Top 777 Songs: 150 – 141

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The Keys
From Tense To Loose To Slack

The KeysTaken From: The Keys – The Keys (2003)

“Had to leave this place, find some saving grace, before I turn to crack”

This was my favourite song by (The) Keys for years. There’s now one other song of theirs that I love even more, but this one’s still awesome. I slightly prefer the single version to the album version, though any version’s good.



The Voluntary Butler Scheme
Alarm Clock

At Breakfast, Dinner, TeaTaken From: The Voluntary Butler Scheme – At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea (2009)

“I’d buy my dinner from a dream take-away”

The music… The lyrics… Just a perfectly wonderful song. My third favourite song by The Voluntary Butler Scheme.



Cerys Matthews

Don't Look DownTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Don’t Look Down (2009)

“You like electric guitar playing wherever you are”

I first heard this song live during the February 2008 tour. Along with Take Courage, it was my favourite of the new songs played on that tour. Since it was released on Don’t Look Down, my love for it’s only grown. The album version’s on the Mixcloud mix, though there’s also a live recording below from the Solus gig on the Paul Heaton tour, which I have very fond memories of. In fact I’m wondering if it was filmed by someone stood near me, as I’m sure I can hear myself laughing during the intro to it! Unless it’s just someone with a similar laugh. Anyway, this live version’s got a very different feel to it, so I recommend listening to both!!



Super Furry Animals
The Man Don’t Give A Fuck

The Man Don't Give A FuckTaken From: Super Furry Animals – The Man Don’t Give A Fuck (single) (1996)

“Keep the masses from majority”

You can’t be an SFAs fan and not love The Man Don’t Give A Fuck, right? I mean, I guess you could, though you’d always be a bit disappointed at the end of their gigs… As it is such an awesome live track, I have to post this video:



Bohemian Rhapsody

A Night At The OperaTaken From: Queen – A Night At The Opera (1975)

“Life had just begun. But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away.”

I find it incredibly difficult to rank this song – it’s like it should almost be its own separate category.

Ha ha ha, I just looked up what I said about this song last time, so I didn’t repeat myself, but I started the post in almost exactly the same way…

I found this song incredibly difficult to rank. It’s *so* well known and I’ve heard it so many times that it’s really in a category of its own. I rarely listen to it now, but it’s the song that introduced me to Queen and one that I listened to *a lot*. The whole changes-in-style thing throughout the song is something I still look out for in bands now – other prime examples being Mansun and The Fiery Furnaces. It was also one of the first things I loved about Ooberman, as Tears From A Willow reminded me quite a bit of Queen for some reason. But anyway, in the end I settled for number 11 as being the home of Bohemian Rhapsody.

My choice of a number 11 chart position last time was largely because I tried to incorporate some degree of objectivity, which I didn’t bother with this time around. I did wonder whether to include it at all, as I hardly ever listen to it, but it was such a musically formative song for me, it had to stay in somewhere. It takes me back to my teenage bedroom, where I’d theatrically act out the lyrics, like it was some kind of performance piece I was rehearsing. It’s the song my music taste sprung from, so a top 200 placing is only right.



Harvey Danger
Flagpole Sitta

Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?Taken From: Harvey Danger – Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone? (1997)

“Hear the voices in my head, I swear to God it sounds like they’re snoring.”

Last time I said this:

This song came up on my LaunchCast a few years ago and it was one of those songs I recognised and loved but hadn’t known who it was by or what it was called. I soon downloaded it though and have listened to it lots since.

I still listen to it lots. Plus it’s the theme tune to Peep Show (series 2 onward, anyway)!



Cathy Davey
Come Over

Something IlkTaken From: Cathy Davey – Something Ilk (2004)

“You got a hoop you won’t need to jump through

The drums! That high note!! Oh my. So good.



When The Sun Went Out

LemmingTaken From: Melys – Lemming (single) (1998)

“When you packed your things and left me. Swore you still loved me. But you don’t. You lied.”

Most of my love for this song is in the lyrics – it just feels so real and close to home – and not just physically in the sense of it mentioning Cathedral Road!! 😉 Unsurprisingly for a Melys b-side, it’s not on YouTube, but please have a listen via the Mixcloud widget.



My Melancholy Blues

News Of The WorldTaken From: Queen – News Of The World (1977)

“Wanna be intoxicated with that special brew”

I always picture Freddie in some kind of deserted jazz lounge, singing this round a white baby grand piano, with a cocktail in his hand. I realise that’s quite a specific mental image, but it’s just what the song evokes.



Bright Eyes
Devil In The Details

Digital Ash In A Digital UrnTaken From: Bright Eyes – Digital Ash In A Digital Urn (2005)

“I am the first one I deceive. If I can make myself believe, the rest is easy.”

Of all the ways I might potentially have developed a love of this song, you probably wouldn’t guess that it was via a fan video for the TV show Tru Calling. If you would guess that, I’m slightly scared. I think I already had the song, but I hadn’t listened to it much prior to someone sharing that video on LiveJournal. I’ve actually still got a copy of the video, though it’s sadly not on YouTube. I’m still gutted they cancelled Tru Calling… Anyway, the darkness of this song fit the themes of the show really well. It fairly quickly became (and has stayed) my favourite Bright Eyes song. You can listen to the song below, though will have to do your own imagining of Eliza Dushku and Jason Priestley 😉

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

149. Bree Sharp – Fool’s Gold

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