Top 777 Songs: 380 – 371

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Super Furry Animals
Keep The Cosmic Trigger Happy

GuerrillaTaken From: Super Furry Animals – Guerrilla (1999)

“We hailed a taxi to save drinking time”

This was my favourite SFAs song for quite a few years – including back when I previously did this chart. It’s gradually slipped down and been overtaken by other songs of theirs, but I still love it, it’s ace.



Amanda Palmer

Who Killed Amanda PalmerTaken From: Amanda Palmer – Who Killed Amanda Palmer (2008)

“Melissa’s gonna wet herself I swear”

This song always reminds me of when I saw Amanda play a ninja gig in Wellington (New Zealand). She played this song, which I wasn’t previously familiar with (being a relative newcomer to Amanda’s music), but it pretty much became an instant favourite from that point onwards. I’d imagine it’s quite difficult to write an upbeat song about rape and abortion, but if anyone can manage it…



The Crimea
White Russian Galaxy

Tragedy RocksTaken From: The Crimea – Tragedy Rocks (2005)

“Who knows what goes on in her pretty little head”

Apologies if I’m a bit brief in my descriptions today (or maybe you’ll all be thankful!) but this is just a great song – nothing else to say.



Beautiful Small Machines

Robots In LoveTaken From: Beautiful Small Machines – Robots In Love EP (2009)

“I got the frequency to turn you on”

I was so excited when the Robots In Love EP was released – it seemed like such a long time since the songs first started to appear on Bree’s MySpace. It probably was quite a long time in fact… Anyway, this was my instant favourite on the EP – it’s so good and instantly catchy.



Jens Lekman
An Argument With Myself

An Argument With MyselfTaken From: Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself EP (2011)

“You wanna keep fighting? Yeah I wanna keep on fighting. Alright, fair enough.”

Jens has some great lyrics – I love the whole notion of walking down the street and having an argument with yourself. It’s very stream of consciousness – I like the bit where he checks if he has enough cash for a taxi (and doesn’t). It’s brilliant.



Heavy Duty

Heavy DutyTaken From: Ooberman – Heavy Duty (single) (2000)

“Second is for losers and I am not a quitter”

Last time I recounted this story:

I can’t listen to this song without remembering the pain in the arse it was to download! In the small period of time it was available (was it just a few hours?) I happened to be at my Mum’s. I asked Nick if I could use the computer to download it but he was being stroppy for some reason and said no. So instead I texted/phoned Dad and asked if he could download it for me instead. Of course he said yes though he did have some problems with it and in the end didn’t manage to download it all before it was unavailable again. However, thankfully in the meantime Nick realised (or was probably told by Mum!) that he was being a miserable bugger and said that I could download it 🙂 And happily it worked fine for me.

Was the original free download the only version of this song that was available back in 2005?? Hmmm… maybe the only ‘Ooberman’ one I had at the time – I’ll definitely have had the Phantom309 version from the Different Places EP. I’m not sure at what point I got Hey Petrunko Plus (which has a different version on), though it’ll have been before The Lost Tapes was released in 2007. The version on The Lost Tapes is pretty much the same as the Hey Petrunko Plus one anyway, it just doesn’t have the ‘your battery is fully charged’ bit at the end (which I do really like). Anyway – there’s not really a huge amount of difference between the different versions, which is why I struggle to choose a favourite – I’ve gone for the ‘original’ one here but just because it’s the first one I heard. However, despite the multiple versions, none are on YouTube, alas.



Franz Ferdinand
Take Me Out

Franz FerdinandTaken From: Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand (2004)

“I know I won’t be leaving here with you”

Last time I said this:

It took me a little while to get into this song for some reason but tis one of my faves now. It reminds me of seeing Space in Stourbridge last year as it played between support bands.

Huh. Random little memory there that I’d since completely forgotten. Well, not *completely* I guess – I remember the Space gig! It was actually the last time I saw them before they split up for a while. Very very pleased they’re playing again now though – their recent gigs have been ace. And I’m possibly slightly off-topic… Franz Ferdinand! Yes. Still a great song. Embedding’s disabled for the video on YouTube, but it’s here.




The BendsTaken From: Radiohead – The Bends (1995)

“You do it to yourself”

This was my favourite Radiohead song back in 2005 and it still is. Always gotta mention the greatness of the video too, just because. Hee hee, just because. Shut up.



Avenue Q Soundtrack

Avenue QTaken From: Avenue Q (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (2003)

“Fuck you lady, that’s what stairs are for”

My favourite song from Avenue Q – no question. I just love it – it’s funny, it’s catchy, you get to spell a long German word – what’s not to love?



Hawksley Workman
Wonderful And Sad

Lover/FighterTaken From: Hawksley Workman – Lover/Fighter (2003)

“I wish that happiness could just be pretended. The closest thing to that is a bottle of whiskey, dear.”

A fitting title – it’s definitely wonderful, plus sad in a beautiful way. The lyrics are great – I particularly love the opening lines, plus the lyric I’ve quoted above (I’m a sucker for mentioning alcohol, what can I say?).

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

380. The Cardigans – Losers

379. Alanis Morissette – Head Over Feet

374. The Divine Comedy – Absent Friends

373. Catch – Expensive Kiss

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 390 – 381

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Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra
Massachusetts Avenue

Theatre Is EvilTaken From: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – Theatre Is Evil (2012)

“I chased you for so long and when I caught you I gave up”

A catchy tune and great lyrics – I put it on quite a few mix CDs in 2014-2015. I haven’t made any mix CDs in a while actually – maybe I’ll offer some to people after I’ve finished this chart countdown (which won’t be for a while yet as we’re just hitting the half way point with this post!).



The Divine Comedy
Becoming More Like Alfie

CasanovaTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Casanova (1996)

“It saves time to say what you mean”

Casanova is such a good album. I’d say that if you only ever buy one album by The Divine Comedy, it should be this one; though obviously you should treat yourself to more than one ideally. I sometimes forget just how good an album it is. Similarly, I find that this song can often be overlooked in terms of greatness – at least by me. There are quite a few The Divine Comedy singles that I prefer to this one but it definitely deserves this respectable chart placing.



Simple Kid
The Commuter

SK1Taken From: Simple Kid – SK1 (2003)

“I smoke the brands with the cancer guarantee”

This song didn’t make it into the chart last time – I’ve always liked it but it was a bit of a slow burner in terms of becoming a favourite. It’s definitely one of my most listened to Simple Kid songs in recent years though. Someone’s made their own video to the song and it’s rather good:



The Ark
The Most Radical Thing To Do

In Lust We TrustTaken From: The Ark – In Lust We Trust (2002)

“I could try every drug, give everyone a hug, set every prisoner free and claim I’m Jesus’ son”

I’m surprised this is a new entry, but I guess I didn’t really get into The Ark until around the time that I was doing the chart in 2005, so they kinda missed out. The only song of theirs that made it into the chart then was ‘One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young’, which is one of the first songs of theirs I got hold of. My peak listening to The Ark was between 2006 and 2008 and this very quickly became one of my favourites. In fact it’s my 2nd most scrobbled song of theirs on I love the lyrics and the contrast between the verses and the chorus. It manages to be flippant and entertaining but then also quite emotional and affecting. Loving this live performance of it:




Queen IITaken From: Queen – Queen II (1974)

“You send me to the path of nevermore, when you say you didn’t love me anymore”

This song really works best within the context of the album, as it’s so short that it’s almost hard to consider it as a song in its own right – I think that’s why it didn’t make it into the chart last time. I have the same difficulty with ‘Lily Of The Valley’ on Sheer Heart Attack. Anyway, length doesn’t matter right (heh heh)?? This is a beautiful song and deserves to make it into the chart. The part with the lyrics I’ve quoted above just hits me every time – it packs quite an emotional punch for such a short song.



The Bends

The BendsTaken From: Radiohead – The Bends (1995)

“I wish that something would happen”

I’m not that big a Radiohead fan in general, though The Bends is a great album and here’s the title track. Radiohead always remind me of my Dad too as he was a much bigger fan of theirs than I am.



Little Birdy

ConfettiTaken From: Little Birdy – Confetti (2009)

“It was not just my pride, it was physical”

Another great Little Birdy song. Don’t really have more to say than that.




SuedeTaken From: Suede – Suede (1993)

“If you were the one, would I even notice now my mind has gone?”

I can’t see a Volvo and not think of this song. I love the way it builds and gets more emotional as it goes on. It acts as a bit of a precursor to the epicness of Dog Man Star.



Black Box Recorder
The Goodnight Kiss

The Facts Of LifeTaken From: Black Box Recorder – The Facts Of Life (2000)

“A fairy tale with a sting in the tail. Tonight we’ll draw blood.”

This has been my favourite Black Box Recorder song for quite a long time. Last time I said this about it:

For some reason the memory I have associated with this song is sitting on a bus on my way back to Stourport from Kidderminster. I have a really clear vision of myself sitting on the bus and looking out the window at one of the charity shops while this song was playing. Random thing to remember I know. I’m not sure if it was when I was working at CAB or when I was going to the stupid New Deal 2-week nonsense thing but it was that kinda time when I listened to BBR quite a bit.

I’d kind of forgotten about this specific memory, though I do still picture Stourport high street when I listen to this song – it’s just become so subconscious that I don’t really think about it or fully take it in.



The Ark
A Virgin Like You

In Lust We TrustTaken From: The Ark – In Lust We Trust (2002)

“I wish I was as simple as you seem”

Two songs from this album in the same entry. It is a great album!

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

390. Suede – Heroin (Note the spelling. I don’t mean ‘Heroine’!)

388. Ooberman – Danny Boy

385. Suede – Untitled

384. Alanis Morissette – 21 Things I Want In A Lover

381. Catch – No-one Knows

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 400 – 391

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I Am The Mob

International VelvetTaken From: Catatonia – International Velvet (1998)

“Stop blowing the don, put his keks back on”

It’s slipped down in my favourites, though I still stand by my incredibly exclamatory praise of it back in 2005:

You know the top 100’s going to have to be amazing if this song hasn’t even managed to make it in! 😮 One of my favourite songs live! I remember when I first got International Velvet, this was my instant fave on the album. I remember thinking ‘this needs to be a single! Why hasn’t this been a single?!’. I then discovered it *had* been a single, before Mulder And Scully, but just hadn’t gotten the radio play. This seemed incomprehensible to me! Such a rocking, anthemic, ball-busting song! The video’s one of my absolute faves as well. Owen and his mushroom!! Happy Families! Mark and his toy boat! Oh yes.

And here’s the aforementioned video, featuring Owen and his mushroom (which, I hasten to add, is not a euphemism!):



The B-52’s
Rock Lobster

The B-52'sTaken From: The B-52’s – The B-52’s (1979)

“It wasn’t a rock. It was a rock lobster!”

One of those songs that just fills you with glee and the need to dance about. Plus you can pretend to be various aquatic animals. The narwhal is my favourite.



Murry The Hump
Cracking Up

Songs Of IgnoranceTaken From: Murry The Hump – Songs Of Ignorance (2001)

“Like a ten foot wall, I can’t get over you”

In a properly lazy Tuesday evening fashion, I’m just going to copy and paste what I said last time:

I’m not sure whether this was the first MTH single I bought or whether I bought Don’t Slip Up first. Which was released first? Anyway, I do remember buying this single and spookily as I was looking for it it started playing on the in-store radio in either Virgin or HMV. I also remember looking through the vinyl to find the one with the lowest limited edition number on it, he he. Tis a brilliant song.

Someone’s been similarly lazy with this video, as it doesn’t even have a background of the album or single cover, but hey, the music’s there:



Aimee Mann
Pavlov’s Bell

Lost In SpaceTaken From: Aimee Mann – Lost In Space (2002)

“Why, if this is nothing, I’m finding it so hard to resist”

This charted really close to Cracking Up last time too. Interesting. Both have only dropped a really small amount, which I’d say is quite accurate – they’ve been firm and steady favourites. This one’s another song that I always associate with Buffy – what with it being in the show an’ all. It’s also my favourite song of Aimee’s.




JazzTaken From: Queen – Jazz (1978)

“To fall in love was my very first mistake”

I’ve only properly fallen in love with this song in recent years, though I can’t really explain why. I’ve always liked it, it just never particularly stood out to me for a long time – I guess it was eclipsed by some of the other tracks on Jazz. It’s wonderful though – I love the bits of guitar on it, plus it’s all about the emotion.



Hell’s Barbecue

Suburban Rock 'n' RollTaken From: Space – Suburban Rock ‘n’ Roll (2004)

“While Heaven sleeps, Hell starts to party”

If this song didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have a t-shirt that says ‘perverts are taking over’. Well… it’d be less likely anyway! I wrote back in 2005 that I originally thought the lyric was ‘bluebirds are taking over’. Ha ha ha. I’d totally forgotten about that. This is one of the rare times when I prefer the actual lyric to my imagined one. This is the only song from Suburban Rock ‘n’ Roll to make it in to the chart, which is a bit of a shame – there are other songs on the album that I used to prefer, but this is the one that’s had the greatest staying power. Alas it’s not on YouTube, but you’re all listening to the Mixcloud mix anyway, right?? 😉



Simple Kid
I Am Rock

I Am RockTaken From: Simple Kid – I Am Rock (single) (2002)

“And he drinks a lot, just to get in the Groucho”

Again I’m totally happy with what I said about it last time:

I wasn’t actually aware of this song for a while as it’s not on SK1. It was someone on the Space forum that first made me aware of it – though I can’t remember who it was now. Neil? Marc? Anyway, I then found a promo of it at a record fair, so bought it. Tis now one of my favourite Simple Kid songs. Very very T-Rex and just brilliant.

No YouTube video, alas.



Sinaptic Gap
Flamboyant Child

Taken From: Sinaptic Gap – Back To Bay 6 (2000)

“Through the mistiness of medication, will you open up the doors?”

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the copy and paste function:

I had great difficulty including songs by my Dad’s bands as it’s difficult to separate myself from them and to rank them amongst other songs. I only included my absolute favourites in this chart – this of course being one of them. And no it’s not just because I chose the word ‘flamboyant’ for the title or because I play quite a bit of flute on it or because I do some of the backing vocals! Although that helps too 😉 But no I actually just really love the song.

Less surprising there’s not a video for this one.



Amy Winehouse
Back To Black

Back To BlackTaken From: Amy Winehouse – Back To Black (2006)

“You go back to her and I go back to black”

This is the only Amy Winehouse song that I have, as she’s not someone I was generally that into, but I heard this song on a TV advert for the album and was just captivated by it. It’s just brilliant. She was a huge loss to music.



Bat For Lashes
The Wizard

Fur And GoldTaken From: Bat For Lashes – Fur And Gold (2006)

“Wrestle your bones over mine”

My first introduction to Bat For Lashes was when I saw her support Jarvis Cocker in early 2007 (at a gig at The Astoria – a venue that meant a lot to me and which I still miss). I loved the whole style of the music and really enjoyed her set. The track that really stood out to me was this one – The Wizard. It stuck with me so much that it’s still my favourite now.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

400. Blur – Stereotypes (though it was shortlisted)

399. Mull Historical Society – Mull Historical Society

397. Michelle Branch – Goodbye To You

396. Catatonia – The Mother Of Misogyny

394. Melys – Chinese Whispers

393. Queen – Breakthru

392. The Veils – The Tide That Left And Never Came Back

391. Easyworld – Junkies And Whores

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 410 – 401

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



The Decemberists
Grace Cathedral Hill

Castaways and CutoutsTaken From: The Decemberists – Castaways And Cutouts (2002)

“We were both a little hungry so we went to get a hot dog”

This song only really crept up into my favourites after Cerys Matthews released a cover of it as a b-side to Open Roads in 2006. It’s a great cover, though I still felt that I needed to include the original here as my favourite.



Frida Hyvönen

Silence Is WildTaken From: Frida Hyvönen – Silence Is Wild (2008)

“We’ve had a problem with boyfriends. They often faint if they see blood.”

I love the honesty of Frida’s lyrics. At least I’m assuming this song has some personal experience behind it – if it’s purely fictional, it’s got some brilliantly specific and nuanced details thrown in. It’s a song about an abortion – hardly the most common of song subjects, but an important one. It became a favourite of mine very quickly as I just love how beautifully written it is. It’s the perfect balance of factual description, emotion and humour. Here’s a wonderful live performance of it:




His 'n' HersTaken From: Pulp – His ‘n’ Hers (1994)

“I only went with her ’cause she looks like you”

Following a song about abortion with a song called Babies seems somewhat inappropriate, but I swear it was unintentional! The last time I did this chart I mentioned how my favourite memory of this song was from the 4Scott tribute gig. My memory of that gig is somewhat faded now, with it being back in 2002, but happily someone’s put it up on YouTube, so I can remind myself of it! It was the first time I saw Pulp live – plus for quite a while afterwards, including when I last did this chart, I thought it was going to be the only time I got to see them live. So hooray for them then getting back together for some gigs and giving me the opportunity to see them a couple more times. Hopefully they won’t be the last chances either.



Plug-In Baby

Origin Of SymmetryTaken From: Muse – Origin Of Symmetry (2001)

“The underneath’s no big surprise”

This has possibly ended up a little higher than I intended – mostly because I hadn’t listened to it in ages, so when I was considering whether it was still a favourite or not, I was reminded of just how good it is and instantly ranked it fairly high. It is really good though – I just don’t listen to it that often these days.



Quality Time

Resigned To LifeTaken From: Minuteman – Resigned To Life (2002)

“I’m gonna do whatever makes me happy when so much makes me sad.”

My favourite Minuteman song, though one that was definitely a grower. I discovered Minuteman when I saw them support Suede at a gig at Birmingham Academy back in 2002. I bought a couple of their singles and then finally got hold of this album at some point. However, it wasn’t until about 2008 or 2009 that I really properly noticed this song and developed a love for it. I can specifically date it to that period of time as I remember which flat I was living in! One weird advantage to moving house so often I guess. I think it was the first time I’d properly listened to the lyrics. Maybe it was the name checking of Neighbours and Diagnosis Murder that did it.



The Beatles
All You Need Is Love

Magical Mystery TourTaken From: The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be”

This song clearly needs a lot of explanation as it’s so obscure most people probably won’t be familiar with it… Ho ho ho. As the original recording isn’t on YouTube, due to unsurprising strictness around the recording rights, I’m going to share a video of the version in the film Across The Universe, as it’s one of my favourite films. It is right at the end of the film though, so could potentially be a bit spoilery if you haven’t seen it and plan to see it (which you totally should if you remotely like Beatles songs and musicals).



Martha Wainwright
Bleeding All Over You

I Know You're Married...Taken From: Martha Wainwright – I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too (2008)

“You got a girlfriend and I can only talk about her for so very long”

My favourite song on this album – plus one of my favourite Martha songs in general, obviously. I just love the style of it – musically and vocally.



The French
Porn Shoes

Local InformationTaken From: The French – Local Information (2003)

“He’d have a girl with flat-soled shoes but he wouldn’t know what to do with her”

The song that introduced me to The French as my friend Russo put it on the Sunset Beach themed mix CD he made me. It became and has remained my favourite song of theirs. I just love the lyrics and the whole idea of the song – it’s the type of song that Darren Hayman just does perfectly. Here he is performing it live:



Beautiful Small Machines
Simple Joys (4 Roy & Pris)

Simple JoysTaken From: Beautiful Small Machines – Simple Joys (4 Roy & Pris) (single) (2009)

“If I could somehow spend another day with you, I’d pluck out the eyes of God”

As this is the first Beautiful Small Machines song in the chart, I feel like I should explain who they are, for anyone unfamiliar. A lot of the songs that ended up being released as Beautiful Small Machines were originally being recorded for Bree Sharp’s third album – they’d even been up on her MySpace page as I’d listened to them quite a few times. Anyway, she then decided that they should really be released under a new band name – a band consisting of her and Don DiLego – rather than just under her solo name. Hence, Beautiful Small Machines were born. Initially they released the Robots In Love EP, which included some of those MySpace songs, then they released this single, which features Simon Le Bon. They’ve also since released an album (The DJ Stayed Home – released in 2013). All are well worth getting. Anyway, this specific song I loved instantly – the mood of it is just really compelling. The video’s cool too:



Dreamer’s Ball

JazzTaken From: Queen – Jazz (1978)

“Make my life worthwhile, with the slightest smile, or destroy me with a barely perceptible whisper”

Charting in a very similar position to last time, this is what I said about it then:

This song always reminds me of when I used to dance around my bedroom to it with my dressing gown. He he. It now also makes me think of Ally McBeal because of the whole dream-world type concept.

Wow, I’ve not watched Ally McBeal in years… Maybe it’s due a re-watch… But yes, I always identified with Ally a decent amount and this song definitely links to that. Although I don’t dance with my dressing gown any more, pretending that it’s a person (holding its arms whilst it’s hanging from the door – if you want to try it yourself), I do still relate to this song. Actually, I probably would still do the dancing thing if I happened to listen to music in the same room as my dressing gowns hang!! Who am I kidding?

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

408. Kendall Payne – The Second Day

407. Queen – Sail Away Sweet Sister

406. Cerys Matthews & All Seeing I – These Boots Are Made For Walking

403. Alanis Morissette – Hand In My Pocket

401. The Cardigans – Erase-Rewind

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 420 – 411

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



Radio Luxembourg
Mostyn a Diego

Diwrnod...Taken From: Radio Luxembourg – Diwrnod efo’r Anifeiliaid EP (2007)

“I followed you in, so follow me out”

Before they became Race Horses (plus obviously before they then split up), they were Radio Luxembourg and they released this EP of aceness. This was the song that really made me fall in love with them – there’s an obvious Gorky’s influence (so possibly unsurprising it was produced by Euros Childs) and it’s just so much fun! Here’s a Welsh-language version of it being performed on Bandit:



MC Mabon
Be Di Be

Jonez WilliamzTaken From: MC Mabon – Jonez Williamz (2007)

I got this song on a compilation called Dan Y Cownter 3 – a free compilation of Welsh-language music put together by Huw Stephens. It’s the only song I’ve got by MC Mabon, as although I love it, I’ve always assumed that his music in general is probably not likely to be my kind of thing. I know that sounds a bit odd. I should probably check out other songs of his to actually confirm or refute this theory, but as of yet I haven’t. Anyway, despite it not being the kind of song I’d expect to like, I think it’s ace!



Jarvis Cocker
I Never Said I Was Deep

Further ComplicationsTaken From: Jarvis Cocker – Further Complications (2009)

“I’m not looking for a relationship, just a willing receptacle”

Easily one of my favourites on this album – mostly because I love the lyrics – it’s just classic Jarvis.



Slipping Away

KleptomaniaTaken From: Mansun – Kleptomania (2004)

“I drink to make you go away”

I remember hearing this on the radio for the first time – it was so exciting to have a new Mansun single, even if it was the last one. It became a favourite very quickly and is still up there.



The Bluetones

The BluetonesTaken From: The Bluetones – The Bluetones (2006)

“You like to see those little veins pop in my brow”

This album tends to be quite overlooked – including by me, to be honest. However, I really love this song. The ‘Surrendered In The Living Room’ version on the ‘Head On A Spike’ single is really good too. I like the jaunty verses and then the harmonies on the more emotional choruses.



The Hot Puppies
Theda Bara

Under The Crooked MoonTaken From: The Hot Puppies – Under The Crooked Moon (2006)

“Why don’t we synchronise our lunch hour?”

A bit of a grower in terms of it being a favourite – I can’t really think of anything particular to say about it – it’s just a good song! No YouTube video though, alas.





Attack Of The Grey LanternTaken From: Mansun – Attack Of The Grey Lantern (1997)

“You’ll quibble that our drivel seems unsatisfactory”

I very rarely listen to Taxloss these days, though it’s a great song and had to have a decent chart position. I was going to share what I said about it last time, but I just said how it’s a great song with a great video. These things are true. I can’t go to Liverpool Street station without thinking of Mansun and looking around in the hope that someone might throw money around. As of yet, they haven’t, but I live in hope.



Regina Spektor
Carbon Monoxide

Soviet KitschTaken From: Regina Spektor – Soviet Kitsch (2004)

“Carbon monoxide, soon I’ll go to sleep”

I’m just going to re-post what I said last time:

The first Regina Spektor song I heard. I got it on an HMV playlist CD infact! It’s a really beautiful song. Regina’s got a really emotive and interesting voice and the sections where she sings ‘come on daddy’ are just really haunting. I’d recommend her to people who like Martha Wainwright etc.



Little Birdy

Little Birdy EPTaken From: Little Birdy – Little Birdy EP (2003)

“I want to escape what you’ve done to my life”

I can’t think of anything to say about this that I haven’t already said about the previous Little Birdy songs – I love her voice, they’re ace… blah blah blah. Listen and enjoy.



Say You Miss Me

Being ThereTaken From: Wilco – Being There (1996)

“I’ve been sleeping alone, out on my own”

Wilco were one of those bands I’d heard of but wasn’t really familiar with. I have Teel to thank for suggesting I check them out. I downloaded a few songs of theirs randomly, initially, including this one. This one just really struck a chord with me at that time and I’d imagine I listened to it quite a few times in 2006 / 2007… *consults*… It’s in my top 50 songs on there as I’ve listened to it 63 times. And yep, the peak was in 2007 when I listened to it 33 times. I can’t imagine there are vast numbers of people who’d describe it as their favourite Wilco song, but it is mine.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

420. Big Leaves – Alien and Familiar

419. The Cardigans – My Favourite Game

418. Semisonic – Secret Smile

417. Easyworld – Luka

416. Republica – Drop Dead Gorgeous

414. Ooberman – Where Did I Go Wrong?

412. Alanis Morissette – Right Through You

411. Catatonia – Way Beyond Blue

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Top 777 Songs: 430 – 421

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FragileTaken From: Melys – Fragile EP (1996)

“Put your name on my skin and brand me, but I’m not yours to own.”

The first Melys song I ever heard. As I explained last time I did this chart:

The first Melys song I ever heard. I had it on Dial M For Merthyr (Fierce Panda compilation) but hadn’t really listened to the compilation much as had basically just bought it for Catatonia collector type purposes! I read some great reviews of Melys though in Welsh Bands Weekly so then thought I should listen to Puppet. I loved it and listened to it loads. Since then of course they’ve become one of my favourite bands.

No video on YouTube, alas, but listen to the Mixcloud mix.



Right Said Fred
Deeply Dippy

UpTaken From: Right Said Fred – Up (1992)

“Deeply dippy, I’m your Superman. I’ll explain – you’re my Lois Lane.”

This has probably ended up a tad higher than I really meant for it to, but I do love it. Definitely my favourite Right Said Fred song. I know it’s a long way from the greatest lyrics of all time, but musically I really like it – the bass line and the brass section particularly.



Serotonin Smile

Shorley Wall EPTaken From: Ooberman – Shorley Wall EP (1998)

“Give me an E please Bob”

Probably the first Ooberman song I heard, as I got it on a CD that came free with Melody Maker, though it’s not one that I was initially keen on so I didn’t then look any further into the band. However, I did then start to get interested in Ooberman when I read a few reviews of The Magic Treehouse, which sounded like it should be my kind of album. I then bought Tears From A Willow when it was released and totally fell in love with it. At some point later I re-discovered I had this song and gave it another listen. It still wasn’t totally my thing at that time, though it gradually grew on me. I didn’t even consider it a favourite the last time I did this chart, though I obviously do now. I’ve always really liked the contrast between the verses and the chorus – it’s just that I wasn’t initially keen on the style of the verses. It’s got a great energy, though, plus references Blockbusters! I’m easily pleased by things like that. Plus I love the line at the end about them being the “second best unsigned band in Liverpool”. You can get an ace live version if you skip to 2:24 in the video below. Or you can treat yourself and listen to the whole thing 🙂 I really miss getting to see them live – still holding out hope they’ll gig again some day.



The Wannadies
You & Me Song

Be A GirlTaken From: The Wannadies – Be A Girl (1994)

“You tell me I’m a real man and try to look impressed. Not very convincing, but you know I love it.”

A ’90s classic, surely. The kind of song that just makes you happy to hear it.



Race Horses

FurnitureTaken From: Race Horses – Furniture (2012)

“All the times I used to doubt it, but now it seems I’m lost without it”

An instant favourite on this album. So catchy and just so good!




Pablo HoneyTaken From: Radiohead – Pablo Honey (1993)

“I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul”

Another ’90s classic. I rarely listen to it these days, but I still felt like it deserves a place in here. As I said about it last time:

Classic indie anthem – has to be included. Amusingly though, the thing that always comes to mind when I hear this song is the programme Last Chance Lottery. Did anyone else used to watch that? It was fab! At the end of every show, Patrick Kielty would sing Creep, but with slightly changed words.

I still think of Last Chance Lottery whenever I see Patrick Kielty on TV. I don’t even remember anything about it now – other than the singing of Creep and also Sing by The Carpenters. It was probably awful, but I loved it at the time.



Electric Light Orchestra
Mr Blue Sky

Out Of The BlueTaken From: Electric Light Orchestra – Out Of The Blue (1977)

“Hey you with the pretty face, welcome to the human race”

This is another song that possibly ended up a little higher than I meant for it to, though it’s such a jolly, upbeat kind of song, it’s hard not to love it. I’ve gotten to hear it a couple of times recently sung by the choir that my friend Emily’s in.



Dazed, Beautiful and Bruised

Equally Cursed And BlessedTaken From: Catatonia – Equally Cursed And Blessed (1999)

“Cause me grief and my belief is harm will come to you”

Last time I said this:

Ooh I listened to this song a few minutes ago! It was my instant favourite on Equally Cursed And Blessed. The first time I listened to it I was just like ‘Wow! What a way to end an album!’ 😀 Just brilliant. I remember thinking it should be a single, though actually I don’t know if it would really have worked as a single or not. Maybe. It’s almost too good for a single, y’know? It works best just making you go ‘wow’ at the end of the album.

I rarely listen to it these days, hence it having dropped so much in the chart, though it’s still a brilliant song.



A Stain To Never Fade

This Is Where I StandTaken From: Easyworld – This Is Where I Stand (2002)

“A blemish on an otherwise detestable career”

I’m surprised this charted so low last time. This is what I said about it:

One of the first Easyworld songs I ever heard. I downloaded A Stain To Never Fade and Junkies And Whores at the same time, after Kate had been recommending Easyworld on the CatBoard. They were a good introduction to the band before I then got to see them support The Bluetones just a couple of weeks later.



Jens Lekman
The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love

I Know What Love Isn'tTaken From: Jens Lekman – I Know What Love Isn’t (2012)

“A broken heart is not the end of the world, ’cause the end of the world is bigger than love”

Really excited to hear that Jens has a new album coming out next month. I was also surprised reading his post here, where he talks about I Know What Love Isn’t and says how it wasn’t a hugely popular album. Personally it’s my favourite album of his! But it’s not unusual for me to disagree with the majority. Anyway, this is one of my favourite songs on the album. It’s a really comforting notion that a broken heart, whilst a difficult and awful thing, is quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things. It’s like when you watch a Brian Cox programme about the relative insignificance of human life – it just puts things in a different perspective.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

429. tobyslater – Next Life

428. Supergrass – Pumping On Your Stereo

426. Cathy Davey – Go Make It

425. OK Go – Hello, My Treacherous Friends (though it was shortlisted)

424. The Divine Comedy – The Frog Princess

422. Ash – Sometimes

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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