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I was originally planning to go to town today to get my last few Christmas bits, but as it’s the first day of my 2 weeks off work (woohoo!) and town’s likely to be completely crazy, I’m much more in the mood for taking it easy today and then going to town tomorrow instead. I don’t need to go to many places and they should all be open on a Sunday. I’ve felt a bit run-down recently so am so grateful for the time off work – a chance to just chill out but also re-assess stuff at the end of the year. For now though, some A-Zing.

Shivaree – I Oughtta Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump (album)
Shivaree are one of many bands I got into by being a Catatonia fan. I think a few people posted on the digest praising the song ‘Goodnight Moon’ and saying that the band would appeal to Catatonia fans. They weren’t wrong! ‘Goodnight Moon’ is a brilliant song and persuaded me to buy this album. I haven’t listened to it as an actual album for a long time, so am really really enjoying it now. I tend to forget which songs are on which albums, but this one seems to have a really high proportion of really good songs on it. Not that they have any songs I dislike. Particular faves on here would have to be the predictable ‘Goodnight Moon’ plus ‘Daring Lousy Guy’, ‘Arlington Girl’ and ‘Oh, No’.

Shivaree – Rough Dreams (album promo)
Another great album from Shivaree. Particular favourites on this one being ‘Thundercats’, ‘Stealing Home’, ‘John, 2/14’ and ‘Reseda Casino’. I still haven’t got their third album or their album of covers though. Shame on me!

Shivaree – Breach EP
I couldn’t afford to buy ‘Who’s Got Trouble?’ at the time, so bought this instead to tide me over!
‘Strange Boat’ – Really like this song. It features Ed Harcourt! 🙂

Sibrydion – Jig Cal (album)
Ah, Sibrydion are ace. I so need to get to see them live some time. Formed by 2 ex-members of Big Leaves, it’s probably not surprising I like Sibrydion. Their sound’s very different to that of Big Leaves though. If forced to compare it I’d say it’s more similar to SFAs, although it’s different from them too. This is a brilliant album, from the opener of ‘Dafad Ddu’ (the theme to S4C music programme ‘Bandit’) right through to the closer ‘(Disgyn) Am Dana Ti’ (my instant favourite on the album).

I’m sure I’m getting a cold or something. Lame.

Sibrydion – Simsalabim (album)
Another great album from Sibrydion!

Apologies for not writing that much and not even writing that well today. My head’s all over the place – trying to think of all the things I need to do within the next few days before going away for Christmas (and the things I need to remember to take with me), plus thinking into next year and things I’d like to do/change.

Simian – Chemistry Is What We Are (album)
Simian are a band I somehow became aware of in about 2002. I downloaded quite a few random songs, plus bought the single of ‘La Breeze’ in 2003, but I never seemed to get round to buying their albums. I remember some time later that Rand told me ‘We Are Your Friends’ was a really good album but he wasn’t so keen on this one. I was quite surprised as one of my favourite tracks of the ones I’d downloaded was ‘Mr Crow’, which is on this album. Anyway, it wasn’t until this year some time that I finally got hold of a Simian album! It ended up being this one just because I found it cheapest on Ebay! I listened to the album and got what Rand meant – most of the songs are quite different in style to what I’d come to perceive as the Simian kinda sound. The only song that really stood out was the one I already liked – ‘Mr Crow’! Not that I disliked any of the others, I do quite like the album, but it’s not hugely exciting or anything. It could do with a bit more oomph. I should get ‘We Are Your Friends’ some time!

Simian – La Breeze (single)
Love this song! I remember getting really excited when it got used on a car advert!

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