A-Z: Razorlight – Remy Zero

Razorlight – Razorlight (album)
I haven’t had this album all that long so am not as familiar with it as the first album. I remember it being good though. only 10 tracks and a total running time of 35 mins, so it’ll probably fly by.
‘In The Morning’ – For some reason I’d thought this was on the first album! It’s definitely the song that would most be at home on that album.
‘America’ – Love this song.
Hmm, I like this album, but I think I definitely prefer the first album – it’s got much more energy to it. The 3rd album sounds like it could be really good though.

Razorlight – Golden Touch (single)

Razorlight – Vice (single)
‘Hey Ya! (Jo Whiley Session)’ – I love this!

Razorlight – Rip It Up (single)

Maureen Rees – Driving In My Car (single)
Ha ha ha, possibly the most embarrassing CD in my collection!! If you’re wondering who on earth Maureen Rees is, I wouldn’t be surprised! She was that Welsh woman from the reality TV type show ‘Driving School’ back in the late 90s! I spotted this single in WHSmith soon after the show had finished and thought it was a hilarious idea! Unsurprisingly it was really cheap, so I thought I’d get it for a laugh (egged on by my Mum and sister I seem to remember). I played it when we got back to the house and we had a good chuckle and I’ve never actually listened to it again since then. Well, until now anyway!! For some reason I’ve held onto it though. I know I like Welsh bands and artists, but this is taking it a little too far, no? Ha ha. She has a cameo in ‘Very Annie Mary’ too (like Cerys), so that always amuses me. Hang on, did I just compare Maureen Rees to Cerys in some way?? Ok, that’s *really* wrong!!!! *lol*
‘Get Out The Way’ – Oh dear god, this is pretty damn awful. To create b-sides they did a remix of ‘Driving In My Car’ but then also put together this track, which is basically lots of sound bytes of Maureen from ‘Driving School’, put over the top of what sounds like the demo from a casio keyboard!

Relaxed Muscle – A Heavy Nite With… (album)
Ah, the fairly short lived project from Jarvis Cocker and Richard Hawley in disguise! One of my favourite albums of 2003 – I remember it was one of the albums I bought with the vouchers I won from the poetry competition at work! It’s got a pretty different feel to Pulp and although I wouldn’t rank it as highly as Pulp, I still like it a lot.
‘Mary’ – My instant favourite on the album. Probably because it’s the must Pulp-like!

Apologies for not saying all that much about these CDs, but I’m doing other stuff at the same time. Plus my hands are quite cold and not wanting to type too much!

Relaxed Muscle – Billy Jack / Sexualized (single)

Remy Zero – Villa Elaine (album)
I’d like to say I discovered Remy Zero through some really cool indie kinda way, but no, it was through the use of ‘Save Me’ as the theme to Smallville!! In my last year of uni I decided I wanted to download that song as thought the bit used on Smallville was fab. I was then impressed to discover that the whole song was fab and wasn’t a case of just having a catchy chorus and lame verses. I downloaded a few other Remy Zero songs then and loved them too. I got this album not too long after. It’s not the one with ‘Save Me’ on it, that will follow, but I was highly impressed by it as an album. Some brilliant songs on here. Particular favourites being ‘Prophecy’, ‘Hollow’, ‘Gramarye’ and ‘Motorcycle’.

Brr. I wish it wasn’t so cold today! Or that all of my heaters actually worked! Either would do. Hopefully the heaters will be fixed soon. I might go sit by one of the working ones for a bit. Or I might have to fill up my hot water bottle! It seems a bit early for that at 4pm really, but I refuse to put gloves or anything like that on inside the house. I might wrap myself up in my fleece.

Remy Zero – The Golden Hum (album)
The one with ‘Save Me’ on it! I listened to that song somewhat obsessively for quite a while. I don’t listen to it that often now, but still enjoy it when I do. I haven’t actually had this album all that long, so aside from the songs I’ve had on MP3 for years, I’m nowhere near as familiar with it as I am with ‘Villa Elaine’. I’d say it’s just as good though.

Remy Zero – Prophecy (single promo)

That’ll do for today. Time to get some food methinks. And a nice warming drink! 😀 Not as in an actual warm drink, just as in, well, alcohol.

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