A-Z: Sheryl Crow – Y Cyrff

Sheryl Crow – Steve McQueen (single promo)
The ‘clean version’ of the song – sadly! Still great though.

Curerbell – You Bring The Balloons EP
I remember this CD randomly arriving in the post one day when I was at uni. I was most confused as hadn’t ordered it or anything and there was no note in with it or anything. I initially assumed that an Ebay seller must have sent me the wrong thing, so I waited to see which of my expected Ebay packages wasn’t going to arrive – but no, they all arrived. Curious! So I used the e-mail address on the CD inlay to contact the band for hopeful enlightenment – and enlighten me they did – Kev had gotten my address from New Bonhomie and sent me a free copy as thought their music would appeal to a Catatonia fan, what with him being one too an’ all, plus the added bonus of Aled doing some drumming for them. He was right in that I did indeed like the music – a lot infact. You can check their MySpace out for yourselfย hereย ๐Ÿ™‚ Have bumped into Kev a few times now at various gigs (Sherbet Antlers once plus a couple of Cerys ones) and he’s a really nice guy, so yeah check Curerbell out! ๐Ÿ™‚ My fave tracks on here are probably ‘Nobody Knows Everybody’ (which I’ve used on many compilation CDs!) and ‘Confetti’.

Curerbell – This Used To Be A Happy Place EP
I actually bought this CD – as soon as it went on sale infact! It still is onsale actually, through their MySpace or website, and comes with the Chantal Seal of Approval! He he. Tis even signed by Kev, which is groovy. But yeah, all the songs on here are really good! ๐Ÿ™‚

Y Cyrff – Atalnod Llawn (boxset)
A very nicely put together boxset – plus it contains some great songs, which is always a bonus! It’s made up of 3 Y Cyrff releases; Y Testament Newydd from 1987, Yr Atgyfodi from 1989 and Llawenydd Heb Ddiwedd from 1991. Plus there’s a 4th CD which contains a mix of singles and b-sides spanning Y Cyrff’s history of 1983-92. Plus there’s a pretty booklet of pictures and a biography in both Welsh and English. It took me a little while to get into Y Cyrff I have to say – I first heard their music when I bought a cassette of Mae Ddoe Yn Ddoe (their greatest hits type release) through Welsh Bands Weekly’s mail order shop thing in ’99 or 2000. As a Catatonia fan I was curious to hear Mark and Paul’s pre-Catatonia work with Mark on vocals. Y Cyrff were basically a Welsh-language punk band, so quite different really to the more polished indie-pop of Catatonia. Their songs and general style took quite a while to grow on me, though I did take to ‘Cymru, Lloegr a Llanrwst’ fairly quickly. I’ve gotten more and more fond of them over the years though and really enjoyed listening to all the songs in this boxset when I got it a year ago or so. Looking forward to listening to them now too…
‘Llawenydd Heb Ddiwedd’ – Ah, brings back memories of the Sherbet Antlers gigs where they played this live ๐Ÿ˜€
‘Mewn Plu’ – I think this is probably my fave Cyrff song. Totally love the style of it.

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