A-Z: Sarah Slean – Aidan Smith

Sarah Slean – Night Bugs (album)
This isn’t a proper copy of the album, it’s just a copy. Anthony made it for me when he sent me a load of Canadian music. The compilation CD he made was great and introduced me to the aceness that is Hawksley Workman, however I never particularly took to Sarah Slean. I think I’ve only got 2 of these songs on my playlist (plus her duet with Hawksley Workman, which I really like). Maybe I was unduly harsh though, maybe I’ll enjoy it more now…
‘Eliot’ – The first track and one that’s not on my playlist. And I rather like it!
‘Duncan’ – Ok it’s starting to get a little more middle-of-the-road now. I liked ‘Eliot’ though, I might add that to my playlist.
Hmm, I might list some stuff on Ebay today – I’ve got a pile of stuff I’ve been meaning to list for a while. Plus I keep adding things to my watch list, so it would be nice to make some money with which to buy things! Yes, good plan, shall get dressed and have one more raid of my wardrobe to see if there’s more stuff I don’t wear and can sell.
‘Sweet Ones’ – One of the 2 songs I’ve got on my playlist, so yeah I quite like this. The other song on my playlist is ‘Universe’ which isn’t actually on this CD so must have been on the Canadian compilation instead.

sleepgoodfeelgood – The Wake Up (Demo)
I got a friends request from sleepgoodfeelgood on MySpace so checked them out. I liked the songs on there and saw they were selling this demo pretty cheaply, so bought it. I haven’t actually listened to it that much though I have to say. The songs are good and enjoyable enough, but nothing that particularly stands out.
*CD reaches end* I quite enjoyed that actually.

Sleepy People – Blunt Nails In A Sharp Wall
I think I got this free with a zine or something – was Organ a music zine? It was released on ‘Org Records’ anyway. *googles* Hey, they’re still about! And there’s some info on ‘Sleepy People’ here. Huh. I’m not sure I’ve even ever listened to this CD before – the cover art makes it look a bit like it’s going to be Death Metal or something, but that web page mentions bands like Ultrasound and SFAs. Hmm, shall stick it on and see what I think…
Woah, there are only 7 tracks but it’s 40 minutes long.
‘Mr Marconi’s Unusual Theory’ – Hmm, yeah, I can get the SFAs comparison I guess, although I also get why I mightn’t have taken to it if I did play the CD before. I quite like the song itself but am not keen on the vocal at all – it has an odd effect on it and it’s stretching the definition of ‘singing’! Shame really as the music’s pretty good and quite interesting.
‘Heroes And Sheroes’ – Not even the nice bits of flute can save this one. It’s like a 2nd-rate Ozzy Osbourne suddenly decided to start fronting The Beach Boys or something. It’s just wrong!
‘Strawberries’ – Oh good lord, I’m getting myself some lunch and then getting back to my Ebay photo taking.

Oh thank god it’s finished.

Aidan Smith – Fancy Barrel (album promo)
Ah Aidan Smith will refresh my ears. Fab quirky little songs, yes. 15 tracks that only run to slightly more than the 7 tracks on that previous CD! And oh my god they’re sooooooo much better!

Ok, better make myself actually list things on Ebay now that I’ve taken photos. Eurgh, this is the boring bit… well, this bit and then the posting of them too. I just like watching people bid on them (when they do!) and then getting the money of course! Anyway…

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