A-Z: The Divine Comedy – Doves

The Divine Comedy – Diva Lady (single) CD1

The Divine Comedy – Diva Lady (single) CD2
‘Don’t Blame The Young’ – I prefer this to quite a few songs on the album actually. Great lyrics.

The Divine Comedy – To Die A Virgin (single)
‘Our Mutual Friend (Home Demo)’ – I love this as it contains the original lyric of ‘And we sang The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’, which Neil also sings live (judging from the Live At The Palladium DVD anyway. Sadly I haven’t actually seen him live in years). Presumably there was some kinda copyright issue with this? Although he was able to release it as a b-side here, so er don’t really know the story there. On the album version it’s changed to ‘And we sang a song that I can’t sing anymore’, hee hee.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Please Describe Yourself (album)
One of my favourite albums of 2004. When are they going to release a follow-up?? It’s been way too long!
‘Lounger’ – This was definitely my song of 2004 and will always remind me of that year. It was the year I moved into my flat and was therefore rather fitting – “I get up when I like, wear anything I like, don’t keep up with the cool, I make up my own rules. Don’t have to eat my greens or keep my bedroom extra-tidy ’cause nobody is around to tell me off”.
I hadn’t realised how short this album was though – only 35 mins. No wonder it always flies by!! Brilliant though – so much energy and fun.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Godhopping (single)

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – I Love You ‘Cause I Have To (single) CD1

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – I Love You ‘Cause I Have To (single) CD2

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Lounger (single)

Do Me Bad Things – What’s Hideous (single)
I caught a Do Me Bad Things music video on TV some time and really liked it. Was camp and fabulous! So when I found this single in HMV a little while later, I bought it. I don’t think it’s the same song though and I was actually quite disappointed as it wasn’t anywhere near as good as I’d expected. It didn’t really seem like my kinda thing. I haven’t listened to it since then… well, until now! It’s actually pretty good! Why didn’t I like it before? I think I’ll have to give them another chance and check out a few more songs.

Doves – Black And White Town (single promo)
Doves are one of those bands that kinda skated in the periphary of my interests for a little while. Some time during that period I found this promo and bought it.

I’m gonna stop here for today as want to mess around with some video stuff.

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