A-Z: The Cardigans – Catatonia

The Cardigans – Your New Cuckoo (single)

Cartoon – Men From Mars (single promo)
Cartoon are a band I discovered in the 1st or 2nd year of Uni, through Welsh Bands Weekly I think. I got into lots of Welsh bands at that kinda time – prompted by my love of Catatonia unsurprisingly. I can’t remember where on earth I bought this CD, but I loved the 3 tracks on it and listened to them loads. I was just trying to think who to compare them to when I read on the promo sticker that they supported Space back in ’98. Now I think of it that’s a pretty good comparison to make – maybe a bit more like Jamie’s songs than Tommy’s, and with their own style of course, but yeah. I kept a look out for further Cartoon singles and a possible album after this one, but didn’t come across anything for years, sadly. Then about 2 or 3 months ago I randomly decided to search for them on Ebay, not expecting to find anything, and I found 2 other singles!! Naturally I snapped them up and will be listening to them again in a mo. But yeah, was chuffed! I have no idea how many singles they released and if they did ever release an album, as they’re not easy to find any info on, but if anyone knows I’d be interested.
‘Chinese T’ – This is my favourite track of the 3. I used to put it on a lot of compilation CDs.

Cartoon – Fade Away (single)
This is only the 2nd time I’m listening to this as haven’t had it that long.
‘Fade Away’ – This song took me a bit by surprise I have to say. It’s a bit of a heavier sound than I was used to from the Men From Mars single. Not that’s it’s heavy, it’s still jangly-guitar indie with a quirky electronic edge, but it doesn’t have the fun upbeat indie-pop-ness of Men From Mars. It’s a good song though, I’m enjoying it much more this time.
‘They Think It’s All Over’ – This song on the other hand was more instant. Tis definitely the best track on the CD I reckon.

Cartoon – Alcoholic Show (single)
‘Ceffylau’ – The first time I listened to this CD and this track started up I got all confused. I was like ‘I know this song! I recognise the tune!! What is it?!’ It was just as it was approaching the chorus I realised it’s the same tune as Men From Mars! Just with Welsh lyrics instead. What does ‘Ceffylau’ translate as actually? *looks it up* …’Horse’! I’m guessing the lyrics aren’t a translation of Men From Mars then, he he.

Catatonia – Way Beyond Blue (album sampler promo)
Yes we’ve reached that inevitable point in my CD collection – Catatonia. I think it’s going to take quite a long time before I reach whichever band come next on my shelves (‘Catch’, if you wondered)!! I thought I was going to be listening to Way Beyond Blue 3 times successively to kick things off, but just realised this is a sampler promo and just has 6 tracks on. So that’ll be 2 1/2 listens to WBB then! 😉 I don’t think I’ve ever actually listened to this CD before, but it’s a really good choice of tracks and in a slightly different order to where they are on the actual album. For anyone interested it runs thusly:
1. Lost Cat
2. Some Half Baked Ideal Called Wonderful
3. Sweet Catatonia
4. Infantile
5. You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For
6. Way Beyond Blue

Catatonia – Way Beyond Blue (album)
There’s a lot I’d like to say about this album, unsurprisingly. I’m not feeling alert and eloquent enough to try and say it now though, so I’ll wait until I listen to my 2nd copy of the album!! It seems more fitting to wait until I play that CD too as it’s the first copy of it I had. So yes, ramblings will ensue in the not too distant future; including an explanation as to why exactly I own 2 copies of this album!! 😉

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