A-Z: Semisonic – The Serpents

Being busy at weekends has restricted my A-Zing time! You might be thankful for this, but hey, we’re on S – I sense the home stretch in sight. So I thought I’d make my online grocery shopping a bit less dull by doing this at the same time. I’m also eating some cheesecake, so feel free to marvel at my multi-tasking abilities!

Semisonic – All About Chemistry (album)
Overall I’m probably not *quite* as familiar with this album as I am with the previous one, but it’s another fab album! I probably prefer ‘Feeling Strangely Fine’ overall, but some of my favourite Semisonic songs are on this album.
‘Chemistry’ – I remember getting excited when I went to see ’40 Days And 40 Nights’ at the cinema and this was on the soundtrack 😀
‘Bed’ – I should listen to this song more often. I might just prefer the previous album because there are a few songs on here I just haven’t listened to enough to learn the lyrics to, so I therefore don’t feel so inclined to listen to them that often as I like to be able to sing along. That can be a bit of a vicious cycle!
‘Sunshine And Chocolate’ – One of my faves on the album, although I used to think one of the lyrics was “I was alone when I woke up and found the note. It said you should have known how to fuck, but I’ve gotta go”, which I thought was ace! I then realised it was actually “you surely know how to fuck”, which obviously is more complimentary, but not as funny! Still a great song though, even if the lyrics are a bit odd. I mean what’s the “in my mouth and on my tree” thing all about? Oh wait, is ‘tree’ slang for something? That possibility only just occurred to me! He he.
‘One True Love’ – Another fave on the album. It’s quite a sappy song in a way I suppose, but I love it! Draw your own conclusions from that. It has a cynical edge as well though (er, like me I guess!) – “In this world I can see many millions waiting in the sun, so I’d love to believe there’d be one of us for everyone. One of us for everyone. Enough to go around. But that’s not what I’ve found”.
‘Get A Grip’ – This song’s just ace! When I first got this album I didn’t really listen to this song properly – I just picked up on the chorus – “Get a grip on yourself you know you should…” – catchy, fun, all good. But then when I actually listened to all of the lyrics properly one day I suddenly realised what it was *actually* about and that the getting a grip is meant much more literally than I’d originally thought! Ha ha.

Semisonic – Get A Grip (single promo)
Oh yeah, enjoy that double-entendre!

The Serpents – You Have Just Been Poisoned (album)
I really wanted this album as knew it was by a kinda Welsh bands supergroup! Who’s in there?… There’s Gary and Carys from Melys, John Lawrence of Gorky’s and Infinity Chimps fame and Gruff Rhys (!) amongst many others. I was actually quite disappointed by it though. Not that it’s bad, but it’s mostly instrumental, psychadelic, mood kinda stuff rather than songs. It’s enjoyable enough to have on in the background or something, but nothing particularly exciting. And it’s over an hour long!
‘Three Shards Of Time’ – I quite like this one – it reminds me a bit of the Patrick Jones album! It’s much more interesting then the previous track that was over 6 minutes long and rather dull. I just want to get on to Bree Sharp now though really.

*a while after the CD finished*
Hmm, ok, I got a bit distracted by online karaoke, which is bad in all manner of ways!! Not least my singing! Anyway, think I’ll save Bree for another time and go watch some West Wing instead. Mmmmmm addictive.

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