A-Z: Right Said Fred – Semisonic

Before I start some A-Zing I should really go find a sticky plaster. I’ve managed to cut my knee by bashing it against my computer desk as I was lifting my feet up onto the chair. Not intentionally I hasten to add – it wasn’t some strange form of self-harm, I’m just a bit stupid! It’s not the first time I’ve hit my knee on there, though I don’t think I’ve managed to actually penetrate the skin and make it bleed before! That’s a new skill.

Ok I’ve returned with a plaster on my knee now. I feel like I’ve regressed in age and I’ve fallen over on the school playground or something. On with the music!

Right Said Fred – Sex And Travel (album)
I love this album! Like I already mentioned, it was the first CD album I owned, so I listened to it rather a lot. I’m not sure who the RSF target demographic were supposed to be really – I mean, as a 13 year old girl I loved them, but was I supposed to? The predominant theme of most of their songs is sex, as reflected in the album title. And OMG I just opened the lyrics booklet and rediscovered that you get a full-frontal naked pic of Richard Fairbrass (even though he’s covering his modesty with his hands!). It’s surrounded by a circle of hearts!! Ha ha. This was aimed at gay men really wasn’t it? Surely! Although unbelievably Richard does sing about being in love with women in it. Well, it seems unbelievable now anyway, and probably did to a lot of people at the time, but being young and naive it didn’t cross my mind at the time that he might be gay. Did I even know what being gay was at that age?! I dunno. Anyway, all that’s pretty irrelevant anyway – it’s just a great pop album! Well, no, more than that really, I mean they wrote their own songs for a start. And I still really like some of their lyrics. Things like “Underwear is overkill, the naked truth surely will remain the only natural state of dress”.
‘She’s My Mrs’ – This was one of my instant favourites! I loved the novelty of a song kicking off with the wedding march! *lol* I remember including it in some musical I started writing! He he.
OMG I didn’t actually realise they were still making music! I’ve just found their website and also their MySpace. They released a digital single this year called ‘I’m A Celebrity’! He he. And they’re playing gigs in places like, er, Butlins! Aw, bless. That’s ace they’re still going though. Even pop acts I liked when I was 13 or younger are still about. I mean my first favourites were Kylie and Jason, and yeah ok Kylie’s done somewhat better, but Jason’s still about too and having a bit of a comeback. Will popular pop acts about now, like Girls Aloud for example, still be together and making music in 15 years time?! I’m thinking probably not. I might have to get the albums that RSF released after this one!
‘Back To You’ – Most of the songs on this album are pretty upbeat and incredibly camp, but this song’s a really beautiful ballad kinda song. I realise that ‘Right Said Fred’ and ‘ballad’ sound like they shouldn’t go together, but I think this is a beautiful song and works really well.
‘Wonderman’ – Another instant favourite! I think I had it on a Now compilation as well, though I might be wrong on that. This album wasn’t exactly known for its hit singles, or even well known at all really, at least in the UK as far as I remember. Sadly.

Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy 2007 (single)
Released after they were in that Daz advert! Ha ha. I remember Melissa texting me and telling me that this song was being re-released, so I had to go and buy it!! It’s just got 6 remixes of the song on it and I think this is the first time I’ve actually listened to it – I didn’t buy it for the songs, I just wanted to show my support!

He he, I just opened a tin of tomatoey pasta stuff and as I pulled the lid up I managed to flick tomato sauce onto the white kitchen wall as well as my own forehead! I definitely shouldn’t attempt to operate any heavy machinery today. Not that that was on my list of things to do anyway, but I seem somewhat accident prone.

Hmm, this pasta thing sounded like it should be really nice, but it smells somewhat vile. Maybe it’ll taste better… hmm, it doesn’t actually taste of much at all! Don’t think I’ll be buying it again, though I’ve still got another tin in the cupboard. Meh. Eurgh, no I can’t eat this. Do people actually test these things for edibility? I’m gonna get some crisps and an apple instead and then I might have to stuff myself with chocolate or marzipan or something. Healthy! I need to buy more Lucozade tablet things really as I think they were helping me put weight back on gradually, but I’ve run out and can’t find them anywhere aside from Asda, which I need to order online as it’s not close enough for walking. Tis annoying. I’ve definitely lost a bit of weight over the past week or so, just from a couple of days of not eating brilliantly, which never used to be a problem. And I eat way more for lunch and generally during the working day than I used to in Worcester. I don’t get it. I thought your metabolism was supposed to get worse as you got older, not strangely better!! I don’t like being underweight, it bothers me. I always prided myself on being in the healthy weight range. Not that I’m *hugely* underweight or anything, I just need to put on about 8 pounds to get back to what I used to be, but I’m struggling. Ooh you can buy lucozade tablets from the Lucozade shop online! I might do that. Anyway, how the hell did I start talking about that? Back to the music…

Josh Ritter – Hello Starling (Snow Is Gone) (single)
I need to get more Josh Ritter stuff as this is the only CD I own. I have a tendency to mix him up with Josh Rouse, just because I discovered them at a similar time and they have similar names! He he.
‘Tonight You Belong To Me’ – Love this song!

The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request (album)
This is an incredibly random inclusion in my CD collection it has to be said. Nothing against The Rolling Stones, but they’re not a band I’ve ever felt the urge to go out and buy an album by. Anyway, my Mum ordered some album on Amazon one time and instead of receiving whatever she’d ordered, she randomly got this instead! She couldn’t be bothered to report it so just ordered the album she wanted for a 2nd time and asked me if I wanted this. Not one to turn down a free CD (unless it’s something really terrible) I said yes and took it. This is the first time I’ve ever actually listened to it though!! It’s alright – I’m not hugely fussed by it, but I don’t actively dislike it either.
‘On With The Show’ – This one’s quite cool actually

Oh great, now I’ve sneezed and hit my nose against my knee! I definitely seem to have it in for myself today.

Josh Rouse – Sunshine (Come On Lady) (single promo)
The other Josh! I need to get more of his CDs too.

Ruby Cruiser – Everybody Wants To Be Cool (single promo)
I’d heard the name ‘Ruby Cruiser’ and knew they were a Welsh band, so when I found this CD cheap in Jumbo Records in Leeds, I figured I’d buy it and check it out! However I listened to it once, decided it wasn’t my kinda thing, and that was that. I wonder if my tastes will have changed enough to enjoy it more now…
Hmm, it’s not bad, though not *quite* my kinda thing. It’s just a little too emo-rock for my liking. In terms of Welsh bands it’s nearer the likes of Lostprophets, Funeral For A Friend etc than it is to the kinda bands I like.

Savage Garden – Savage Garden (album)
1997/1998 was a kinda transition period for me musically. Before that I’d mostly just been listening to Queen and wasn’t really into anything that was in the charts, but then I started to actually like some songs I heard on the radio. Maybe because I heard it more often when I was in the sixth form as we’d have it on in the common room. So I got into a mix of bands at about that time, including Savage Garden, The Corrs and then also Catatonia. I loved this album when I got it and although I don’t listen to most of these songs very often at all now, I still have a general fondness for Savage Garden and this album.
‘Universe’ – This song’s a little sickly really, but happily the 3 songs that follow are edgier and amongst the best songs on the album. ‘Carry On Dancing’ and ‘Break Me Shake Me’ I especially like.

Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply (single)
The song that got me into Savage Garden. It got overplayed a bit and it seems a little on the cheesy side now, although I still have a soft spot for it.

Scarlet Soho – Divisions Of Decency (album)
I think I bought this off Nicky for about a fiver or something, during the period when he was in the band, although he’s not on this album sadly. Tis a good album though.
‘Procreation: Self Abuse’ – My instant favourite on the album. It still is my fave infact.

Seafood – Good Reason (single)
Another member of the Chantal’s 2004 Singles Collection!

Semisonic – Feeling Strangely Fine (album)
Ah, another band I got into during my musical transition kinda period. I loved ‘Secret Smile’ (even though it’s another song that got overplayed really) so got this album and wasn’t disappointed! I don’t listen to Semisonic as often as I used to and I haven’t listened to this as an album in a long time, but I’m really really enjoying it. There isn’t a bad song on it, tis a fab album.

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