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The Keys – The Keys (album)
Quite fitting that the first A-Z CD I listen to in Cardiff is one of a Welsh band. The Keys are the band of Matthew Evans, who used to be in Murry The Hump. It’s therefore unavoidable to try and compare them to MTH, even though you probably shouldn’t. Personally I much prefer MTH, I just do, but that doesn’t mean I dislike The Keys – infact I’m really enjoying listening to this now, a lot more than I did when I first got it. I think because the songs have had a while to grow on me – they’re a lot less instant than Murry songs were. And although there’s still a quirkyness and a definite sense of humour in there, it’s nowhere near as pronounced as it was in MTH and I guess I kinda miss that. There’s quite a country/folky element to this album, which was often present in MTH songs too, but these songs are a bit more…serious I guess. The lyrics are harder to make out actually, which I think is a shame, as they were one of the strongest assets of MTH, as they were often slightly nuts and completely hilarious!!
‘From Tense To Loose To Slack’ – Wow, I’d completely forgotten that the version on here was different to the single version – I’ve probably only listened to this version once. It’s not hugely different, but it’s a bit more country, a bit less pop and has a different intro, which makes it sound slightly less like Runaway by Del Shannon. I think I prefer the single version, but probably just because it’s the one I’m used to. Tis definitely my fave song by The Keys anyway – really catchy.
‘Gurl Next Door’ – This is great too actually. Infact it could easily pass as a Murry song, though again I’d prefer the vocal to be a bit more pronounced. I’d definitely like to see The Keys live some time. Shouldn’t be too difficult now I’m in Cardiff!

The Keys – Gurl Next Door / Listen The Leaves Are Falling (single)
Another great single from the Boobytrap singles club.

The Keys – Love Your Sons And Daughters (acetate single promo)

The Keys – From Tense To Loose To Slack (acetate single promo)

The Keys – From Tense To Loose To Slack (single)

The Killers – Hot Fuss (album)
I was first aware of The Killers when I randomly caught them performing Mr Brightside live on Top Of The Pops. I think I was just flicking through channels but stopped when I saw them, as was v impressed. To grab my interest with a live performance of a song is pretty impressive. So yes, I got hold of Mr Brightside pretty sharpish and bought Hot Fuss not long after. There are some great songs on here! I really need to get Sam’s Town as still don’t have it, shamefully.
‘Somebody Told Me’ – definitely one of my favourites, along with ‘Mr Brightside’ and ‘Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll’. Fabness.

The Killers – Mr Brightside (single)
Love love love this song. I love the whole idea of it being about a guy who’s totally paranoid and keeps imagining that the girl he likes is with someone else, as he’s just no good at looking on the bright side at all. Although I’m a pretty optimistic person, I can be pretty paranoid too, so I guess I kinda relate to that.

Off topic – I’m making fairly good progress with getting my flat all nice. I might even take some photos and share them with you all tomorrow! Whether you want me to or not. Might include myself in a couple – trying to capture pictures of myself before I get another year older, he he. I’ve actually found a few grey hairs recently, which is mega scary – I’m not even 30 yet, what’s up with that? Whose bad hair genes have I inherited?! Lame. I did try to kid myself that they were just blonde bits of hair for a while, as I do get some light blondish bits in my hair, plus some bits that look red in certain lights…but no, I caught a couple in the mirror at work yesterday and they were definitely grey. Bugger. I pulled them out but I’ll probably just get more growing through now *sobs* So yes, that’s fun in a not-at-all way. Next year I’ll have to put zimmerframes and colostomy bags on my birthday list or something. Heh, there’s a nice image for ya!

The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done (single)
I think I’ll make this my last CD of the day. I need to go make some food. Ooh, after changing the YouTube vid on my newly-pimped-out MySpace profile 😀 I think I shall put up Ooberman – Million Suns. I remember being really impressed by that vid the first time I saw it. I’m sure it didn’t look so cheesy back then!! Ha ha. And I agree with William’s observation that Andy looks spookily like a Teletubby at times, bless him! To be fair, it can’t be easy to pretend you’re actually playing your guitar when you’re wearing big space suit gloves! Anyway, food, yes…

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