Top 777 Songs: 130 – 121

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She Said

The Sun Is Often OutTaken From: Longpigs – The Sun Is Often Out (1996)

“There’s no one I can talk to, like I talk to myself, she said”

It’s not a proper Britpop night if this doesn’t get played, which is why I was so pleased they played it at Star Shaped the other week.



Race Horses

Goodbye FalkenburgTaken From: Race Horses – Goodbye Falkenburg (2010)

“We like baking all night long. We share our love with everyone.”

It’s a really catchy song called ‘Cake’! What’s not to love? I’m curious as to whether it’s euphemistic though – it makes me think of the cake in Brass Eye! In this context though, it sounds more like it could be code for some kind of sex act. Or it could just be cake. Or a sex act involving cake? Or being turned on by cake (does that have a name?). Have a listen and decide for yourself.



Enjoy The Silence

JunkiesTaken From: Easyworld – Junkies (single) (2003)

“Words are very unnecessary. They can only do harm.”

I really like the original, but it’s the Easyworld version that I love the most. It was only included on the vinyl release of the Junkies single, so my only digital copy is an MP3 that I recorded from the vinyl. Unfortunately this means that the Ss have a kinda hissy, lispy sound, though I’m so used to it now that I don’t really notice – plus it almost adds to it, as it’s a much heavier, rockier version of the song than the Depeche Mode version. If I did now manage to get hold of a clearer digital recording (which I would welcome, if anyone has one), it’d probably sound quite weird!! Unsurprisingly it’s not on YouTube, but you can hear it (hisses an’ all) on the Mixcloud mix.



Hedwig And The Angry Inch Soundtrack
The Origin Of Love

Hedwig And The Angry InchTaken From: Hedwig And The Angry Inch: Original Cast Recording (1999)

“That’s the pain, cuts a straight line down through the heart. We called it love.”

My instant favourite when I first watched the film (plus still my favourite now). I’m also a fan of the Rufus Wainwright version, though the original has to win out. The use of the Greek story, plus the visuals used are just perfect.



The Voluntary Butler Scheme
Tabasco Sole

At Breakfast, Dinner, TeaTaken From: The Voluntary Butler Scheme – At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea (2009)

“If you ever start to feel square, wear a De La Soul t-shirt once in a while to make you feel more hip hop than you are.”

Definitely a great song for dancing to, even if I hadn’t considered the line dancing option they went for in the video! Ha ha.



The Keys
I Tried To Find It In Books

Bitten By WolvesTaken From: The Keys – Bitten By Wolves (2011)

“I tried to find it in hate, but I loved hate a little too much.”

There’s a lot of new entries in this group of 10 – not that that’s a bad thing. I fell in love with this song pretty instantly and it’s currently my favourite song by (The) Keys. I remember getting quite excited when a DJ played it prior to a Mark Morriss gig at Four Bars. Plus this was after they’d already played Shorley Wall by Ooberman. I don’t know who the DJ was, but I deem them to be awesome. Enjoy the album version on the Mixcloud mix, plus the acoustic version in the video below.



Killer Queen

Sheer Heart AttackTaken From: Queen – Sheer Heart Attack (1974)

“To avoid complications, she never kept the same address

This was a very early favourite – from back when I just had the Greatest Hits (that I’d borrowed from my Mum) – and I still totally love it. People generally suggest that A Night At The Opera is the one Queen album you should buy (if you’re going to be incredibly restrained and just buy the one), but I’d personally say it should be Sheer Heart Attack.



Slow Club
Giving Up On Love

Yeah SoTaken From: Slow Club – Yeah So (2009)

“You need to sit back and take it as a test. If you’d given me straight answers I’d have never had to guess.”

I remember going to the How Does It Feel To Be Loved club night in London, with Jamie and Joop, when celebrating my 30th birthday in 2010. This song came on as we were just about to leave, but of course we had to stay and dance to it. It’s a great song to dance to. Plus a great song in general. The version in the video below is slightly different (and faster) than the album version, but comes with bonus Mackenzie Crook.



Dark Mavis

Attack Of The Grey LanternTaken From: Mansun – Attack Of The Grey Lantern (1997)

“His tights are nylon. His nails by Revlon.”

I’m really surprised this didn’t chart last time, but I guess it just wasn’t quite enough of a favourite at the time. Pleased I can give it a decent placing this time at least. It’s a brilliant closing track, though I remember being a bit disappointed when I discovered that the lyric was ‘you can kiss his vase until the end of the month’, rather than ‘you can kiss his thighs until the end of the month’, which is what I’d assumed it was, as it makes more sense! There’s an alternative version where it’s ‘kiss my arse’, which again makes more sense, but hey, I’ve learned to embrace the weird vase lyric. Maybe it’s another weird sex euphemism that I don’t understand – like the Race Horses song. Or maybe he just has a really kissable vase! Such are the mysteries of song lyrics.



Regina Spektor
Pavlov’s Daughter

11:11Taken From: Regina Spektor – 11:11 (2001)

“I hear you loving your girlfriend. I hear you loving yourself too.”

This has been my favourite Regina song for so long that I just assumed it would have charted last time, but I must have discovered it slightly after that… Yep, confirms that I did listen to it once in 2005, but it was 2006 when I properly got into it and listened to it 12 times in a 7 month period. It’s one of those sorts of songs that you’ll either get and love, or think is just weird! I’m obviously in the first camp.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

130. Placebo – Nancy Boy

129. Queen – All Dead, All Dead

127. Queen – The Prophet’s Song

124. Catatonia & John Cale – Whispering Room (not sure why I didn’t shortlist this – I should have done really)

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