Top 777 Songs: 140 – 131

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Saturday Night

Coming UpTaken From: Suede – Coming Up (1996)

“We’ll go to peepshows and freakshows”

A song that most people can surely relate to – about getting to the end of the working week and wanting to let your hair down. I’m never quite sure if it should lose points or get bonus points for trying to rhyme ‘chair’ with ‘furniture’, but I kinda love it. The video’s one of my favourites as well – I’ll often think about it if I’m on the tube (though I haven’t come across a slow-motion Brett Anderson as of yet – more’s the pity).



Simon Love
The New Adam & Eve

It Seemed Like A Good Idea...Taken From: Simon Love – It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (2015)

“I’m going to punch a man in the face with a fist made out of jellyfish. I’m going to watch him puff up and cry, then deny him any of my piss”

My favourite Simon Love song. I think I first heard it at Wales Goes Pop in 2014. I then downloaded a demo version at some point, from soundcloud or bandcamp or one of those kinda places, then it was happily included on the album in 2015. It’s both funny and romantic, which isn’t an easy thing to pull off.



Misunderstand Me

Rumours And CursesTaken From: Melys – Rumours And Curses (1998)

“Do what it takes to keep me down. Can’t cramp your style. I’m under your thumb.”

For a short song, this packs quite a punch. Even though there are only a few lines of lyrics, they paint a really strong picture of an emotionally abusive relationship. There’s a strength in it too though – ‘you think you own me, but you misunderstand me’. Brilliant song. No YouTube video, but listen via the Mixcloud widget.



Who Wants To Live Forever

A Kind Of MagicTaken From: Queen – A Kind Of Magic (1986)

“Who dares to love forever, when love must die”

I’ve never seen Highlander, I have to confess, so I don’t associate this song with that, even though I’m aware it was written for that. It’s a beautiful, emotional song and easily my favourite on A Kind Of Magic. There’s also one particular bit, right at the end of the song, that really reminds me of Twin Peaks – the bit at the end of the original series closing credits – just before Lynch / Frost Productions appears (I realise this is pretty specific!!). Annoyingly you can’t hear it in the video below as it fades out before that, but if you skip to 4:59 on this video – that’s the bit I mean. It’s not the same note, as I just checked on this video (skip to about 2:00), but there’s still a similarity that’s always struck me and pleased me.



Lucky Soul
Get Outta Town!

The Great UnwantedTaken From: Lucky Soul – The Great Unwanted (2007)

“Everything is backwards here, you know we’ve gotta leave”

A favourite of mine for putting on mix CDs in recent years, as I don’t see how anyone could not like it. It’s so fun and upbeat and joyful, it’s a total delight.



The Divine Comedy
Mr Right

Absent FriendsTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Absent Friends (single) (2004)

“Everyone tells me I’m scared of commitment. I’d be a lot more scared if I knew what it meant.”

Most of my love for this song is in the lyrics, as they’re just so good. No YouTube video, but have a listen via the Mixcloud widget.



Cerys Matthews
Spider And The Fly

Don't Look DownTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Don’t Look Down (2009)

“What can I do to make you mine? It makes me wonder all the time. You never ask for much.

I liked Y Corryn Ar Pry’ (the Welsh version of this song, which was released earlier), but I properly fell in love with this English version. Probably because of the increased understanding of the lyrics, I guess, though there are other bilingual versions of songs where I prefer the Welsh – it just depends on the song. There’s a real seductive quality to this song that I love. I’m also loving this live version where Cerys introduces it as a bestiality song and an audience member heckles that it’s a mini-bestiality song, he he.



Beautiful Ones

Coming UpTaken From: Suede – Coming Up (1996)

“Psycho for sex and glue. Lost it to Bostik, yeah”

One of the hits I got to shake my bits to at Star Shaped Festival in Manchester last weekend. Britpop classic (even if Suede would eschew the ‘Britpop’ label)! Last time I said this about it:

One of the songs that got me into Suede in the first place – as I’ve mentioned already in this chart rundown. Does anyone else find it impossible to listen to this song without doing the actions for ‘twenty-two’?! Is that just me? I liked doing it at gigs as Brett always would too 😀

Aw, yet again the past tense for Suede gigs is quite poignant, but also pleasing in that it’s no longer accurate. I do still do the actions for ‘twenty-two’ though, but of course. If you don’t know what I mean, watch the promo vid (it’s another of my favourites):



Do You Remember The First Time?

His 'n' HersTaken From: Pulp – His ‘n’ Hers (1994)

“I don’t care if you screw him, just as long as you save a piece for me”

Continuing the Britpop classics theme… I don’t need to explain why this is great, right? I’m loving that the top comment on the YouTube video is ‘man I wasted so much time on Oasis’.



Johnny Come Lately

International VelvetTaken From: Catatonia – International Velvet (1998)

“He assured me that the seeds you sold were sound, but I must have cast them all on stony ground”

Last time I said this:

I wasn’t actually that fussed about this song when I first got International Velvet. However, it grew on me more and more until it became one of my favourites. I love it live as well, so was so so pleased when Cerys sang it at Sesiwn Fawr in 2004. Plus it’s about a marrow expert! How can you not love that?

One thing I didn’t mention last time is how it’s always made me think of the character Harold in Twin Peaks, because of his ‘botanical leanings’ and generally being mysterious. Yes, there are 2 songs within this 10 that remind me of Twin Peaks, despite them having nothing to do with it. Did I mention I was a Twin Peaks fan at all?? 😉

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

None – they’re all still in.

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