go (though it was shortlisted)

197. Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot (though it was shortlisted)

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