A-Z: The Research – Right Said Fred

The Research – Breaking Up (album promo)
I think I first checked out The Research because William had been singing their praises. I downloaded a few songs, really liked them (well, one inparticular) and then bought this promo somewhere.
‘I Love You, But…’ – By far my favourite song on the album and the one that made me want to buy the album in the first place. “I love you, but I’m scared I’ll fuck it up”.
On the first listen I wasn’t actually hugely fussed by this as an album, but I’m sure the songs will have been slowly penetrating my brain via my playlist, so I reckon I’ll probably enjoy it a lot more this time, now the songs will be a bit more familiar.
‘Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same’ – All the songs on here are good, but I think I prefer hearing them on their own just now and then, interspersed between other songs. Having all of them together’s a bit of an overdose I find. It’s not a long album, but I find myself getting a bit bored about half way through. There’s not quite enough variety for my short attention span!! The songs are good though.
‘Splitting Hairs’ – I really like this song.

Rhonda Harris – The Trouble With Rhonda Harris (album promo)
Yes this album is in the right place. Although ‘Rhonda Harris’ sounds like a person, it’s actually a band name. A Danish band at that. I read a really good review of this album somewhere and was really interested in them. I managed to download a few songs, but they were quite difficult to find stuff by. Then on a visit to MVE in Camden, I was browsing through the album promos near the till and found this one! I hadn’t been able to find the actual album anywhere before, so I was rather excited. Especially as it was only a few quid! I haven’t managed to get hold of anything else of theirs since, but I really like this album. The mix of male and female vocals is good and there isn’t a bad song on here. I’d really like to get hold of their eponymous album at some point, especially as it has ‘Think Of Me Naked’ on it, which is probably my favourite song of theirs.

Hmm, I think the cold weather’s making me want to hibernate! I didn’t go to bed very late last night, but I still didn’t wake up until 11am. And just now I’ve been lying on the sofa, snuggled up in my spare duvet, just listening to the music and enjoying not having to move. I might have to get my Sofa Snuggler out and waddle about the flat in it. I might get a cup of tea or something first. I’ve become an old woman, I swear. Well, ok, I can’t quite imagine an old woman doing the walking-inside-a-sleeping-bag-type-thing,┬ábut I’m sure they would if they weren’t scared of breaking their hips or something.

Gruff Rhys – Yr Atal Genhedlaeth (album)
Brilliant album! For some reason I really like short albums that have lots of fairly short songs on them. Obviously my short attention span again! I haven’t actually been hugely fussed by the last couple of SFAs albums, but both of Gruff Rhys’ solo albums have been fab. This one particularly I reckon. I really need to get the Neon Neon album too.

Gruff Rhys – Candylion (album)
I haven’t listened to this album anywhere near as much as ‘Yr Atal Genhedlaeth’ and although I prefer ‘Yr Atal…’, there are some great songs on here too. Particular faves of mine are probably ‘The Court Of King Arthur’ and ‘Now That The Feeling Has Gone’.

Damien Rice – Cannonball (single)
This was a slightly random purchase. I quite liked this song for about a week and decided to buy the single, but then it got really badly overplayed and I went off it and haven’t played it since!
‘Moody Mooday’ – God, this is just really depressing sounding. I’m kinda pleased my dalliance with Mr Rice was short-lived.

Right Said Fred – Up (album)
Hell yeah! Much more fun than dreary Damien Rice! I’d call them a guilty pleasure, but I don’t even feel that guilty to be honest. They were a great pop band. Strangely it was actually my Mum that got me into Right Said Fred!! She heard ‘I’m Too Sexy’ on the radio and just thought it was hilariously brilliant! She bought the single on vinyl (which I think I might actually have stolen! He he) and thus began my love of the Fairbrass brothers and er the other one! *lol* I think I possibly even fancied Richard Fairbrass a bit. This probably explains a lot. Anyway, I got this album on cassette and loved it. I then got ‘Sex And Travel’ on CD. Infact I’m pretty sure it was my first ever CD album as I got it at the same time as my first ever CD player, either one birthday or Christmas, presumably in about 1993, which would have made me 13. Sounds about right. Annoyingly I then sold both albums at a car boot when I was in my later teens and probably found my previous love of Right Said Fred to be a bit embarrassing. I also sold a lot of my Kylie and Jason stuff around that time too, which again I regret now as these things go full-circle and you get all nostalgic for the stuff you listened to when you were younger. So a couple of years ago I popped on Ebay and bought this album and also ‘Sex And Travel’ and rediscovered my love of Right Said Fred.
‘I’m Too Sexy’ – How could anyone not like this song? It’s ace.
‘Deeply Dippy’ – My favourite RSF song. There’s just something about it. I think it’s brilliant!
‘Don’t Talk Just Kiss’ – I remember finding this song a bit embarrassing at the time. I must have been 11 or 12 when this album came out and playing a song with the lyric “Don’t talk just kiss, let your tongue fool around”, particularly when your parents are about, is a little embarrassing. Well, it was when I was that age anyway. I dread to think what it would take to embarrass 12 year olds these days.
‘Upon My Heart’ – This is an ace song too. I love the lyric “of course love’s meant to hurt, that’s why girls dress to kill”.
Anyway, I shall save ‘Sex And Travel’ for another occasion I think. I should try and find something vaguely resembling food and assimilate it in to something vaguely resembling a meal. Wish me luck!

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