2018 Film Challenge: 34. Man In An Orange Shirt

Technically more of a BBC miniseries than a regular film, but I hadn’t fully appreciated that when putting the list together. Plus it’s film-length and pretty film like, so I’m counting it as a film. Anyway, I missed it when it was broadcast on the BBC, plus didn’t get around to catching it on iPlayer either, but then managed to win a copy on DVD, so I was clearly meant to watch it.

I really enjoyed it. It’s very moving (heartbreaking at times) and feels very true to life. Pleased I finally got to see it.

The thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • Surprise bottom
  • Ah, the old ‘I can’t do my own fly up’ line. Classic.
  • ‘Purveyor of shade’ is a pretty cool job description
  • He’s actually gone to the wedding?
  • So awkward
  • That’s quite the beard
  • Awww, his Mum’s lovely
  • Post it!
  • He’s got a different kind of beard
  • He’s looking mighty attractive there
  • Nice apartment!
  • He doesn’t look like a Bruno
  • That’s a piddly amount of wine. Pour a proper glass!
  • It’s a magical sex cottage
  • Ughhh
  • Awwww
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2018 Film Challenge: 33. Paterson

This is a film I discovered whilst browsing Metacritic. It had good reviews and sounded interesting, so I downloaded it. It’s a hard film to describe, as not that much really happens in it, but it kept my interest and entertained me for the 2 hours, which is the main thing you want from a film. Plus it had an awesome dog.

Here are the thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • Is that a tiny bowl or a large cup?
  • Mmmmm cupcakes
  • Ah, men
  • Everything’s called Paterson?
  • It’s Chidi!!
  • That dog’s very anti kissing
  • I think the dog’s my favourite character
  • This is getting kinda weird, but in an interesting way
  • I’m guessing that’s meant to sound gross, but I would totally eat cheese and sprout pie
  • I’m looking forward to her getting her guitar
  • What’s with all the twins?
  • Well that was better than I’d expected
  • Blimey
  • Uh oh
  • That song makes me think of Ally McBeal
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2018 Film Challenge: 32. Pi

I wasn’t entirely sure what I thought of this film. I started off quite indifferent, then started to quite like it, then started to lose interest, then regained a little interest, then it ended. There are some interesting ideas in it and some intriguing/interesting/disturbing visuals, but it’s not a film I can imagine watching for a second time.

Here are the thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • “Restate my assumptions!” Was Note To Self by The Divine Comedy inspired by this?
  • The style of it reminds me a bit of Eraserhead
  • Was his hair just an homage to Eraserhead?
  • Ugh, cold callers
  • Is that Hector Salamanca again? He keeps popping up in things.
  • There’s always someone weirder than you on public transport
  • That stuff about spirals just triggered some vague memory I have of some maths video I had/watched as a child. Weird.
  • Ew
  • Ew!
  • More ew
  • I can’t quite decide if I’m enjoying this or not. I definitely was for a while, but I’ve kinda lost interest.
  • Hmmm, I’m more interested again
  • And now less interested again
  • Ew
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2018 Film Challenge: 31. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Having just the one Star Wars film on this list, and for it to specifically be episode 3, might seem a tad random, but it’s only because it’s the only film I hadn’t seen. I thought it was about time I corrected that.

My memory of episodes 1 and 2 was pretty vague. I watched a pirated copy of episode 1 in a bar in Corfu, so it’s probably not surprising that my memory of that was hazy! Episode 2 I watched at the cinema, though my only memory of it was of Yoda being a badass.

I didn’t have high expectations of episode 3, as I knew the first 3 episodes weren’t anywhere near as good as the original trilogy or the more recent films, but I still figured it’d be cool to finally get to see Anakin become Darth Vader. Which it kinda was (ignoring the incredibly hammy ‘Nooooooooooo’ moment soon after). But generally it was pretty mediocre and not that exciting. The CGI hasn’t dated well either, as some parts are so clearly fake it’s actually funny, which isn’t really what you want. Plus, oh my god, where are all the women?? There’s one brief moment where you think Padme might actually get to do something interesting, but she mostly just gets strangled. Awesome.

Here are the thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • There’s just something about that music kicking in and the words ‘Star Wars’ appearing. It’s weirdly emotional.
  • They’re frightfully English in space
  • Ooh, the special effects are slightly dated and somewhat obvious
  • Oh no, the special effects are actually comical in places. That’s going to be distracting.
  • C3PO’s so shiny
  • No one needs to look that glamorous whilst they’re sleeping
  • Yoda!
  • Yoda’s going to hang out with Wookies? I’m here for that.
  • Was he just playing with a Game Gear?
  • Ha ha ha, is he trying to be stealthy whilst riding a massive lizard?
  • That escalated quickly
  • OMG, I thought that was a hologram dildo. You shouldn’t dress in those hooded cloaks, dude!
  • Cockney Jedi children?
  • Hurrah, a woman’s finally going to do something in this film. I didn’t think that was going to happen at all.
  • Oh, never mind, she didn’t really do much
  • Ouch
  • It’s pretty cool seeing the mask go on
  • Ha ha ha, that was a bit overly camp
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2018 Film Challenge: 30. Y Tu Mamá También

I remember seeing this film reviewed on TV when it came out and thinking it looked interesting, but not getting around to watching it. 17 years later and I’ve finally managed it! I kinda wish I’d seen it at the time though – I feel like I’d have appreciated it more then. I enjoyed it, but for most of the film I felt quite old and found the young guys a bit too annoying. I know they’re meant to be immature and that’s kinda the point, but still, it took a while before I properly started to enjoy the film. I liked the whole end section though, plus I liked the contrast and bleakness of the voiceover segments. They also included some really good turns of phrase.

Anyway here are the thoughts I had whilst watching:

  • That got going quickly! No messing.
  • That suddenly got unexpectedly dark
  • More cowboys than I’ve ever personally seen at a wedding.
  • Ew
  • Why would she want to go anywhere with them?!
  • Did she just describe a foreskin as yummy?
  • How far is this beach?
  • Ha ha ha, she’s not wrong
  • Morbid, much?
  • Ha ha ha ha. Don’t be mad at the pigs, they’re so cute.
  • Ah man, do all the voiceovers have to be depressing?
  • So gross
  • Where’s this headed now?
  • Yep, she wasn’t wrong
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2018 Film Challenge: 29. What We Do In The Shadows

It’s a New Zealand-based vampire mockumentary! In some ways it was surprising that I hadn’t watched it already. It was good fun, as expected. Maybe not quite as full-on laugh-out-loud as I’d hoped, but there were definitely some good laugh-out-loud moments. Plus lots of pleasing shots of Wellington.

I didn’t make a lot of notes whilst watching it, as it’s not a long film, but here are the thoughts I had:

  • It’s Cuba Street!!! Ah man, this is going to make me miss New Zealand. More than I already do.
  • They’re as good at housework as me
  • That actually looks quite like the house we lived in in Wellington!
  • Burger Fuel!
  • That’s disturbing
  • Rhys Darby!
  • Ha ha, poking
  • That was pretty cool
  • I love the Kiwi pronunciation of ‘chips’
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