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I get an extra hour to be lazy and waste time today! Ace. I might as well do some of this then…

Queen – Under Pressure (single)
Well, technically Queen + David Bowie of course. This was the re-release (well, it’s actually the ‘Rah Mix’) to tie in with the release of Greatest Hits III. And hey it’s got ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’ on it! Oh, it was *this* CD I bought so that I could have that on CD then. I clearly just bought GH3 for completist reasons then. Fair enough.

Queen – Interview Disc
I think I’ve only ever listened to this once before. It’s an interview with Freddie from 1984. Woah it’s 76 minutes long. I’ll listen as I do useful things like getting dressed!
“Ask me about something more fruity, go on!” He he he.
“It’s disposable – like a tampon”
“It’s a packet of sausages”
Oh Freddie!

Queen + Paul Rodgers – The Cosmos Rocks (album)
Yep, I class ‘Queen + Paul Rodgers’ as separate to Queen, which is why this album wasn’t with the others. It wasn’t released long ago so this is only my 2nd time of listening to it.
‘Cosmos Rockin” – As the opening track I really wasn’t sure about this at all. It’s a bit too gimmicky and like they’re trying too hard to be Queen, if you know what I mean. I thought I was going to be really disappointed by the album, but actually, this song aside, I rather enjoyed it. I’m still not keen on this song, but I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of the album for a 2nd time.
‘Time To Shine’ – This song’s fairly so-so to be honest, but I prefer it to the opening track. It’s definitely an album that gets better as it goes along. I’m not really sure why they put these songs on first.
‘Still Burnin” – This is an improvement on the previous song again.
‘Call Me’ – This song’s annoyingly catchy! He he.
‘Voodoo’ – Hmm, I’m not actually enjoying this album as much as I did last time! I think because I had no expectations last time and was therefore pleasantly surprised to find it was quite an enjoyable album. But because I’m expecting to enjoy it this time, I’m finding myself being too critical. It definitely needs more Brian and Roger singing on it. No offence Paul.
‘C-lebrity’ – I can understand why this was the single – it’s definitely one of the best songs on the album. Again I enjoyed it more on the previous listen though :-/ I still really like the chorus though.
‘Say It’s Not True’ – For some reason this song keeps popping up on my playlist all the time, so I’ve heard it quite a few times. It’s definitely my favourite on the album at the mo – not sure if that’s just because I’ve heard it more than the other songs, or because of the Roger and Brian vocals!! Maybe my playlist just has taste.
Hmm, overall I’m pretty undecided on this album at the mo. I think I need to give it more time. I think you need to be in the right mood for it too.

Queen + Paul Rodgers – Say It’s Not True (single)

Queen + Paul Rodgers – C-lebrity (single)

Why is the internet doing weird things this weekend? It’s getting on my nerves.

Radiohead – My Iron Lung
Radiohead are one of those bands who I kinda feel like I should like more than I do, if that makes any sense. I mean they’ve got some brilliant songs, but then they’ve also got a whole load of songs that I’m really not that fussed about personally. This album I only bought because it was cheap in a sale and because I really like the song ‘My Iron Lung’ and also wanted the acoustic version of ‘Creep’. Good a reason as any, no? Hmm, I was just wondering whether or not this technically classes as an album, what with it just having 8 song an’ all, and apparently no it’s an EP! Doh. Oh well, I’m still gonna keep it in this place on my shelf. It can be an honourary album.

Life’s strange. I’m going to get some cheese. Those 2 things aren’t related by the way. Or are they?? Oh great, I’ve gone surreal. I swear there’s something in the air. I keep having weird dreams too. That one might be the cheese!

Mmmmmm Stilton! Shame Tesco stole my Port – I could have pretended I was classy!

Radiohead – The Bends (album)
I got this album for £5. Bargain! Some great songs on here.
‘Just’ – Ah, my favourite Radiohead song!! Love it. And of course the video deserves a mention for being brilliant too.
‘My Iron Lung’ – Yeah ok, this song being on here as well as on ‘My Iron Lung’ should probably have tipped me off that that was an EP!!

Radio Luxembourg – Pwer Y Fflwer (single)
We haven’t had a Welsh band in a while, so hoorah for Radio Luxembourg. When’s their album being released?? I can’t wait – on the basis of the songs I’ve got and heard, it should be fab! I remember buying this single in Spillers and inspiring Joop to buy it too. When the hell was that? I’m guessing it must have been during the Cerys gigs in 2006? The same time we saw them filming the Christmas ep of Doctor Who?!

Radio Luxembourg – Diwrnod Efo’r Anifeiliaid EP
This whole release is just damn cool. The songs are great, but also the packaging and interchangable cover’s cool. Even though Euros Childs produced the previous single I listened to too, it’s more obvious on this one – which is naturally not a bad thing at all! It kicks off with ‘Mostyn a Diego’ which I just *love*!! Definitely some Gorky’s inspiration in there, though different too.
‘Eli Haul’ – This one’s got a very Euros feel to it! It wouldn’t be out of place on ‘Bore Da’. Great song.
‘Diwrnod efo’r Anifeiliaid’ – I love “Eliffant, Giraffe a Kangaroo” – partly because it’s the only bit I understand I suppose! But yeah, all 4 tracks on this CD are really different to each other, but all brilliant. It’s a shame a lot of Welsh music doesn’t make it outside of Wales as Radio Luxembourg are definitely deserving of a larger audience.
Oh hang on, I said 4 tracks, but forgot there was a secret 5th track!
‘Diweddglo’ – I don’t think I ripped this because I didn’t know what to call it! My computer (via the internet) is telling me it’s called ‘Diweddglo’ though. It’s just over a minute and is instrumental, so more of an outro than anything else. Infact I just looked up ‘diweddglo’ and it means conclusion/close, so that would make sense!! Anyway, fab CD!

Razorlight – Up All Night (album)
I always feel a little like I need to defend my liking of Razorlight! Just because they’re one of those bands that got ridiculously hyped, which is something that would generally put me off a band actually, but because I got into Razorlight before the over-hyping started, it didn’t actually bother me. I downloaded a few of their songs in advance of seeing them support Suede and really enjoyed them. I thought they were really good live too and although Johnny’s got a reputation of being a bit full of himself, I think he’s a good frontman. I saw them support Queen + Paul Rodgers at Hyde Park too and thought they were brilliant there.
Onto the album itself – this is such a good-time album – there are so many upbeat, fun songs, but it’s not too samey, which is good. It’s funny because I didn’t own this album for *ages*, but I had most of the songs on it, so listening to it as an album for the first time was quite strange, but really interesting – I was impressed by how well it worked as an album and how the songs fitted together. Plus some of the songs on the album are different versions to ones I had on MP3 – I think I must have had versions that pre-dated the album. Most of the songs are actually quite short, so an impressive 14 are fitted into 49 minutes, which gives the album a good sense of pace and makes it fly by pretty quickly. Their music mightn’t be as cerebral as a band like Radiohead, but I’m actually enjoying this album more than the Radiohead ones. Feel free to criticise me for that, but that’s just me! 😛
‘Which Way Is Out’ – This is definitely one of my faves. I love the way it builds up.
‘Rip It Up’ – Ah, this is a fab song too.
‘Golden Touch’ – The song most likely to be liked by people who generally don’t like Razorlight. Arguably the best song they’ve ever done. I think ‘America’ comes close too though.
‘In The City’ – I hadn’t really appreciated how great this song is too! Yep, I’ll totally defend Razorlight as being a great band.

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