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Going to do some A-Z listening to cheer myself up! Had a job interview today and you’ve probably gathered (from my needing cheering up!) that I didn’t get it. This isn’t an unusual occurence over my past year and a half of trying to get a new job, but this is the first one I’ve been really disappointed by – it seemed so perfect, like it was written for me – infact I even said that in the interview! Interview itself was quite nice and went quite well, but it obviously went even better for someone else. When they phoned me up this afternoon, all the feedback I was given was really positive and promising – they enouraged me to keep applying for similar jobs (not that jobs like that come up very often), but it was v tough competition, blah blah blah. Will try and be my optimistic self and trust fate on this one, but it gets a bit dispiriting y’know? If anyone Cardiff-based is in need of a webby-type-person/administrator/general-helpful-crazy-person and can pay enough for me to afford rent and bills and such luxurious type things as food, let me know!!! 😉 I’m not the tidiest person in the world but I can bake a tasty chocolate cake!! 😀

Ah, just the thought of chocolate cake has cheered me up slightly. This lager’s probably helping too like. So yeah, onto more jolly news – my sister got engaged this week, so much congrats to her and Danny! Also my friend Carrie had a baby boy – Michael – so congrats to her and Jay too! 🙂 You’d think all this happy relationship type stuff would make me feel more like a crazy spinster lady, but actually it doesn’t. When I fill my house with cats and start running around the streets dressed in a flowery nightdress, then you can worry! Actually, that sounds kinda fun! Forget men – bring on eccentricity!

Sheryl Crow – Sheryl Crow (album)
No I hadn’t forgotten what this post was actually supposed to be about. I haven’t listened to this album in a long long time! Whether it’s the greatest cheering-yourself-up album or not is debatable, but there are quite a few upbeat songs, and it does seem to be working actually. This is the special edition version of the album so comes with a bonus CD of 6 songs recorded live at the Shepherds Bush Empire.
‘Hard To Make A Stand’ – Had a brief interlude before listening to this song as had some great e-mails from one friend and was then chatting with another on the phone. All hail the great people I know – much better than any ol’ job eh? Am feeling much happier. Just in time for one of my fave Sheryl songs…
‘Every Day Is A Winding Road’ – Oh yeah. And huh, a kinda apt title!
‘Oh Marie’ – And this is another favourite. 🙂
Am listening to the live CD now… ah fab, I’d forgotten there was a live version of ‘On The Outside’ on here! I of course have the studio version of that song on the fabulous compilation ‘Songs In The Key Of X: Music From and Inspired By The X-Files’ 😀 He he. But yeah, this live CD’s great actually – shame there’s only 6 songs!

Sheryl Crow – The Globe Sessions (album)
This is the ‘tour edition’ so again comes with a bonus CD of 6 live tracks – this time recorded in Toronto. I really need to get me some more Sheryl albums. I haven’t listened to this one anywhere near as much as ‘Sheryl Crow’ actually, though it’s still a great album. I do love ‘There Goes The Neighborhood’.

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