A-Z: Space (part 5)

Space – The Ballad Of Tom Jones (single) CD2
I actually quite like some of the remixes of TBOTJ. Especially the Cocktail Lounge Mix, that’s great!

Space – Begin Again (Swedish promo single)
I bought this in a record shop in Gothenburg for 15 Swedish Krone! It’s just the CD1 single with a Swedish promo sticker stuck on, but I still had to have it. Twas cheap anyway.

Space – Begin Again (single) CD1

Space – Begin Again (single) CD2

Space – The Bad Days EP CD1
Ah the remix version of Bad Days – I’ve not heard this in ages – not that it’s that different really. Ditto the remix version of The Unluckiest Man In The World. They just seem to have added random brass backing!

Space – The Bad Days EP CD2

Space – Diary Of A Wimp (single) CD1
‘If I Ever’ – I don’t think I’ve got this on my playlist. It’s really good though, I’ll definitely have to rip it.
‘Raymond’ – Loved this song when the single came out. It’s still one of my fave Space b-sides I reckon.

Space – Diary Of A Wimp (single) CD2
‘Hell Of A Girl’ – Argh, the CD’s having a bit of a fit. Noooo! Oh and now it’s crashed Winamp! Great. *takes CD out, puts it back in and tries again* Nope. And it won’t play the last track at all! Annoying. Moving on then…

Space – In Black And White (single)
What became the first of the Music For Aliens series of free singles I think – the rest were just made available for download from the website. This one’s got ‘Straight Line’ and ‘Nothing To Find Her’ on it (both great songs) and was given out free at the Liverpool Unity Theatre gig on 26th January 2002. I got mine signed by the band afterwards, as did most people I think. The MP3s are still available on the website, along with the rest of the Music For Aliens songs here 🙂

Space – Zombies (single promo)

Space – Zombies (single)
Brilliant b-sides on this single. Especially love ‘Dopamine’.

Space – Suburban Rock ‘n’ Roll (single promo)
The promo sticker starts off with “the court jesters to Blur’s indie-pop monarchy are back”. *lol* I have such a strange image in my head now… Damon on a throne… Tommy juggling…

Space – Suburban Rock ‘n’ Roll (single)
‘Cameraman’ – Love this song!! One of my favourite Space songs, definitely. I first heard it when they played it at the Unity gig and I couldn’t wait for it to be released on something. It took 2 years but it finally appeared on here! Hoorah!

Space – 20 Million Miles From Earth (single promo)

Space – 20 Million Miles From Earth (single)
I’d forgotten there was just the one b-side on here. Bit of a shame really as it ended up being the last single.

Space – Invasion Of The Spiders
My last Space CD – although it’s technically 2 CDs, so not a quick listen! The first CD’s all remixes, so I haven’t exactly been looking forward to that! The 2nd CD’s better though – it’s b-sides and some random songs that weren’t released on anything else (I don’t think).

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5 Responses to A-Z: Space (part 5)

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I hadn’t thought about Space in years, however I always liked them, so randomly decided to look them up a few weeks ago. Apparently they’re releasing a new album in a couple of months, something about mutant kebabs I think? Anyhow, as I want to go to more gigs in 2013, I decided to order a ticket to their London gig in March. Yay for live music! I’m assuming they put on a good show?

    • Chantal says:

      Yeah, ‘Attack Of The Mutant 50ft Kebab’! Really looking forward to it.

      I’ve not gotten to see them live since they re-formed, so I’m quite jealous! The line-up’s changed quite a bit though – the only original members left are Tommy and Franny, so the live dynamic might be quite different to how it used to be, but they were always good live, yeah, and I’ve heard really positive things about their recent shows, so I’m sure you’ll have a good time. Where in London are they playing?

  2. Crashing Elliptical says:

    It’s at Islington Academy, which is a venue I’ve been to a few times and have always liked. I used to go to quite a lot of gigs, however that’s really dropped off in recent years, so I decided that for 2013 I’d go to at least one gig per month. I’m still looking for something in February that takes my fancy, but so far for January I’ve got Mark Morriss, March I have Space and then later in the month, Suede, and then in April I noticed a tempting looking David Ford show. Gigs you’d approve of, I’m sure!

    • Chantal says:

      I really like Islington Academy too – been there a couple of times.

      And you’re going to the Suede Ally Pally gig?!!! Arghhhhh so jealous!!!!!! I’ve only gotten to see them once since they re-formed and it was such a brilliant gig, I’m desperate to get to see them again! Timing’s not been good though – this time last year I was living really near Alexandra Palace, but now I’m in Canada. I’m really hoping there’s some point during this year when they play a gig in a place where I am – probably not that likely, but keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Crashing Elliptical says:

    Yeah, I’ve never actually seen Suede live before, so am really looking forward to it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they head to Canada at some point soon, so you can have grand old time watching them 🙂

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