A-Z: Space (part 2)

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done some of this. I’ll just get some more coffee and then crack on with it. I nearly just signed up for a contract phone for the first time ever, but I’m putting it off for a few weeks now, just because the earliest I could get it delivered is on the 25th of April! Not because they won’t deliver it sooner, just because it can only go to your home address, you need to be there to sign it and I’m not at home the next 2 weekends. Annoyingly today would have been the perfect day for such a delivery, but it’s a tad late for that now. I’ve generally avoided contract phones as I prefer to keep my phone use as cheap as possible and pay-as-you-go allows me to just pay £5 at a time, which generally will keep me going for a month quite easily. And if I’m really poor (which I have been at times) then I don’t have to pay anything if I don’t want to. However, money’s not quite so ridiculously tight at the moment as it has been in the past, plus I discovered that Virgin Mobile do a contract for just £8.50 a month! For that you get 100 free mins and 100 free texts. That’s far more than I ever generally use, plus not much more than I tend to pay anyway. Plus I really like Virgin Mobile – I was with them for years and only moved to Orange because I wanted a specific phone that you couldn’t get from Virgin pay-as-you-go. Plus Orange Wednesdays are rather useful! But yes, I think I’m gonna go back to Virgin and get the £8.50 contract. The phone I’m planning to get with it is the LG Cookie (the pink one, unsurprisingly!), so if anyone’s got any experience with that phone (good or bad) let me know. Anyway, have gotten somewhat off-topic, which is highly unusual of course. Anyway, coffee and Space, in that order, yes…

Space – Greatest Hits
One of a few Greatest Hits type releases for Space (I think there are 3 altogether?). This was the first one released and the only one I have. I only bought it in a completist way though as it was slightly ridiculous releasing a Greatest Hits for a band who’d only released the 2 albums! Gut even randomly put on ‘Sunny Afternoon’ with Tom Jones, which I’m sure had nothing at all to do with the fact Tom Jones was on their record label too *ahem*.

It looks really sunny outside today! I thought it was gonna be a bit grim today and sunny tomorrow. That’s why I changed my mind about going into town today and decided to go tomorrow instead. Well, partly for the weather and partly because I wanted to have a nice long lie-in, he he. I woke up about half 12. I need to do washing and stuff today though really (no change there). And yes I’m clearly going to spend all of this blog entry talking about random nonsense inbetween the music talk. Again, no change there.

‘Bad Days (Remix)’ – Why on earth did they not put the original on? I haven’t listened to this version in years – it’s not that much different really, it just has random brass type sounds, it’s kinda odd. I prefer the original.

Seeing as there weren’t exactly huge numbers of singles to put on here, as well as randomly getting the Tom Jones song, you also get 3 other random songs on the end, just to bump the numbers up really – there are still just the 15 tracks in total. Anyway, you get ‘Gravity’ which was supposed to be on ‘Love You More Than Football’, plus ‘The Shit You Talk Is Beautiful’ which I can’t remember at all – I haven’t ripped it for some reason, so looking forward to hearing that in a bit. And finally you get ‘Spiders’, which is a great song and dubbed as ‘live favourite’ on the sleevenotes, but still a rather random inclusion.

Ooh what time’s the Grand National on? We’re doing a sweepstakes thing at work, plus I’ve done a free online bet thing that Jamie linked to on Facebook. Er, catfan Jamie not boyfriend Jamie. Confusion! Anyway, must check TV guide… ooh 4:15pm, quite soon.

‘The Shit You Talk Is Beautiful’ – Hmm, not the most amazing song or anything, but I kinda like it – it’s worthy of adding to my playlist at least – will do that when the CD’s finished playing.

Space – Suburban Rock ‘n’ Roll (album promo)
4 track album sampler. Includes what ended up being the 3 singles, plus ‘Hitch-Hiking’.
’20 Million Miles From Earth’ – I tend to forget how good this song is!

Ok, horse racing time! Come on L’ami, Cloudy Lane, My Will and Butlers Cabin! …
2 false starts?? Meh, boring – start the racing damn it! I just want to know if I’ve won money…
Aw, pants. No money for me. It was quite exciting though! Anyway, back to the music…

Space – Suburban Rock ‘n’ Roll (album)
In 2004 we finally got a 3rd (though kinda 4th) Space album! Hoorah! And it was one of my favourite albums of the year. Just a shame it wasn’t known to more people and that Space ended up splitting up not that long after.
‘Hell’s Barbecue’ – I remember I misheard ‘perverts are taking over’ as ‘bluebirds are taking over’, he he – gives the song just a slightly different slant!!
‘The English Language’ – Probably my instant favourite on the album. I already had and really liked the version from the free online Music For Aliens release, but this version I really loved! Usually the first version I hear of a song is the one that tends to stay my favourite, so this song’s a rare exception to that.
‘Pretty Suicide’ – I’d forgotten how good this album is! V v enjoying it.

That’ll do for today. I fancy downloading some random music now. And getting some food would probably be good too. And, er, maybe doing some of that washing I was supposed to be doing today. How did it get to quarter past 6?? Whoops.

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