A-Z: Simple Kid

Me again! Thought I’d try and make more of a dent in this as I’d like to actually finish this A-Z malarkey in early 2009. Once I have finished it, plus have finished my Top 100 Bands/Artists chart on UKMix then I think I might be tempted to do another Top 777 Songs chart! He he. I won’t be posting it on LJ this time though, unless it’s on the separate music blog that I’m thinking of setting up. Not sure whether I’ll post it on MySpace either – it might just be the new music blog and UKMix. Anyway, I’ve still got a fair bit of this to get through yet, so better get on with it!

Simple Kid – SK1 (album)
It’s quite rare for me to really fall in love with an album, especially quite instantly, especially within the past 5 or so years and particularly if it’s by an artist I haven’t already been a fan of for years or something. I saw Simple Kid support Suede at a gig in Leeds in 2002 and really enjoyed his set, so unsurprisingly was then interested in getting his album. This was released in 2003 but I think I bought it in the 2004 January sales. I got it at the same time as the Relaxed Muscle album and was very pleasantly surprised at just how brilliant both albums were. This one particularly though – every single song’s catchy and not at all samey. I’d recommend it to anyone, I really would. It’s got a quirky lo-fi element, but combined with really strong pop-rock tunes. It’s very instantly accessible but also a grower. Definitely amongst my absolute favourite albums.

Simple Kid – SK2 (album)
I was really excited to buy this album when it was released as it had been 3 years since SK1, so it had quite a bit of expectation to live up to. Sadly I haven’t listened to it anywhere near as much as SK1. It’s a good album but I found it a lot less instant and haven’t let some of the songs grow on me in the way they’d need to. There are some songs I really love though, such as ‘Lil’ King Kong’ and ‘The TwentySomething’.

Simple Kid – I Am Rock (CD-R single promo)
I love this song! It’s a shame it didn’t make it onto SK1, although it’s nice as more of a hidden gem too. The plugging sticker starts off ‘Think Suede, think T-Rex…’. That’s totally how I’d have described it too! T-Rex inparticular it’s very reminiscent of. Tis ace.

Simple Kid – The Average Man (single)
The lyrics to this song are great. ‘Evil Can Evil’ is a great song too. As is ‘Maybe I’m Just Cyncical… Man’, which also appears as a secret track on SK1.

Simple Kid – Drugs (CD-R single promo)

Simple Kid – Drugs (single)
You get a free sticker with this CD! He he, I’d forgotten that.

Simple Kid – Truck On (single promo)
This one has a free flier/postery thing, unless someone had just shoved that into the copy I’ve got! It kinda sticks out so quite possibly wasn’t designed to go in there!

Simple Kid – Truck On (single) CD1

Simple Kid – Truck On (single) CD2

Simple Kid – Lil’ King Kong (single promo)
This single was only released on vinyl, which I’ve got, but it’s nice to have the promo on CD.

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