A-Z: The Divine Comedy (part 2)

The Divine Comedy – Fin De Siecle (album)
Such a big and grand album. Amazing as always.
‘National Express’ – Ah, this song makes me happy 🙂 It’s the song that really got me into The Divine Comedy infact.
‘The Certainty Of Chance’ – a song about chaos theory! Brilliant. “A school boy yawns, sits back and hits ‘return’, while round the world computers crash and burn”.
‘Here Comes The Flood’ – This song’s like something out of a musical! And I mean that as a compliment – I love musicals!! 😀

The Divine Comedy – A Secret History: The Best Of The Divine Comedy (album promo)
All 17 tracks!

The Divine Comedy – A Secret History: The Best Of The Divine Comedy (album)
The first Divine Comedy CD I bought and I loved it!!
‘Everybody Knows (Except You)’ – I remember the first time I heard this song; it was on the radio, a while before I got this CD. I didn’t realise it was The Divine Comedy and I just found it hilarious, but sadly not in a good way. I was mercilessly mocking the lyrics for being so predictable and cheesy – “everybody knows that I love you, everybody knows that I need you, everybody knows that I do…except you”! When it got to the end of the song and the DJ announced it was The Divine Comedy I was shocked – I’d heard such good things about them, how could they have such crap lyrics? When I did then get this album and listened to the song again, I realised that the cheesy lyrics are tongue-in-cheek!! I still find it quite difficult to listen to though for some reason and don’t actually have it on my MP3 playlist.
‘The Summerhouse’ – My favourite memory of this song is of when I saw The Divine Comedy at the Move Festival in Manchester. It had been raining and Neil said how he was going to sing a song to bring out the sun – and it worked!! Brilliant. Shame the same thing didn’t work during Suede’s set – they started playing ‘Positivity’ and it started hailing really heavily!! Ha ha.

The Divine Comedy – Regeneration (album)
I was quite disappointed by this album at the time it came out – it seemed too serious and not twee enough for my liking! I guess it does have a different feel to it and has more guitars and less grand orchestration than other albums, but it’s still very obviously The Divine Comedy and still has the brilliant lyrics. Some of the songs are amongst my favourites now infact, though there are still quite a few I’m not so fussed about. None of the songs are bad, but quite a few are just a little dull by Divine Comedy standards.
‘Note To Self’ – This song’s really grown on me over the past year or 2. I’d class it as one of my favourites now.
‘Mastermind’ – “You don’t need an indie song to figure out what’s going on”.

The Divine Comedy – Absent Friends (album)
The 3 years between album releases here was definitely worthwhile. Amazing album! Back to form without a doubt. I’m pretty sure I named this my album of the year for 2004, despite some tough competition! It’s really fresh sounding and the orchestration’s beautiful.
‘Sticks & Stones’ – “You and I go together like the molar and the drill” – how brilliant an opening line’s that?? Even if it does set my teeth on edge!
‘Come Home Billy Bird’ – Gotta love a guest vocal from Lauren Laverne
‘Our Mutual Friend’ – This song’s just brilliant! Love it. The music, the lyrics… *happy sigh*

The Divine Comedy – Victory For The Comic Muse (album)
The most recent DC album – released last year. After how much I loved Absent Friends, this had a lot to live up to! Sadly it just didn’t quite strike me in the same way and I’ve hardly listened to most of the songs. They’re all good, if not great, but it just didn’t draw me in as an album so much. I’m hoping it’s more of a grower.
‘To Die A Virgin’ – This is the only song that I’ve really fallen in love with and listened to to an obsessive extent. Love it!!
‘Snowball In Negative’ – Ooh the album’s finished. Enjoyed it, though have to confess my concentration drifted towards the end – although that’s partly because I decided to sort through my MySpace inbox and delete some of the old messages in it. I got strangely nostalgic reading ones from just last year! Have kept a few of my faves, but my inbox is much more svelt and streamlined now, he he. Just the 7 pages instead of the 36.

The Divine Comedy – Generation Sex (single)
I’m not sure if this is a promo or if someone just lost the case, which is why it’s in a plastic wallet! I must have got it cheap somewhere anyway.

The Divine Comedy – The Pop Singer’s Fear Of The Pollen Count (single)
The acoustic version of ‘Eric The Gardener’ is great 🙂

The Divine Comedy – Gin Soaked Boy (single promo)

The Divine Comedy – Gin Soaked Boy (single) CD2
This single had to be bought for ‘My Lovely Horse’ if nothing else!! Hee hee.

The Divine Comedy – Bad Ambassador (single) CD1
Ooh, I don’t remember these b-sides at all – I definitely haven’t ripped them and I’m not sure if I’ve ever even listened to them before. Shameful! Listening to ‘Edward The Confessor’ at the mo and v enjoying it.
‘U.S.E’ – Hee hee, this is cool too.

The Divine Comedy – Come Home Billy Bird (single promo)

The Divine Comedy – Come Home Billy Bird (single) CD1
‘Girl Least Likely’ – Brilliant song. About a girl who didn’t speak at secondary school so got branded as stupid and ‘least likely to succeed’, but then went on to become an internet millionaire.

The Divine Comedy – Come Home Billy Bird (single) CD2
I think this might technically be CD1 rather than CD2, judging from the artwork (and the internet recognition thing), but hey, it makes more sense as CD2 if you ask me – the other CD had 3 tracks plus the video and was in a bigger case, whereas this one’s just got the 1 b-side. I liked it when CDs were actually labelled ‘CD1’ and ‘CD2’ – the pedantic obsessive-compulsive perfectionist in me gets bothered when I have to choose for myself, as what if I have the 2 CDs the wrong way round on my shelf?!! The world will come to an end!!! or it’ll just irritate me a bit. One or the other. Anyway, am leaving them the way they are! Ditto the Absent Friends singles which are coming up.

The Divine Comedy – Absent Friends (single promo)
The internet just told me this was Strange Glue by Catatonia. Hmm. I’m definitely not re-ordering my CDs based on that recognition thing now!

The Divine Comedy – Absent Friends (single) CD1
Woohoo, I just won what looks like about 15 brand new bras on Ebay for just £2! Nice ones too, from the look of it. Even if I only wear 1 it’s still worth that price. You probably don’t all want to know about my underwear… er, I think I’ll stop that sentence there. Anyway, this has nothing at all to do with this single, I just got excited by my purchase! Moving on…

The Divine Comedy – Absent Friends (single) CD2
‘Mr Right’ – This has become one of my favourite Divine Comedy songs. It’s all in the lyrics, they’re just brilliant!! I can’t pick one out though, you really need to listen to them all in context. Seriously, get hold of this song, it’s fabulous.

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