A-Z: Queen (part 5)

My 2nd full weekend at home in the new-ish flat. Friday night I went out for dinner in Worcester. Yes, I came home that night. I spent more time travelling than I did in Worcester. But hey, it was a good night and I really wanted to have the whole weekend at home so I could make more progress with the unpacking and stuff. Sadly I didn’t make any progress with the unpacking yesterday, though I did have a nice time in the city centre in the sunshine. I paid in some cheques and bought a few things, including Brett Anderson’s new album, which I’ve been meaning to get for a few weeks but haven’t had the chance to get into town. I actually wanted Mark Morriss’ album more than Brett’s, as I’m seeing Mark Morriss in a couple of weeks, but they didn’t have it in Spillers :-/ I would have gone and tried HMV and Zavvi (though Matthew told me HMV had sold out when he looked in there recently) but I went to Argos after I went to Spillers and I bought a portable washing machine 😀 Annoyingly it was just too big to fit inside the biggest bags they had, so I had to carry it by the plastic strap things. I didn’t really want to lug it around any more shops so I got the bus home then – once I found where I could actually catch a bus from! So yes, that reminds me actually, I might go order Mark Morriss’ album from Play.com so I can get familiar with it before the gig. I’m familiar with a few of the songs on the album, as they’re on the Fi-Lo Beddow EP, though they’ve been re-recorded I think. Plus his mailing list thing said he’ll be playing some Bluetones songs too (yay!) and also some random covers 🙂 Should be a good gig.

Also yesterday, when I wasn’t doing any unpacking, I ordered a sofa! I’ve used up all my birthday money on it, plus a bit extra, but hopefully it’ll be worth it. Aside from the computer I’m not really using the living room at the mo. I haven’t even bothered setting the TV up and connecting the PS2. Hopefully getting a proper sofa back will make a difference. As lovely as my little sofa bed is, it’s a bit too small to spend too much time sitting on (especially at the mo as I’m using it as an ironing pile!). If you’re wondering where my sofa from my last flat went, though I might have mentioned it before – it didn’t actually fit into my new flat! We got it up to my flat itself, but it then needed to go round a 360 degree corner and up another flight of stairs and there just wasn’t the space to do it. It was a shame to have to get rid of it, though I had gotten it free in the first place. You might now be wondering how I’m going to get a new sofa into my flat. Well, I found an online company that make sofas designed to get into not-easily-accessible places. Basically they come in component parts and you put them together yourself. You can then disassemble them and re-assemble them if you move. Handy! I requested some fabric samples from them and they were redelivered yesterday (as I missed them during the week). Happily my doorbell’s now working, so the postman was able to wake me up and get me hurriedly grabbing for my glasses, dressing gown and keys so I could peg it down the stairs and get to the front door before he gave up and disappeared. I then spent quite a while trying to decide on which fabric I liked best, which would be most practical and which would look good in the living room. At one point I even dribbled a bit of red wine on them all to see which would cope best with possible stainage! Ha ha. I narrowed it down to 2 finalists – one was a dark red (kinda wine coloured! Handy) fabric one and the other was a dark brown leather-look one. The red one was tempting as the fabric was nice and soft and warm, plus the colour was called ‘brick’, which is spookily the same name as the colour of my bridesmaid dress, but my previous sofa was a similar colour and I really fancied a bit of a change. Soooo I went for the fake-leather one. Brown (well, ‘tan’) is not an obvious colour I’d generally go for, but I think it’ll actually fit really well in the room. There are advantages and disadvantages with the whole leather-effect thing – an obvious advantage being that things wipe off it easily, but a disadvantage being that it gets quite cold in the winter! Although that does give me a good excuse to put nice snuggly throws and stuff on it, so that’s not really a problem. Plus the coolness is quite nice if it’s actually a hot day, although you sometimes then get stuck to it a bit! He he. Anyway, I’ve ordered it now and it should come next Saturday morning. Quite exciting!! The website says that it only needs one person to put it together, so I should be fine. I quite like putting things together actually – aside from that time I hit myself in the face with a chair.

Anyway, if the new sofa’s coming next weekend, I’m really gonna need somewhere to put it!! It’s going to go where the sofa bed currently is and the sofa bed’s going to go in the box room. The problem with that at the mo… yep the box room’s full of crap! So I should really stop wittering and get on with tidying up and stuff. I also want to go out and buy some washing powder at some point today so that I can try out my mini washing machine 😀 I might also try out the ancient looking spin dryer that lives in this flat, though it looks a bit scary. And it has no instructions. Not that it looks complicated – it doesn’t even seem to have an on/off switch, so presumably you just plug it in and stick something under the outlet pipe to catch any water. Could be an adventure. Obviously I’ll actually do some A-Zing at some point too – I just wanted to start this blog post now as strangely I find that they help motivate me. Generally no-one would know if I was really productive all day or if I spent all day in bed, but if I blog about it all then I feel like I should really do something in order to justify myself to whoever reads this. Tis quite useful. I might even do some ironing! Marvel at that. Right, time to get dressed…

*a while later* I’ve made a bit of progress I guess. I’ve even done some ironing! I don’t think I can be arsed to go buy washing powder today though – I’ll get some on my way home from work tomorrow. Oh no, wait, I’m going dancing tomorrow after work, hmm, well I can get some after that, or more likely wait until Tuesday! I’m looking forward to the dancing – we wimped out last week and just watched. I should really buy some new jogging bottoms or something though – the Adidas ones I’ve got must be about 12 years old now! Yes they’re of the Spice Girls era. We did a dance to Wannabe when I used to go dancing and we performed it at a Presentation Evening and all had to wear Adidas bottoms! He he. Anyway, I’m not listening to the Spice Girls, it’s time for some more Queen…

Queen – Hot Space (album)
I think most Queen fans would probably agree this is their worst album! Thankfully it’s one of the last ones I got, so it was at a time when I was starting to get into other bands anyway. I’m not quite sure how to describe it for the uninitiated. You know one of the previous albums mentioned being the first one to use a keyboard? Yeah, well this album got a little bit too consumed with playing with keyboards I reckon. It’s very obviously 80s – not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but in this case I don’t mean it in an entirely complimentary way! Anyway, I’ll tackle the songs as they come up…
‘Staying Power’ – The song itself is alright, but it would really benefit from less keyboard and more guitar! It has grown on me over the years and I don’t dislike it, but it is pretty cheesy and not in the good way.
‘Dancer’ – Oh god, I haven’t listened to this in a long time. The chorus is alright actually, but overall it’s not that great. It’s the cheesy keyboard! It just sounds way too dated and naff.
‘Back Chat’ – I quite like this one actually. Still not as much as most other Queen songs, but more than the first 2 tracks on this album! *lol*
‘Body Language’ – This one kinda grew on me too. Again it’s hardly one of my favourite Queen songs, but it’s alright. Infact the only song on this album I’d say would be even remotely amongst my favourites would be ‘Under Pressure’, which is of course a fab song.
Right, I’m gonna get back to the sorting stuff out, so I mightn’t comment on all the rest of the songs. It is quite an annoyingly long album though! *lol* Although that’s partly because it’s got another one of those ‘1991 Bonus Remixes’ at the end. Argh! This one being a remix of ‘Body Language’.
Hmm, looking at the record label, I think this must be one I bought in America, so either in 1997 or 1998. So yeah, definitely one of the last Queen albums I bought.
‘Action This Day’ – Actually I like this! Yeah, after Under Pressure this is probably the best song on the album.
‘Put Out The Fire’ – This is quite good too actually. The guitars are back!! It’s a shame the first few songs on the album are probably the weakest and kinda put you off it before you get to this point!
‘Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)’ – Ok yeah I like this too. Maybe I’ve been unduly harsh on this album. If you get rid of the first 2 tracks and possibly the 3rd and 4th too, it’s actually not bad.
‘Cool Cat’ – Ok this is another that possibly isn’t all that great. I’ve never really been able to decide what I think of it actually.
‘Under Pressure’ – Woo! Queen + David Bowie = Good. Although yes I am young enough to have heard it for the first time and thought ‘hey, it’s Ice Ice Baby!’ *cringes* This should be the last track of the album, but instead I’ve got…
‘Body Language (1991 Bonus Remix by Susan Rogers)’ – Actually this isn’t too bad a remix – much better than the ones on other albums. And ooh the album’s finished now. I’m tempted to move on to The Works but I’m actually rather hungry so might go have an early dinner instead! Yep, that sounds like a good idea…

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