A-Z: The Bluetones – Blur

The Bluetones – Fast Boy / Liquid Lips (single) CD2

The Bluetones – Never Going Nowhere (single) CD1

The Bluetones – Never Going Nowhere (single) CD2

The Bluetones – Serenity Now EP
I haven’t listened to the first 3 songs that much really. I’m not sure why as they’re all great and I’m really enjoying listening to them now.
‘The Happy Lobotomy’ – This song on the other hand I’ve listened to lots!! Love it. Although does the music on the “can’t pretend that I will miss it that much” bit remind anyone else slightly of the Grange Hill theme?!? I’m alone in that aren’t I?? 😉

The Bluetones – My Neighbour’s House (single)

The Bluetones – Head On A Spike (single)
The most recent addition to my Bluetones collection 🙂

The Bluetones – Interview
Unofficial interview CD. I think I bought it from trackattack – it was when I was at Uni anyway, so a while ago. I’ve got it on 10″ vinyl as well. It’s about 20 mins long, though the quality’s pretty bad, it’s quite difficult to listen to. Infact I’m not really listening to it now – it’s too quiet and mumbly. Shame really.

Blur – Modern Life Is Rubbish (album)
Blur are one of those bands I’ve always quite liked, but not enough to especially want to buy their albums. I’ve got this one because it was only £3.99 in a sale! I can tell this because the sticker was far too sticky and hasn’t come off properly. I think this is only the 2nd time I’m listening to this album – am rather enjoying it though – I should rip more of the songs and add them to my MP3 playlist, as I haven’t got many Blur songs on there.

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