A-Z: Space (part 3)

No I haven’t forgotten about this, I’ve just been a tad busy the past, er, 3 months! Wow, has it really been that long?? Oh dear. I’ll never finish it at this rate. I do still really want to though, hence my posting this evening. However, I might start writing less about the CDs and just enjoy listening to them more as it’s the time-consuming element of my bloggy ramblings that puts me off doing this more often these days. I’ll still write the odd comment and most likely the odd rambling diatribe, but it’s the listening to the music that’s the vital element, so I guess I should get on with it… Now where was I? Ah, Space singles…

Space – Money/Kill Me (single)
I didn’t get this a hugely long time ago I don’t think – just a few years ago – although I’ve had it on vinyl for a while.
‘Money 7″ Radio Edit’ – I don’t think I’ve ever actually listened to this version before. It’s really chilled out!
‘Money (Space Club Mix)’ – Ah the first of many remixes that will be coming up on the Space singles *yawns* I’m not really a remix kinda gal, generally. And this one’s really dull.

Space – Female Of The Species (single)

Space – Me And You Versus The World (single) CD1

Space – Me And You Versus The World (single) CD2
Aha proper b-sides! Including ‘Spiders’! Yay!

Space – Neighbourhood (single) CD1
‘Only Half An Angel’ – Great song. I was v pleased when they played it live on what ended up being their last tour.
‘Crisis’ – This is a good one too.

Space – Neighbourhood (single) CD2

Space – Dark Clouds (single) CD1

That’ll do for tonight. I’ll try not to leave it so long next time!

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