Top 777 Songs: 300 – 291

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Tears From A Willow

The Magic TreehouseTaken From: Ooberman – The Magic Treehouse (1999)

“I’d rather play with fire than myself”

This song will always have a special place in my heart, for the reason I wrote about last time:

The very first Ooberman song I ever heard. I’d read a few good reviews of The Magic Treehouse and it sounded just like my kinda album. I couldn’t really afford to just go out and buy it though so I put it on my Christmas list instead. I really wanted to get a single or something first though, just to get an idea of what they were like. I kept checking in HMV and Virgin but the Blossoms Falling and Million Suns singles were about £4.99 and I didn’t want to spend that much on singles by a band I wasn’t really familiar with. However, one week I checked and they had Tears From A Willow (which must have just been released) for £1.99 (I think). So of course I bought it! They also had the single of Spanish Dance Troupe by Gorky’s that week, which I also bought as they were another band I wanted to hear stuff by. I loved both of the singles, but the Ooberman one especially! The fact that single has 2 of the best b-sides on probably helped too, but even just TFAW by itself was a breath of fresh air with so many dull bands around. I mean, the chorus is ‘going down to talk to the cows’! How fab’s that?!

Enjoy the video and the amusing radio edit of ‘mushroom tea’ rather than ‘LSD’. It also has bunnies and cows and Andy up a tree with a stick! It’s probably one of my favourite videos of theirs actually.



Back To You (feat. Brett Anderson)

Pleasure 2Taken From: Pleasure – Pleasure 2 (2007)

“You roll those eyes and trap my hand in your thighs”

I really like both of the Pleasure albums. Pleasure was a project from Fred Ball, who also co-wrote Brett Anderson’s first solo album, which was released the same year as Pleasure 2. Fred was part of his live line-up at that time too. Brett went on to include a version of Back To You on his second album, Wilderness, but the version on the Pleasure album is my favourite. This album was a little tricky to get hold of, as a search term of ‘pleasure’ or even ‘pleasure 2’ isn’t particularly helpful in narrowing down search results, funnily enough. The first album was easy to find in record shops in the UK, but sadly this one wasn’t. I had to get it imported from some Scandinavian online record shop that had a slightly dodgy-sounding name – I wish I could remember what it was or that I still had the confirmation e-mail. Coupled with the title of ‘Pleasure’, it definitely sounded more like I was ordering sex toys than a CD! Anyway… This is a brilliant song with a really cute video.



David Bowie
Space Oddity

Space OddityTaken From: David Bowie – Space Oddity (1969)

“I’m floating in a most peculiar way”

From one spacey sounding song to another (not that space actually sounds like anything, but you know what I mean…). Everyone already knows how great this song is, right? As a random personal anecdote – I’ve always found that the part of the song where he sings ‘am I sitting in a tin can’ really reminds me of the bit in Willy Wonka where Gene Wilder sings really eerily on the psychedelic boat ride. You can watch that scene here and judge whether or not you think I’m nuts to make that comparison.



The Decemberists
Shankill Butchers

The Crane WifeTaken From: The Decemberists – The Crane Wife (2006)

“Something went horribly askew, now killing is their only source of joy”

I got this song on a free magazine CD prior to getting this album. Annoyingly it was misspelled as ‘Shankhill Butchers’, so I’ve got it scrobbled on under 2 different titles, but that’s just a personal perfectionist peeve. I loved it instantly – it’s quite eerie and really captivating. It’s my 2nd favourite Decemberists song. Here’s a great live performance of it (I’d love to see The Decemberists live):




Saturday NightTaken From: Suede – Saturday Night (single) (1997)

“So fucking what if he’s licking the bag? Don’t OD on him now.”

W.S.D. stands for ‘We’re So Disco’ (erm, obviously). There’s also a version of it called ‘We’re So Disco’, which was a b-side on the DVD version of the Attitude single, though I rarely listen to that – I had to play it just now to remind myself of what it’s actually like. That version does have a slight disco feel to it, though that seems really wrong, despite the title – I like that the original’s really dark and strange. Last time I did this chart I described it as ‘quite an odd song really but I love it’. That covers it pretty well.



Little Birdy
Andy Warhol

BigBigLoveTaken From: Little Birdy – BigBigLove (2004)

“You burn a hole in my heart”

A really emotional song from Little Birdy, with amazing vocals, as always.




A Day At The RacesTaken From: Queen – A Day At The Races (1976)

“We’d broaden our minds more in the poolhall than we did in the school hall”

I think I mentioned previously how I’ve grown to appreciate Roger Taylor’s songs more and more as I’ve gotten older. This is another example of that, though it’s a song I’ve always liked anyway. I really love how the actual music sounds drowsy.



The Hot Puppies
Love In Practice, Not Theory

Under The Crooked MoonTaken From: The Hot Puppies – Under The Crooked Moon (2006)

“You may behold me but why can’t you hold me?”

Ah, I do enjoy a song about fancying guitarists. This is actually my most listened to song by The Hot Puppies. I tend to group it together in my head with ‘Boy In A Rock And Roll Band’ by The Pierces, as they both evoke strong memories of the 2007-2008 period, which is when I listened to them most. I just went on and looked up my most listened to tracks during that 2 year period and this song’s joint 19th. I thought it might be higher, but that’s still pretty good. I tend to forget that you can look up scrobbles for any specified period of time – it’s really interesting. Anyway… I didn’t listen to this song much between about 2010 – 2014, as I’d probably overplayed it a bit, but have since rediscovered my love of it – hoorah! No video to share though – YouTube mostly just brings up videos of actual puppies – not that that’s a bad thing.



Cathy Davey

Something IlkTaken From: Cathy Davey – Something Ilk (2004)

“It may be sweet to share a bed but when you’re fucking with my head this stopping-pit is now a no-go zone”

You can probably tell from the previous chart placing that this was one of my early favourites on Something Ilk. This is what I said about it last time:

My favourite Cathy song!! Instantly my favourite on the album. In fact I knew I was going to love it, before I even heard it, as thought the lyrics were brilliant.

I like that I’d read the lyrics before I heard the song – that’s something you tend to lose now with hearing things digitally and not necessarily getting a physical copy with the lyrics written in it. That excitement of having a new album and wondering what it might be like based on the artwork and song titles and lyrics… I still really love this song, even if it’s no longer my favourite Cathy song.



Nouvelle Vague
Too Drunk To Fuck

Nouvelle VagueTaken From: Nouvelle Vague – Nouvelle Vague (2004)

“You ball like the baby in Eraserhead”

My favourite Nouvelle Vague cover. I’m not overly familiar with the original, which probably helps, as it’s harder to prefer a cover when you love the original. I really love the contrast of her delicate voice with the harshness of the lyrics. Plus how she sings it like she’s drunk. And the fact that the lyrics name-check Eraserhead!

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

294. Suede – Down

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 310 – 301

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The Ark
Tired Of Being An Object?

In Lust We TrustTaken From: The Ark – In Lust We Trust (2002)

“She doesn’t want your shield, maybe she’s the one who’s free”

Ahh, I feel like we haven’t had a song by The Ark for a while. Their music just makes me happy. And want to dance. I guess those things are kinda related – it’s surely hard to dance when you’re miserable… Anyway… The recent furore surrounding Emma Watson’s breasts made me think about this song (there’s an unexpected sentence) as it explores that whole idea around whether being an attractive and sexual woman equates to some kind of negative, anti-feminist objectification. It’s also just damn catchy.



The Beatles
In My Life

Rubber SoulTaken From: The Beatles – Rubber Soul (1965)

“I know I’ll often stop and think about them”

I really struggled as to whether to go for this version or the Johnny Cash cover, as I really love both. I went for The Beatles, though to balance it out a bit, here’s Johnny Cash’s version:



The Free French

It's Not Me, It's YouTaken From: The Free French – It’s Not Me, It’s You (2003)

“And then you said that maybe you’d like to have my baby. Of course you meant it metaphorically.”

So much of my love for this song is in the lyrics. It’s pleasingly sarcastic and bitter. This is seemingly how I like a lot of my music. Alas there’s no video to share, but you can hear it on the Mixcloud mix of course.



The Magic Theatre
Cathedrals Of The Mind

The Long Way HomeTaken From: The Magic Theatre – The Long Way Home (2013)

“What clever and what tragic apes are we”

An instant favourite on this album – it’s so good! The music, the lyrics… It makes you feel quite proud of humanity, which is definitely a feeling to cling on to. Yes we do a lot of bad things and can be a bit misguided, but there’s also beautiful buildings, music and books! Plus we’re fairly insignificant when you look at the universe and all of existence, so, er, yay!??!



Try Not To Think

This Is Where I StandTaken From: Easyworld – This Is Where I Stand (2002)

“She writes his name in steam upon the shower screen, with her left hand”

Last time I said this:

I love the intro for this song. I love the rest of it too, but the intro especially is just cool.

Interesting. I really wouldn’t have thought to specifically mention the intro now but maybe I’ve just gotten so used to it that I don’t even think about it – I just hear it as the intro to Try Not To Think. I guess it is pretty cool. The bit I enjoy more now though is where the chorus kicks in for the first time. Yeahhhhh!



Bree Sharp
Everything Feels Wrong

More B.S.Taken From: Bree Sharp – More B.S. (2002)

“How could you let me go, after it took so long to find me?”

This wasn’t a song that particularly stood out to me on the album, initially, which is why it didn’t chart last time. It’s grown on me a lot over the years though and is definitely one of the Bree songs I listen to most now. In fact I just checked and it’s currently joint 2nd in terms of my most played Bree songs (along with Morning In A Bar). It’s also another one that I developed a particular extra fondness for when being in a post-breakup state. It’s also got a rather sexy video, should such things be of interest to you…



Metal Mickey

SuedeTaken From: Suede – Suede (1993)

“She sells heart, she sells meat”

Last time I just said this:

Another one that was brilliant live as everyone would just go mental!

The past tense briefly threw me, then I remembered it was during the hiatus period. So so pleased they’re back together and I’ve gotten to see them live again – plus their live shows have been better than ever in recent years. I hope they do more soon… Anyway, yes, Metal Mickey’s still awesome, particularly live. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a suitable live performance on YouTube… Yeah, this’ll do it:



I Can Only Disappoint U

Little KixTaken From: Mansun – Little Kix (2000)

“Tonight it feels so good feeling cheap”

Last time I said this:

As already mentioned, I got into Mansun pretty late on. That was probably a good thing for the band though as I do tend to jinx bands as soon as I become a fan! Electric Man was the song that got me into Mansun, though this is the song that really confirmed they were great.

Awww, yes, the period of time when I felt like I was a band jinx as they all seemed to break up within a period of a few years. Catatonia, Mansun, Suede, Pulp, Big Leaves, Gorky’s, Easyworld, Space… That wasn’t a fun period of time. Thankfully some have since gotten back together (hoorah), but still… Mansun aren’t one of the bands that have reunited but it’s been great to finally get some solo material from Paul Draper. Speaking of whom – he looks particularly good in this video… (just saying)…



Cerys Matthews

Never Said GoodbyeTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (2006)

“I’m not leaving, I’ve got no place to go”

I’m going to find what I wrote about this when I first heard it (partly out of curiosity and partly as a lazy way of having something to write about it now! Why should Present Chantal do work that Past Chantal already did?! 😉 ):

Ooh blimey! This is totally different again. It has a dancey kinda beat – funky, but in a different way to Seed Song. I feel like I’m dancing in a darkened club now. Woah, I think that needs some more listens!

Ha ha, maybe not the most descriptive of descriptions, but not inaccurate. Never Said Goodbye is an awesome album. Here’s an acoustic version of it, which has a very different feel to the album version (which is on the Mixcloud mix), but is great in its own way: Link to it as embedding is disabled.




The Bluetones
The Happy Lobotomy

Serenity NowTaken From: The Bluetones – Serenity Now EP (2005)

“Can’t pretend that I will miss it that much. But it was handy for the crosswords and such.”

I wish they’d play this song live (I was going to add ‘more often’ but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually heard it live… Potentially once when the EP was released, but not even sure about that). It’s so good! I prefer it to Serenity Now (and to all of the songs on the self-titled album, actually). Can I start some kind of campaign to get them to add it to setlists? Ha ha ha, I just searched for a video on YouTube and a live performance comes up!! Not for a gig I was at, granted, though proof they did at least play it live. Plus I just checked my gig list and I saw them at Birmingham Academy the previous night, where it’s quite likely they also played it, but still… bring it back, boys!

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

309. Tal Bachman – She’s So High

308. Pleasure – From The Country To The City (feat. Ed Harcourt) (though it was shortlisted)

307. Ooberman – Running Girl

305. Placebo – Every You Every Me

304. Remy Zero – Prophecy

302. Cerys Matthews – Chardonnay

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 320 – 311

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:




InnuendoTaken From: Queen – Innuendo (1991)

“You can be anything you want to be. Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be.”

I tend to forget just how good this song is. It’s a perfect opening track, so I’m pleased it’s happened to fall at the start of this batch of 10 songs so that it’s the opening track on the mix. My thoughts about it last time were interesting:

Amazing epic type song. I love all the changes in style etc. I guess it’s not surprising that since my Queen obsession I’ve gotten into bands like Suede and Mansun as some of their songs have the same epic scope and power.

I’m not sure I’d now specifically think of mentioning Suede and Mansun in a comparison to Queen, though I get where I was coming from with it. I do like me an epic song. Six as an album definitely has some similarities with an album like Innuendo.



Feeling Good

Origin Of SymmetryTaken From: Muse – Origin Of Symmetry (2001)

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, for me”

Last time I mentioned how I first heard them perform this live on Jools Holland. I’d totally forgotten about that but am now having megaphone flashbacks. I also mentioned last time that I didn’t initially realise it was a cover! Wow, I’d forgotten that too. Anyway, it’s a great song and I still really love this version. I’d also forgotten that my MP3 copy cuts off really suddenly at the end though – it only occurred to me as I was doing the mix for this post. Hopefully it’s not toooo obvious and the next song comes in relatively smoothly! Anyway, as I mentioned the performance on Jools, it seems only right that that’s the video I share here:



Hope You Cry Yourself To Sleep

Rumours And CursesTaken From: Melys – Rumours And Curses (1998)

“I’ve had my problems too, but I don’t take them out on you”

I know I put this chart together myself, just a year or so ago, but I’m still quite surprised that this is as high up as it is. Not that it’s not a great song – it’s just not always one that I think of as an absolute favourite (which is probably why it didn’t chart at all last time). I was clearly in a bitter, post-breakup kinda mood and felt a particular connection to this song at the time I did the chart positions! Ha ha. A lot of Melys songs are pretty biting and bitter (which is partly why I love them so) and this one’s definitely up there. Maybe not quite on the scale of Acid Queen, but not far off it. Sadly there’s no YouTube video to share, but all the more reason to listen to the Mixcloud mix 😉



Y Cyrff
Mewn Plu

Mae Ddoe Yn DdoeTaken From: Y Cyrff – Mae Ddoe Yn Ddoe… (compilation) (1992)

My favourite Y Cyrff song. It’s one that took a while to grow on me, which is why it didn’t chart last time, though I love the style of it – it has quite a dark feel to it. Annoyingly I thought that I’d seen a video for it on YouTube at some point, but it’s either gone or I’m getting confused – I think I might have been thinking of the Pethau Achlysurol video actually. There are a lot of old Y Cyrff videos up on YouTube now though, which is brilliant – I’m very grateful to all the people who’ve uploaded them. This one from 1985 with a really young Mark and Paul is my favourite thing of today. You’ll have to listen to the Mixcloud mix for Mewn Plu though.




Take It Easy Chicken

Two EPTaken From: Mansun – Two EP (1996)

“Star is scrawled on my wall”

I think I pretty much covered this last time as it still evokes the same memory:

I really got into this song not that long before I saw Mansun live. I hadn’t really listened to it much before then, but as it was leading up to the gig I checked out the setlists they’d been doing and saw they’d been playing this song, so decided I should get more familiar with it! So in the few days before the gig I learnt the lyrics and started to really love it. It turned out to be the last song they did at the gig and the one where I had to move outside of the mosh pit for fear of getting crushed to death! He he.



The Tears
Apollo 13

Here Come The TearsTaken From: The Tears – Here Come The Tears (2005)

“In eyeliner you wrote me a note that I’ll never read at all”

I think I mentioned previously how all of the songs by The Tears were particularly high in the chart last time as the album hadn’t been out long and I was slightly obsessed with it. So although this song’s dropped a lot, it’s just that it’s found a more natural position amongst my other favourite songs now. I even acknowledged this when I did the countdown last time:

I wouldn’t put this quite so high now, but it is a brilliant song. It was my instant fave both at the first Tears gig and then also when the album was released. There are now other songs on the album I like even more than this one, but they’ll probably fluctuate over time.

I was definitely right about the fluctuation – there’s one Tears song still to come that didn’t even chart last time! Apollo 13’s still brilliant though and was great live. Still a bit gutted The Tears weren’t around for a bit longer or that I at least got to see them live more than once – I was meant to see them at Somerset House but couldn’t make the rescheduled date, sadly. Still pleased I made it to their first gig at Oxford Zodiac though. Anyway, enjoy this live performance of Apollo 13:



The Divine Comedy
Something For The Weekend

CasanovaTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Casanova (1996)

“There ain’t nothing in the woodshed. Except maybe some wood.”

It’s another song from Casanova! I swear I haven’t included the entire album. Not quite anyway. How can you not love this song? The first Divine Comedy CD I bought was A Secret History, so all of the songs from that (including this one) take me back to that period of time where my love for The Divine Comedy started to develop and grow.



Big Leaves

Pwy Sy'n Galw?Taken From: Big Leaves – Pwy Sy’n Galw? (2000)

Last time I said this about it:

Just a brilliant song. Great tune and fun to sing along to regardless of language understanding (or lack thereof). My favourite song on ‘Pwy Sy’n Galw?’.

It’s not actually my favourite on the album any more (I’ve ranked 2 others higher), though it is still great fun to sing along to! The ‘cofia gau y drws…’ bit particularly.



Little Birdy
Tonight’s The Night

BigBigLoveTaken From: Little Birdy – BigBigLove (2004)

“I try so hard to make it up to you”

Definitely one of the songs that made me fall in love with Little Birdy – it’s so good. This whole album’s great, in fact – if you only ever get one Little Birdy album it should really be this one. Though you’ll surely then enjoy it so much that you’ll need all the others too!! At least that was my experience.



Doing All Right

QueenTaken From: Queen – Queen (1973)

“Yesterday my life was in ruin. Now today, I know what I’m doing.”

How did this not make it in last time?! Madness. I really like that this group of 10 songs is bookended by two brilliant Queen tracks. Like a lot of my favourite Queen songs it does that thing of suddenly shifting style part way through the song. More than once even. Love that.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

319. Easyworld – CelebrityKiller

318. Cathy Davey – Clean And Neat

315. Amy Wadge – Scream

314. Suede – Savoir Faire

312. Mansun – The Apartment

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 330 – 321

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



Shoot The Messenger

Equally Cursed And BlessedTaken From: Catatonia – Equally Cursed And Blessed (1999)

“Allow me one extravagance before they come and ban me”

I love the style of this song – it has a sleazy, drunken kinda element to it, plus the musical saw gives it an added eeriness too. It’ll also always have a fond place in my heart for giving me the title of my Catatonia website (New Bonhomie). Alas that site went offline a few years back. I still have intentions to create a new and better version of it, though have had those intentions for quite a while… Hopefully some day I’ll manage to create the new New Bonhomie.



Super Furry Animals
Northern Lites

GuerrillaTaken From: Super Furry Animals – Guerrilla (1999)

“You’re turning every modern theory on its head”

Guerrilla was the first SFAs album that I got and this was an instant favourite on it. Very instant and catchy and just great.



Brett Anderson
The Exiles

Black RainbowsTaken From: Brett Anderson – Black Rainbows (2011)

“There’s endless majesty within the chances that they take”

After having been fairly ambivalent towards the previous couple of Brett solo albums, Black Rainbows was such a pleasant surprise and a great precursor to Bloodsports. This song was my favourite on the album – plus it’s the highest charting Brett solo track in this countdown. I just love the style of it.



Jarvis Cocker
Fat Children

JarvisTaken From: Jarvis Cocker – Jarvis (2006)

“The police force was elsewhere, putting bullets in some guy’s head for no particular reason”

So good. Classic Jarvis. Who else could so successfully pull off a song about being killed by fat kids? I love the lyric ‘they wobbled menacingly’ – just 3 words but it’s so evocative. I also love the bit where there’s the pause and then the ‘ahhhhh’s kick in. Ahhhhh. This performance on Newsnight (of all things) is ace:



Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews
Baby, It’s Cold Outside

ReloadTaken From: Tom Jones – Reload (1999)

“Maybe just a half a drink more”

Last time I just said the following:

Ah this song always makes me happy. I also love the fact it often gets played at Christmas time, even though it’s not specifically a Christmas song.

I’d still go with that. I also feel like I should mention the disturbing rapey overtones to this song (“Say, what’s in this drink?!?”). I love the way that Tom and Cerys played with that in the video though – having Cerys seeming all innocent in the beginning then having the switch to her being the more dominant one and locking Tom in the cage (I almost wrote ‘girl power’ then and felt a bit like Daisy in Spaced). Alas I discovered this past Christmas that the Baby, It’s Cold Outside promo video isn’t on YouTube any more, though you can still watch it here (hoorah!). I always loved that it opens with the same cliff edge that’s used in the Ballad Of Tom Jones video (as both Space and Tom Jones were with Gut Records at the time). Anyway, that song’s still to come… (does that count as a spoiler? That’s surely just to be expected). For now enjoy the aceness of the TFI Friday performance of BICO (bloody freezing innit?):



The Boy Least Likely To
I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes

The Best Party EverTaken From: The Boy Least Likely To – The Best Party Ever (2005)

“How did I get to be such a mess so soon in my life?”

The song that got me into The Boy Least Likely To (and still one of my favourites). I feel like Jof’s a bit of a kindred spirit. It’s surely one of the jauntiest songs about anxiety and paranoia you’re ever likely to hear. I’m getting quite excited to see them at Wales Goes Pop next month. I should really get round to actually buying my ticket.



Far Far Away

Carried AwayTaken From: Ooberman – Carried Away (2006)

“Just like always I love you. At least I do today. As for tomorrow, I don’t know. Confused as I ever am.”

Just a really wonderful song. The music… Sophie’s vocal… I’m slightly lacking in words, but I’m going to blame the fact that it’s late on a Thursday and I’m drinking wine… ‘Here comes trouble’… 😉



Jill Sobule
Empty Glass

Prozak and the PlatypusTaken From: Jill Sobule – Prozak And The Platypus (soundtrack) (2008)

“Empty shelf, empty room, just a big empty hole”

Initially released on the soundtrack to Prozak And The Platypus, this song’s also on Jill’s album ‘California Years’. I tried to use the California Years version on the Mixcloud mix, but for some reason it was playing in a slightly glitchy way through my DJ software, so I ended up having to re-start the mix (which was a tad annoying) and had to use a demo version of the song that Jill made available through her website prior to the versions being released on Prozak… and California Years. In some ways I’m pleased about that though as that’s the version of the song that I initially fell in love with. It’s got a rawness to it that I really love.



Bar Italia

Different ClassTaken From: Pulp – Different Class (1995)

“It’s ok, it’s just your mind”

I wonder how many Pulp songs have been favourites of mine at various points in time… This one was a favourite for quite a while after I got Different Class. It’s a great closing track and incredibly evocative (as are most Pulp songs I guess…) – I can’t listen to it and not picture a greasy spoon cafe and feel slightly hungover… I mean that as a compliment. I think.



Cerys Matthews
Blue Light Alarm

Never Said GoodbyeTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (2006)

“Talk too much, too easily, but there’s always more to say”

The first time I listened to Never Said Goodbye, I actually wrote down my thoughts on it as I was listening to it, in a stream-of-consciousness kinda way. I also seem to remember sending it to Cerys (which she seemed to enjoy, thankfully). I want to say that I compared this song to Ooberman… I’m going to see if I can find what I wrote (I’ll surely have saved it somewhere)… Aha! Found it! In lieu of thinking up something vaguely sensible to say about this song now, enjoy the ramblings of 2006-era Chantal, as she heard this song for the very first time:

This song’s like being in a magical forest or something! A magical forest with some kind of hidden threat! Oooh, ooh wow – I love that bit that just came in! Ok, that doesn’t really work as a comment if you can’t hear what I’m hearing right now, but trust me, that was good! This song makes me think of Ooberman – which is never a bad thing. It has that magic and big orchestration and explosions of sound!

You all feel much more enlightened, right? 😉 This is the only version of it I can find on YouTube – the camera’s a bit wobbly, but it still sounds beautiful:

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

330. Smash Mouth – All Star

329. Semisonic – This Will Be My Year

328. The Tears – Refugees

325. Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less And Less

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 340 – 331

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



Beautiful Small Machines
Counting Back To 1

Robots In LoveTaken From: Beautiful Small Machines – Robots In Love EP (2009)

“I’m just another blister in the mouth of shame”

3/5s of the songs on the Robots In Love EP have made it into this chart – that’s how good it is. The first to chart was Superconducter and this is the 2nd. I often struggle to choose which I prefer, plus change my mind a lot as well, though I’m currently still in agreement with the ordering I went with here. I particularly love the end section of this song.



Bright Eyes
First Day Of My Life

I'm Wide Awake...Taken From: Bright Eyes – I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning (2005)

“I think I was blind before I met you”

This is an interesting song in that on first listen it sounds incredibly romantic, as it has some really beautifully romantic lines and sentiments in it, but it’s not quite as straightforward as that – there’s also a sense of something having gone wrong in the relationship and not being totally sure about it, but leaning towards giving it another go as they’d ‘probably be happy’ and it’s better to keep working at something than to hold out for something better that might never happen (‘waiting to win the lottery’). When I first noticed those lyrics I was a bit disappointed, as I liked the notion of it being really romantic, but actually I quite like the realistic honesty of them now. It also amuses me that lots of people have used it as a wedding song – have they just not listened to it properly?? I’m guessing probably not.




Intergalactic Sonic 7"sTaken From: Ash – Intergalactic Sonic 7″s (2002)

“I can’t even think with you still in my head”

The last time around this charted after a lot of slow, introspective songs, which is why my comments on it started like this:

Ah, hoorah, an upbeat song! My fave Ash song in fact. It’s just so catchy!! It always reminds me of being at V2002 as they kept playing the video on the big screens. I love Charlotte’s dress in that video – she looks amazing.

It’s still my favourite Ash song (which I’m aware is probably unusual, but I don’t care). And Charlotte Hatherley still looks amazing in the video. The video’s awesome in general, actually – I’d forgotten about all the references to other bands.



The Beatles
Across The Universe

Let It BeTaken From: The Beatles – Let It Be (1970)

“Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup”

I think the first version of this song that I had was the Suede cover. This largely explains why it became a favourite. I’ve also got versions of it by Rufus Wainwright, David Bowie and Fiona Apple. Plus the version of it in the film Across The Universe. So yeah, probably not surprising that I quite like it!! I felt like I had to include The Beatles’ version here though really. I mean, it’s The Beatles!



I’ve Seen The Top Of The Mountain

FoolTaken From: Mansun – Fool (single) (2001)

“Downhill could be my best direction”

Wow, this has climbed a lot since last time. All of the b-sides to Fool are actually really strong – I probably prefer them to a lot of Little Kix! This is the only one that’s charted though – it’s so good!




This Is Where I StandTaken From: Easyworld – This Is Where I Stand (2002)

“Give me all your demons. They don’t scare me now.”

This has always been a favourite on This Is Where I Stand. I don’t listen to it quite so much these days, which is why it’s dropped in the chart, but it’s still a great song.



Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)?

Love BitesTaken From: Buzzcocks – Love Bites (1978)

“I’ll only end up losing you and that’s worse”

I struggled in knowing where to put this song in the chart as it’s not one that I’ve played a huge amount myself over the years (I’ve actually scrobbled the Nouvelle Vague version a few more times!) but it’s one of those songs that will come on at an indie night, or such like, and it’s always a joy. I tend to forget just how much I like it until I happen to listen to it. After listening to it for this chart I decided that it needed a decent placing, so here it is.



Cathy Davey
Army Of Tears

The NamelessTaken From: Cathy Davey – The Nameless (2010)

“One by one, they formed a line, and pledged allegiance to this salty heart of mine”

By far my instant favourite on The Nameless – it kinda blew me away. I possibly over-played it a bit at the time, which is why it isn’t as high up as it possibly deserves to be, but it’s such a powerful song. This live version’s brilliant too:



Cerys Matthews
Open Roads

Never Said GoodbyeTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (2006)

“Hold on to dreams and to memories, they’re the only things that really exist”

I know some people weren’t totally sure about the mixing on this album and the prominence of the vocals, but I’ve always totally loved it – maybe it just suits my ear and the way I hear things, I don’t know. This song in particular stands out for that – especially if you listen on headphones – it kinda sounds like Cerys is singing from inside your own head. I mean that as a good thing (though realise it sounds a bit creepy). I find that it helps the song to resonate and makes it more emotional, though I find it quite an emotional song anyway. The end bit in particular really hits me right in the heart. Here’s a wonderful live performance of it with Mason, Teel and Wal:



The Drowners

SuedeTaken From: Suede – Suede (1993)

“We kiss in his room to a popular tune”

My wordy description of this last time was ‘brilliant song’. Y’know, I sometimes feel like I’ve gotten more lazy as I’ve gotten older, but I definitely haven’t in relation to doing this chart! Not that I’ve really got a huge amount extra to add to that description, to be honest, but last time I didn’t provide the info on where the song was taken from, there wasn’t an embedded YouTube video and I didn’t put together a mix of all the songs for people to listen to. So I’m giving myself props for being less lazy this time around – go me! My favourite version of the video (as there are 2) is the foamy fan club one (largely for the beautifulness of Brett in it, I’m not going to lie), so here you go:

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

339. Ocean Colour Scene – The Day We Caught The Train

337. The Divine Comedy – Life On Mars (the song itself might possibly still have charted, though this version hasn’t)

334. Amy Wadge – Valley Boy (though it was shortlisted)

332. No Doubt – Don’t Speak

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 350 – 341

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



Simon Love
**** (Is A Dirty Word)

It Seemed Like A Good Idea...Taken From: Simon Love – It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (2015)

“Love is a dirty word. It’s true, no matter what you’ve heard.”

The part that really makes this song for me is the impressive chain of swearing followed by the music suddenly getting louder. It’s so good! Great live as well. So here’s a live recording of it:




This Is Where I StandTaken From: Easyworld – This Is Where I Stand (2002)

“And you know, when you’re just hanging on, that’s enough”

Last time I said this about it:

I first heard this song when I saw them support The Bluetones. It was my favourite of the tracks they did during that set and it’s stayed a favourite song of theirs generally.

As you can see, it’s dropped down a bit in my favourites since then, as I feel like it was more of-it’s-time than a lot of other Easyworld songs that feel a bit more timeless, but I do still love it. In a word association kind of way, if I hear ‘Easyworld’ I probably do think of Bleach first. Plus I love the video – it’s really simple but still memorable and just feels perfect for the song.



The Voluntary Butler Scheme
Hot Air Balloon Heart

At Breakfast, Dinner, TeaTaken From: The Voluntary Butler Scheme – At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea (2009)

“I’ve been dreaming of you too regularly”

Is this the first entry for The Voluntary Butler Scheme? Wow. I guess all my favourite tracks of his charted quite high. I’ve got my ex to thank for introducing me to The Voluntary Butler Scheme aka Rob Jones. Of all the music he introduced me to, I think I’m most grateful for this one. I probably became a bigger fan than he was. This album in particular I just love. I wish Rob would gig more as The Voluntary Butler Scheme though – I saw him twice in 2009 (one of those being the gig at Buffalo Bar where I bought this album) but haven’t had the opportunity since. He seems to do more production work and session musician type work these days. In fact he recorded and played on Simon Love’s album! He’s done lots of work with Sweet Baboo as well – including my favourite album of his, ‘Ships’. Anyway, this particular song is just really wonderful. Enjoy:




Life's Too ShortTaken From: Melys – Life’s Too Short (2005)

“You’ve got to know how it feels to be a girl”

I mentioned last time that there was still another song to come from Life’s Too Short – you didn’t have to wait long for it! I feel a bit bad that this has slipped so much in the chart as I’ve actually been rediscovering my love of it recently, so would probably rank it higher again now, but hey. I think it’s since I saw them perform it at Sŵn Festival – I was reminded of just how good it is. I’ve always loved the lyrics to this song – it’s about not being interested in really macho guys and instead asking a man to get in touch with his feminine side and put some eyeliner on. And awwww, here’s John Peel introducing it on the radio:



The New Pornographers
Myriad Harbour

ChallengersTaken From: The New Pornographers – Challengers (2007)

“All I ever wanted help with was you”

My favourite song by The New Pornographers. It was one that I downloaded randomly when I was checking out their music and I just fell in love with it. I think I slightly overplayed it at one point, so I don’t listen to it too often now, but it’s so good. One of those songs where I don’t see how anyone could fail to enjoy it.



Manic Street Preachers
No Surface All Feeling

Everything Must GoTaken From: Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go (1996)

“No not blood just liquid from you”

Last time I oh so eloquently described this as ‘One of my faves on Everything Must Go.’ That’s it – that’s all I said! Though frustratingly I can’t think of much more to say about it this time. It’s just a really good song. I really like the guitar intro – is that a slightly more interesting thing to say? Meh, just listen to it and enjoy it yourself 😛



The Divine Comedy
Through A Long & Sleepless Night

CasanovaTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Casanova (1996)

“The casualties of casual sex”

This has only snuck up as a favourite in the past 10 years – I want to say that it was round about 2008/2009 that I properly started to appreciate just how good it is. Doing this chart again has also helped me realise that Casanova is still definitely my favourite album by The Divine Comedy. As much as I love some of the later ones, this has sooo many of my favourites on it. Anyway, this song’s quite a difficult one to describe, but there are so many great bits in it – the lyrics are brilliant and it’s pretty much impossible to choose a favourite – though a contender has to be ‘you deserve to be horse-whipped, but I’ve no horse, that joke’s so shit’, ha ha. The music’s also really diverse and changes styles all over the place – you get the slow and hypnotic part of ‘bored of normality, why not go daft…’ then it builds up to the brilliant moment of ‘then again you could try just to live your own life in the way that you find most amusing’ and the scream of ‘I don’t really care!’ Ahhhhh, so good!!!



Murry The Hump

Songs Of IgnoranceTaken From: Murry The Hump – Songs Of Ignorance (2001)

“I would screw ya, I would screw you up”

Last time I mentioned how this was one of the last songs that I got to hear from the album, as it was one that I didn’t hear until I actually bought the album on CD (whereas I’d already downloaded most of the songs from it on MP3!). I’d kinda forgotten that, though knew it was one that took a little while to become a favourite. Pleased it’s continued to climb though – I do still listen to it quite a lot.



Bulimic Beats

Equally Cursed And BlessedTaken From: Catatonia – Equally Cursed And Blessed (1999)

“I treat him as I would he unto me”

One of my instant favourites on this album. I don’t really know why I so rarely listen to it these days as I previously loved it so much. This is what I wrote about it last time:

This song makes me want to cry. This song probably *has* made me cry in fact. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Especially if you play it really loud and put your head quite close to the speakers so that the orchestra kinda rolls over you.

The orchestration and vocals are incredibly beautiful. One of my favourite performances of it is the one from TFI Friday, which I’m hoping might be on YouTube… Yay it is (thanks Jamie!):



Cathy Davey
Cold Man’s Nightmare

Something IlkTaken From: Cathy Davey – Something Ilk (2004)

“It hurts sometimes to have you so alive kicking inside”

The last time all I said about this song was ‘More people need to check Cathy out, they really do. She’s brilliant!’ Still true, granted. I love this album – it’s still probably my favourite of Cathy’s, even though I know she wasn’t that happy with it and it was more the album that her record company wanted. I particularly love the prominence of the drums on it, which are played by Cathy herself. This song’s a good example of that.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

347. Mansun – Lemonade Secret Drinker

346. Pulp – F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E.

344. Leona Naess – I Tried To Rock But You Only Roll

342. Space – Charlie M

341. Alanis Morissette – Joining You

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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