A-Z: The A.M. – The Ark

Yep I’m back again already – I know it’s still Day 1 at the mo but I’m really rather enjoying this! I haven’t sat down and properly listened to most of these songs for ages! Whether anyone else is remotely interested or not I don’t know, but I’m keeping myself entertained anyway!

The A.M. – Utopia (single)
Great song. I should really get The A.M.’s album at some point (or is there even more than 1 now? I have no idea!). They’re not the easiest band to search for on places like Amazon though – ‘A.M.’ tends to get converted into ‘am’ and searching for the words ‘the’ and ‘am’ strangely brings up a lot of hits!!! 😉 So er yeah.

Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules – Mad World (single) CD1
This song got somewhat played to death when it was released, but it’s still really moving. I really like No Poetry too.

Fiona Apple – Tidal (album)
I think this is only the 2nd time I’ve listened to this album as an actual album. I like the songs seperately but tend to find they get a bit too samey when listened to one after the other. They’re all quite long as well – not that long songs are bad, but when the majority of them are at least 5 minutes, it can make the album drag a bit. To be honest I just want it to go by quickly so I can listen to The Ark 😀

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika) (single)
This CD’s so tiny and cute I often forget it’s there! I should really get more Arcade Fire CDs. I’m sure Joop would agree with me there!

The Ark – We Are The Ark
Woohoo! I love The Ark, I really do – so magnificently camp and just brilliant! I’d forgotten which tracks were on here though as although it’s the only album I actually own on CD at the mo, I have quite a few songs on MP3 from their other albums. Most of my fave tracks of theirs are actually on the other albums, but these ones are still fabulous too! 😀

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