A-Z: The Bluetones (part 5)

The Bluetones – Keep The Home Fires Burning (single) CD2

The Bluetones – Autophilia (single promo)
I can’t remember where I got this from, but it obviously cost me 50p, as the price has been written in pen on the actual CD inlay! Annoying.

The Bluetones – Autophilia Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Car (single) CD2
Wait, I don’t have CD1 of Autophilia?!! Shocking! How did that happen? I’ll have to correct that some time.

The Bluetones – Mudslide (single promo)

The Bluetones – Mudslide EP

The Bluetones – After Hours (CD-R single promo)

The Bluetones – After Hours (single) CD1

The Bluetones – After Hours (single) CD2

The Bluetones – Fast Boy / Liquid Lips (single promo)

The Bluetones – Fast Boy / Liquid Lips (single) CD1

Apologies for not writing much about these CDs, but I was doing my food shopping at the same time! Ah, multi-tasking.

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