A-Z: Sinaptic Gap – Sixpence None The Richer

Sinaptic Gap – Some Wear Else (album)
Another of my Dad’s former band names. He used this one for quite a long time actually. This album was released at Christmas 1998.
‘Give E To The Aliens’ – Gotta love the title!! This is a really interesting track actually, tis cool. Ha ha ha, he seems to say ‘UFO’ in a slightly Welsh accent! Maybe he was channeling the lego man of ‘3 Little Piggs’ fame (don’t ask!).
‘Screaming In A Deaf World’ – I remember the chorus of this really well, but I’d totally forgotten what the verses were like. Tis an ace chorus.
‘As It Was’ – Ooh I really like this one!
‘Wrinklies’ – I remember this one well, tis funky. A song about old people! I love the bit where the phone rings but no-one answers because they can’t hear it. *lol*
‘Angry Man’ – “I’m so angry I could rip out your eyes and use them in a casserole” – ha ha ha! Love it.
‘Placebo’ – I’ve always really loved this song. Tis one of the reasons why my Dad re-recorded it as a Subaphotic song 🙂

Sinaptic Gap – The Criminal Mined (album)
This album was released in May ’99.
‘Mezzanine’ – Great opening track, although the intro could do with being about half the length – it’s a great riff mind.
Ooh, I’ve gotten to the end of the album and haven’t commented on any of the other songs. I got a bit distracted by some work stuff. I was listening to the music too though – there are a lot of good songs on that album actually, though none that I have any specific memories of or anything – the only one I remember really well is Mezzanine for some reason.

Sinaptic Gap – Lone Shark (album)
Aw, this album was released on September 14th 1999 in memory of my twin brother (who died the day after we were born). Again I don’t remember any of these songs very well for some reason.
Again they’re all really good though – am v enjoying these albums.

Sinaptic Gap – Bay 6 (album)
I’ve classed this as an album, but it’s more of a compilation really, consisting of some of the best songs from the previous albums plus the one that followed this. This CD was sold through the Peoplesound website back in about 1999/2000.
‘Love On The Internet’ – I’d forgotten just how good this song was! I totally need to add it to my playlist.

Sinaptic Gap – Back To Bay 6 (album)
When was this one released?… ooh on my 20th birthday (13th Sep 2000)! Cool. This is an ace album, it’s got quite a few of my favourite tracks on it.
‘Back In Bed’ – This is a great song, though I like the live version we did even more – I’ll get to that in a couple of CDs time!
‘We’re Human’ – This song sounds like it has tap dancing in the background. I like it!
‘Songs By A Bunch Of Foetuses’ – I love this song! “In society’s bins it’s always marketing wins – buying tampons to make us better at computer games”, he he. I think the tampon line was inspired by ‘She’s A Millionaire’!
‘Goggle Box’ – I really like the chorus to this one. Ooh, I’d forgotten I played a flute bit at the end! But yeah, now I think about it I do remember as it then goes into the next song, which kicks off with flute…
‘Flamboyant Child’ – Another fave! And not just because I play flute on it and sing some backing vocals, oh and came up with the title! ;-P I do love the flute on this though – I don’t mean that in the sense of “wow, don’t I play it so well” (cos there are bits I think I could play better), I just mean that I really like the melody – it was fun to play.
‘We’re The Truth’ – I’d forgotten about this song, it’s really cool.

Sinaptic Gap – (B) Different (album)
Christmas 2001 for this one. I apparently play flute on it, though I can’t remember what on! I think maybe ‘Chill’. I’ll have to listen out for it.
‘6s+7s’ – Hee hee hee, I’d totally forgotten about this song – it’s slightly nuts, but in a good way! And woah, over 7 minutes long.
‘Chill’ – I really like this. No flute that I noticed though – which track was it on then? Unless it’s on the last one…
‘Man And Nature’ – Aha!!! Flute! I totally don’t remember playing that. Oh hang on, actually that bit does sound familiar – yeah, I quite like that flute part actually – I don’t remember the actual song very well though!
I should upload some of these old albums to last.fm or something – I’m the only listener on there at the mo – unsurprisingly I guess!!

Sinaptic Gap – Goggle Box EP
This CD consists of the album version of ‘Goggle Box’ and then live versions of 4 tracks that we played at a barbeque party thing – I think it was a Labour Club thing – back in 2000 in Norwich – anyway, was fun. The recordings weren’t taken at the actual event though, we recorded them at home afterwards, but played them as we played them live.
‘Love On The Internet (live version)’ – I was on keyboard for this one.
‘No Looking Back (live version)’ – I didn’t get to play anything on this one – rubbish! Ha ha. It is a really nice song though.
‘Where the Hell Are We? (live version)’ – Me on tambourine, oh yes! He he. I don’t have my own tambourine actually – I should totally buy one, just to add to my collection of totally pointless things I can play! Why try and learn guitar when I’ve got a melodica, a stylophone and some teeny little maracas?! *lol* My tambourining (is that a word?) goes very slightly out of time at times actually – I don’t think I should ever try and play the drums!
‘Back In Bed (live version)’ – This was my fave to play as I got to play flute on it. The harmonies with Glenda on tenor recorder were cool. I should play my flute more often really but worry about pissing off the neighbours! *lol*

Sinaptic Gap – Would Chip
3 random tracks from ‘(B) Different’. Oh, hang on, they’re actually the first 3 tracks. I’m guessing they must have been the first tracks recorded and Dad stuck them on a CD, maybe to send out to people as a demo. Ok, not so random then! They’re really good tracks too – especially ‘Gratuitous’ and ‘Emulsion’.

Sixpence None The Richer – Sixpence None The Richer (album)
I seem to remember Rand and Melissa taking the piss out of me for owning this album! It took me by surprise as I wasn’t even aware that they were an uncool band to like. I thought ‘Kiss Me’ was a brilliant song at the time, though it got somewhat overplayed. It made me want to get this album though, which I did (as you can see!), although it’s much less poppy and mainstream as ‘Kiss Me’ overall – a lot of it’s got a bit of a folky edge, which I didn’t dislike, but I didn’t take to instantly enough to actually listen to this album much. I haven’t heard it for years – pretty much not since I first got it – so it’ll be interesting to see what I think of it now – I’m thinking it’ll probably be more to my tastes now than it was back then.
‘We Have Forgotten’ – The first track and a really good one – am enjoying this so far! Definitely not an embarrassing CD to own I reckon! 😛
‘The Waiting Room’ – I’m enjoying this album. It’s nothing amazingly mind-blowing or anything, but I’m definitely going to add it to my playlist after this.
‘Sister, Mother’ – Hmm, the album is slightly samey in places.
‘I Won’t Stay Long’ – Ooh, I really like this one though!
‘There She Goes’ – I’m not convinced that covering this was a good idea though! The original’s brilliant, but this version doesn’t really live up to it. Overall I rather like the album though – aside from the weird way in which it opens backwards.

Anyway, I’m banning myself from the computer tomorrow, so if there’s anything I need/want to do on it this weekend I should do it tonight. I think that basically just consists of ripping some CDs and making a note of some stuff I e-mailed myself from work, but I should get on with it…

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