A-Z: The Free French – Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

Ooh, I’m typing this in MySpace. Usually I type these blog posts in LiveJournal first and then copy and paste them into MySpace. LiveJournal automatically saves your posts as you’re typing them so I don’t need to worry about power cuts or accidentally clicking on something stupid and wiping everything I’ve written (as has been known to happen). In MySpace I don’t have that luxury though – I’m living on the blogging edge!! I’m only using MySpace this morning because LJ seems to be down. 🙁 Hopefully it will go all Lazarus at some point and I can use it again. But for now, on with the music!

The Free French – It’s Not Me, It’s You (album)
I have Laura to thank for introducing me to The Free French. She mentioned them a few times in her journal and they sounded like my kinda band! I added this album to the long list of albums on my Christmas list that year (2003? 2004?) and it was one of the ones I actually got 🙂 My Mum’s reason for choosing to buy it out of the long list of possible purchases? “I liked the album name”. So there you go people in bands – album titles matter!

For those not in the know, ‘The Free French’ is the musical lovechild of Rhodri Marsden…

Ooh, ooh, LiveJournal’s ALIVE! I’m typing the rest of this there…*settles in*…ah, so much better!…

What was I saying? Oh yes, Rhodri! Writer of various newspaper and magazine columns, keyboard player as part of the recent Scritti Politti revival, musical saw player for hire and master blogger. His LiveJournal entries are always well-written (which you’d kinda hope from a columnist) and very amusing. Informative too – I’ve learnt that Keith John Adams must either be one of the best people to go out drinking with, or one of the worst! (Explanation here.) Back to the music though – tis a great album. Unsurprisingly the lyrics are particularly brilliant, though the tunes are v catchy too. Particular faves of mine being ‘Vowels’, ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’, ‘Metaphorically’ and ‘How Vicious We Are’. I also really like reading through the liner notes – I’m not the only weird person who always does that am I? Reading through the ‘Thanks to…’ lists for any familiar names. It’s particularly fun with Welsh bands as you’re almost guaranteed to recognise at least 3 other names in there – usually including Gorwel Owen, who seems to have produced practically every Welsh album ever. Anyway, back to this album – Toby Slater gets a mention, which always makes me smile – I’m such a Toby Slater fangirl! I think he reciprocates on the Consumption single (mentioning Rhodri I mean, not me!!), though I won’t get to that for a while.

The Free French – A Place Of Our Own (album)
More great tunes and great lyrics. Can’t ask for more than that really can you? And I didn’t even have to pay for this album – not that I paid for the previous one either, my Mum did (and people wonder how I have as many CDs as I do). Anyway, I’d been wanting to buy this album, but as always I had a big long list of albums I wanted to get. It was back in 2005 and I was posting my ‘Top 777 Songs’ on LJ. A couple of Free French ones made it in, of course, and my friend William brought this to the attention of Rhodri, who I hadn’t realised was on LiveJournal at the time. In return for my liking his previous album, he sent me a free copy of his new one (this one). Score! If any other people in bands I like are reading this – free CDs are always welcome!! 😉 In return I will happily sing your praises in blog entries such as this one. I’m not sure what my readership is, but you might gain a few extra fans, y’never know! Anyway, for anyone reading this who now fancies checking out The Free French, their MySpace is here 🙂
‘Everyone’s Always Alright’ – Ah, this is one of my faves on this album, definitely.

Ah, I just went to check the post and my ticket’s arrived for Brett Anderson’s acoustic gig at Union Chapel in a few weeks. Woohoo! The ticket’s massive!! Well, compared to most gig tickets – not compared to like a house or something – I dread to think what the postage charge on that would be. It’s also incredibly bright and colourful – it’s like a beam of light coming down from the top left-hand corner of the ticket. I suppose it’s quite fitting with the gig being at a chapel! Not that I’m expecting it to be a religious experience (thank god. Ooh, blasphemy…blasphe-you!!), infact the last time I was there I witnessed Adam Green singing about having sex with paraplegics while people actually booed him! I think it was the people who’d unwittingly brought their kids along, thinking it would be a nice family occasion, watching a pregnant Cerys sing nice folky-type songs in an old church. Ha ha ha, it was quite amusing. More on that later though – Adam Green must be drawing near in my alphabet.

Frente! – Shape (album)
I’m not sure whether it’s cute or strangely pretentious to have a band name with an exclamation mark in it. In Frente!’s case I’m gonna go for cute. I’d forgotten how great this album is actually. This first track, ‘Sit On My Hands’, came up on my MP3 playlist last night and I was rather blown away by it. I’m amazed I haven’t listened to it more than I have. Angie Hart’s voice is beautiful – reminding me a little of Nina Persson at times actually. I love the song she did with Joss Whedon for the Buffy episode ‘Conversations With Dead People’ – ‘Blue’. It adds a lot to an already great episode. I should really get the Frente! album ‘Marvin The Album’ at some point. I’d really like to get Splendid’s album at some point too, but it’s difficult to find over here.

Fur Patrol – Pet (album)
From an Australian band to a New Zealand band! Although they’re based in Australia now too I think. My friend and fellow catfan Dawn introduced me to Fur Patrol and I downloaded a few of their songs. Their albums aren’t that easy to find over here though and this one’s actually a copy of the album, made for me by Joop. He went over to New Zealand a few years ago now and visited Dawn and bought some Fur Patrol CDs which he kindly then copied for me 🙂 I think this is my favourite of the 2 albums – maybe partly because it includes the few songs I already had on MP3.
‘Andrew’ – I remember putting this on a mix CD for Rand, what with his name being Andrew an’ all. Cool song.
‘Holy’ – this is probably my favourite Fur Patrol song. I can’t really explain why, I just really like it.

Fur Patrol – Collider (album)
Also copied for me by Joop. He also copied me the Starlifter EP, but that has all sorts of other things on it too, like Goldenhorse and The Brunettes, which are brilliant, but means it technically classes as ‘various artists’ and doesn’t make it into my A-Z.

Gabrielle Twenty Five – Y Dyn Heb Ddyfodol (single)
They’re Welsh (if you hadn’t guessed from the title), which means I should recognise lots of names from the inlay… well, it was released on Lawrence Music, which is John Lawrence (ex-Gorky’s)’s label and was recorded at Sylem, which is Melys’ studio (Sylem being Melys backwards – which I stupidly didn’t realise until I looked into a mirror when I was wearing my Melys t-shirt!!)! Plus it was produced by Geraint Jones who’s also produced stuff for Melys (unsurprisingly) and recorded Catatonia’s first demos. I think I just proved my Welsh bands theory! They’re an incestuous bunch! ;-P

Garbage – Beautiful Garbage (album)
It seems wrong that this is the only Garbage CD I own, but it is. Great album though, it makes me want to dance. Especially ‘Androgyny’ and ‘Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)’ 🙂
‘Cup Of Coffee’ – In contrast to the dancey songs, this is actually my favourite Garbage song. The lyrics are great and it’s just really moving. About someone telling you they don’t love you over a cup of coffee and how you then try (with difficulty) to get over them. “So no of course we can’t be friends. Not while I’m still this obsessed. I guess I always knew the score. This is how our story ends.”

Garlic – Jam Sabbatical (album)
I can’t remember where or when I heard about this album, but it made it onto my ‘wants list’ at some point and then kinda sat there for a few years. Eventually I bought it on Ebay a few months ago. I haven’t listened to it much yet, but tis good. Not sure who to compare it to – maybe Wilco? Hmm, kinda anyway. It’s definitely got an American sound, though as far as I can tell they’re British. Ah yes, just found a whole load of reviews of the album here. One of them compares them to The Shins – yeah, I can see that comparison. Pavement get mentioned a lot too, though I’m not familiar enough with them to be able to comment. I get the Grandaddy comparison though. And ooh Wilco get mentioned a couple of times! Oh yeah, I’m not so bad at this music reviewing malarkey after all.
Ah, I really enjoyed that album actually.

The George Cowley Experience – Ride Again (album)
This band includes a guy I work with – Peter Unwin – which is how I know of it and why I’ve got this CD. At our Christmas Away Days we usually do a Secret Santa, where we all bring in a present that goes into a box and then we all pick a present out (but not the one we bought obviously). You always know which present’s Peter’s as it’s always one of his CDs!! Yes that’s how I got this. People generally joke about his music and stuff as it does have quite a humorous edge, lyrically focussing on local areas and oddities. Some of the songs aren’t quite my kinda thing, but overall I actually rather like it. You’ve gotta love an album that starts with a song called ‘Silver Mobility Scooter’! That’s one of Peter’s songs. Actually Peter’s songs are generally my favourites – I won’t tell him that though or he’ll get a big head! 😉
Ooh, I just realised they’ve got a MySpace! I’d never thought of searching for them before. It’s here 🙂
‘Hallow Llama Drama’ – This is probably my fave song on here. It gets stuck in your head!! Oh and Hallow’s just down the road from where I work by the way.

Gintis – Happy Drunken Accidents (album)
William introduced me to Gintis. He thought it was shocking that there was a Welsh band I wasn’t already familiar with, ha ha. Have remedied that though. Bought the album not long ago after enjoying the songs on their MySpace. Not sure how to describe them really. They’re not a million miles away from Garlic actually! Maybe a bit more lo-fi sounding though.

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Patio (album)
You can tell this is the first album – it’s definitely got a sense of youth about it. Not that it’s immature – well, ok, I guess it is a little, but not in a bad way – you can just tell they were young! It has bonus tracks on too, which I’m guessing weren’t on the original vinyl release? This is the only one of the 3 Ankst albums that I’ve actually managed to get on CD! I don’t own Tatay at all (*sob*) and only have Bwyd Time on vinyl. And although re-releases keep being promised they never seem to actually appear! Sometimes I watch copies of Tatay and Bwyd Time on Ebay, but they always go for more than I can afford at the time.

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Bwyd Time (album)
Yes I know I just said I don’t have this on CD, but it’s a copy I made from the vinyl! ;-P Tis a great album – so much fun. Includes some classic Gorky’s songs like ‘Miss Trudy’, ‘The Game Of Eyes’ and ‘Iechyd Da’.
I’m just looking through the liner notes with the vinyl – Engineer: Gorwel Owen! Hee. Also, the ‘thanks’ bit reads like a who’s who of the Welsh music scene at the time (1995) – including Steffan Cravos (from Tystion amongst other bands), Ectogram, Catatonia, John Griffiths (Llwybr Llaethog), Datblygu, SFAs…plus John Cale and John Peel 🙂
Ok I’m gonna have some dinner and watch Doctor Who now! Series finale right? Should be fab.

*time passes*

Yep, that was damn good indeed! When’s Torchwood back?!! 😀

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Barafundle (album)
Brilliant album! I love the sense of magic on this album with the sound effects and instrumentation and obviously the lyrics and stuff – songs like ‘The Wizard And The Lizard’ and ‘Miniature Kingdoms’ especially.
I haven’t listened to this as an album in a long time actually – I’m really enjoying it.
‘Patio Song’ – Isn’t this the only Welsh/English bilingual song to make it into the Top 40 or something like that? Love love love it. “And if you really want to kiss her, just go right up and tell her”.
‘Cursed, Coined And Crucified’ – I love the flute on this track. Actually I love all the bits of flute on the album. I’m pleased I learnt to play flute at school as it does have a beautiful sound. Well, when it’s played properly – not necessarily all the time when I play it! He he. Nah, I do alright. Actually that’s reminded me that Dad gave me a copy of the latest Subaphotic tracks recorded, including Backwards (which I play flute on). Will have a quick listen after this album actually.

Ooh Subaphotic time. I’ll try not to say anything though as obviously we’re not up to ‘S’ yet! ;-P We should probably work on practicing live stuff rather than doing new songs really, but they do sound great (even if I say so myself, he he).

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Gorky 5 (album)
I think I might make this the last CD of the day – I’ve listened to quite an impressive amount today. I haven’t actually done much else, but hey I’ve enjoyed it.
This was the 2nd Gorky’s album I got (after Spanish Dance Troupe) and it’s probably my favourite. It was definitely an instant favourite. It’s got a great feel to it – it really sucks you in and flows brilliantly. You feel like you’re going on a musical journey. And it has some brilliant songs on it, which always helps!!
‘Let’s Get Together (In Our Minds)’ – one of my fave Gorky’s songs. Just brilliant – great tune, great lyrics!!
‘Tsunami’ – I’d forgotten how much I love this song. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and the ‘la la la’s penetrate your brain.
‘Sweet Johnny’ – My favourite Gorky’s song! I like the way it goes all mental and then manages to compose itself and finishes all gently and dignified. He he.
OK, yep, must be my fave Gorky’s album! Just genius. Seriously brilliant. If you don’t have this album you should get it! Really.

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