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Space – Spiders (album)
Wow, I haven’t listened to this as an album in a long long time. Infact I don’t listen to Space anywhere near as much as I used to. I considered them my 3rd favourite band for a while (after Catatonia and Queen) and they’re one of the few bands I own all singles by and a fair amount of random memorabilia, plus one of the bands I’ve met in person (they’re all lovely!), so it’s quite a shame they’ve slipped so much in terms of the music I listen to and who I’d class as favourite bands. I’ll always have a big soft spot for them though and I’m really looking forward to working through all my CDs of theirs now.
‘Neighbourhood’ – Classic! I love that it still gets used on TV ads.
‘Female Of The Species’ – I feel I need to mention this song but don’t know what to say! I think I overlistened to it at one point but I really enjoy it now on the rare occasions I play it. Before I heard the song in full and before I’d become a Space fan and even knew this song was by Space, I remember thinking it was 2 different songs! I’d heard bits of the verses used on one TV trailer thing, plus bits of the chorus used on an entirely different one and had no idea they were from the same song!
‘Me & You Vs The World’ – Another brilliant song – it was great to get to hear it at Jamie’s Jam Jar night the other week. Infact I’m wondering why I’ve always had a tendency to think of Tin Planet as my favourite Space album when so many of the best songs are on Spiders.
‘Love Child Of The Queen’ – I was randomly thinking about this song the other day and how it’s a slightly bizarre but totally genius idea for a song.
‘Voodoo Roller’ – I think the reason why I’ve always thought of Tin Planet as my favourite album is because there are less Jamie songs on it than there are on Spiders – although I really like the Jamie songs now, they took a while to grow on me, whereas I’ve always found Tommy’s more instant. Jamie’s kinda like the Roger Taylor of Space! Often the songs that have to grow on you become more long-term favourites though.
‘Dark Clouds’ – I’d forgotten how good this song is – I usually skip it for some reason.
‘Growler’ – I haven’t even listened to this in years! I’ve never been that fussed about the Franny dance tracks I have to say, so I haven’t even ripped most of them to MP3, although I do quite enjoy them within the context of the whole album.
Ah, yes, v enjoyed all that. Just as well really as next we have…

Space – Spiders (album)
Yep I have 2 copies. This one was misleading – the inlay had been folded in a weird way so that it had a different picture showing on the front, so I foolishly thought it was some rare version and bought it. I then got home and realised it was just falling apart and had been folded in a weird way. Oh well, it only cost me 50p anyway!

Hmm, I should really wash some clothes today – I’m starting to run out of underwear!

Ooh I just used my last teabag. I don’t drink tea very often – infact I just realised that box of tea was best before June 2008. He he. But pff, it’s not like it goes mouldy is it? Tastes fine.

I was so lazy yesterday, I had no energy at all – not sure if it was the rareness of going out on a Friday night and then only getting about 4 hours sleep due to my body waking me up out of dehydration, or whether it was something else, but yeah, did pretty much nothing aside from listen to music and lie on the sofa. I was planning to go into town to buy the new Sibrydion album, plus needed to go to the post office to post Ebay parcels, plus had also said I’d most likely go out again in the evening, but I didn’t even manage to change out of my PJs, how lame. I’m gonna have to go to the Post Office tomorrow morning now instead and just go into work late, otherwise the things won’t get posted until next weekend and I’ll get rubbish feedback (deservingly!). I don’t think I can wait another week for the Sibrydion album either, so I’ll order that online in a mo. I might buy another album or 2 too, but am not sure which. There’ve been quite a few released recently which I’d like to get. I’m mostly torn between the new ones by ‘The Bird And The Bee’, ‘Loney, Dear’ and ‘Ben Kweller’, but am also tempted by ones by ‘Franz Ferdinand’, ‘A Camp’ and ‘Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern’. Hmm… Plus the ‘Emmy The Great’ album is coming out tomorrow! Argh, decisions…

Space – Tin Planet (album promo)
Or is it?!? I’ve always assumed it was but have never actually listened to it. It’s another I got from MVE in Camden (like the 50p copy of Spiders). Taking the CD out of it now, it doesn’t mention a band or album title, it just says ‘Promotional Disk’, but it’s inside the case for ‘Tin Planet’ (albeit one with a photocopied inlay), so you’d assume it’s the promo for Tin Planet, no? However it’s only just now hit me that it’s got the ‘Virgin’ logo on it, when Tin Planet was released on Gut! So I’m thinking this CD could end up being anything!! Let’s see…
Oh, it *is* Tin Planet!! Was it going to be released on Virgin at some point?! Although the inlay’s the one with Gut on it. Do Virgin do artist management or plugging or something? Or was it a Virgin Radio thing maybe?! Curious. But kinda cool!!
‘Begin Again’ – I always forget how much I love this song – tis ace. Although I can’t listen to it without hearing Chris Moyles singing about chips!
‘Avenging Angels’ – One of the songs that got me into Space. I always used to consider it my favourite Space song, but I’ve definitely listened to it too many times over the years as have gone off it a little. Infact I’ve got no idea which song I’d consider my favourite Space song now.
‘The Ballad Of Tom Jones’ – Ok, this was the song that definitely got me into Space! I’d just gotten into Catatonia with the release of Mulder And Scully, so Cerys singing on this was naturally of interest to me and made me interested in hearing more Space stuff. That’s when I then realised they’d done Avenging Angels and Female Of The Species, both of which I’d loved but hadn’t known who they were by. I then got Tin Planet for my 18th birthday, along with International Velvet 🙂 And yep I am now remembering why I love this album so much. Although the first few songs of Spiders really take some beating, as an overall album I think I do still prefer this one, as odd an opinion as that seems to be amongst Space fans!
‘1 O’Clock’ – I’ve always loved the oh so scouse accent on the opening line of “Once upon a time I committed a crime”. I’m finding it quite weird seeing it written as ‘1 O’Clock’ though, as I just realised that on my original version of the album it’s written ‘One O’Clock’, but that’s only because my original version was a Scandinavian import for some unknown reason!!
‘The Man’ – I haven’t listened to this in years either – I should rip it though as it’s probably my fave of Franny’s tracks.
‘A Liddle Biddy Help From Elvis’ – Songs about Elvis seemed to follow me about. I got the Manics’ Everything Must Go not that long after this album, which of course opens with ‘Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier’. As my nickname at school was Elvis, I found this kinda funny.
‘There’s No You’ – “But I still have that painting we bought in Rome. The one I hated and you adored and now I own”.
‘Disco Dolly’ – I listened to this on my MP3 player the other day, having not listened to it in ages, and v enjoyed it. It’s always been a fave.

Space – Tin Planet (album)
“It’s me again” – indeed it is!

Ok, I really must wash some clothes now… I’ll then reward myself by ordering some CDs. Yes, good plan…

Space – Tin Planet (album)
The limited edition version in the tin case. Oh yes.

Clothes are a-washing, so I’m going CD a-buying! Oh, just realised the ‘Loney, Dear’ album release date’s changed to March 2nd. Guess I won’t be buying that one quite yet then. Ok, have decided. New album wise I’m ordering:
Sibrydion – Campfire Classics
Emmy The Great – First Love
The Bird And The Bee – Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future
Plus, I just looked for the cheapest CDs on my wishlist and for a bargainous £3.98 I’ve also added in The Feeling – Join With Us. Marvellous. £29 for 4 albums? Not bad at all.

Space – Love You More Than Football (album)
Onto a different album at last. I love Tin Planet, but 3 consecutive listens is enough! So yes, the 3rd album that never was! I’d love to find a proper promo of it some day. All I have is a copy. Well, I say ‘all’, but that still means a lot after the years of waiting for it to appear and it never happening. Much thanks to JBB for the copy. I’ve never gotten around to giving it a proper case or cover or anything either – it’s just in a plastic wallet with a scrappy hand-written bit of paper with the tracklisting on. But hey, it’s the music itself that counts!
‘Everybody In The Madhouse’ – Love this. I still listen to it quite a lot.
‘Diary Of A Wimp’ – The single! I remember this being released and loving it and eagerly awaiting the album. And waiting… and waiting… I also remember Tommy doing an ace acoustic performance of it on TFI Friday. I’ve got that on VHS somewhere. I miss TFI Friday.
‘Love You More Than Football’ – I totally loved this song when I first got the album – I listened to it loads. Too many times I think – I very rarely play it now.
‘Gravity’ – Beautiful song. Jamie’s songwriting’s definitely gotten better and better over the years. Infact ‘Gravity’ and ‘Despise’ are definitely 2 of my favourite songs on this album.
‘Voices’ – Another great Jamie song!
‘Yes You Do’ – I haven’t listened to this much with it being a secret track and following ‘Juno 54’ which I rarely listen to. I should split them up on MP3 really as I’d like to get to hear this more often.

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