National Poetry Month and Gender-Neutral Toys (of course those things go together!)

As it is National Poetry Month in the UK at the moment, I thought I’d upload a fairly recent one of mine. I wrote it a few months ago for possible inclusion in a book. It didn’t make it in, sadly, but it means I can share it with you for free on the internet instead.

It was inspired by the recent campaigns to eliminate gendered-marketing for children. I just signed a petition on this subject, which I also urge other people to do. You can find it here.

It’s tempting to fill this blog post with an explanation as to why this is so important, but Joanne Harris’ blog post here already says everything I’d want to say!

So, if you’d like to read my poem on the subject, you can find it on the Poetry page (funnily enough). It’s the top one – ‘Shopping Superhero’. I feel like ‘Supermarket Superhero’ would have made a better title, but as I’d already written the poem and started it off by saying I was in a toy shop, not a supermarket, I wasn’t going to re-write the poem just to fit the better title!! Unusually for me it’s quite a fun and humorous poem, despite the fact it’s making a serious point. I hope a few people enjoy it at least, though more importantly I hope lots of people sign the petition.

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